“Don’t light the cigar of victory yet Hillary!”©


What Hillary do you know…
the one we see,
the one for show?

Tell me no tales of woe…
tell me the truth,
not what we know!

Ask me no questions…
I’ll tell you no lies,
masks of great relations.


The second Presidential debate (in full) is seen below.



Is this what Hillary means by ‘Together?’ See below…



If this election comes down to what Trump said about women vs. what Hillary has enabled her husband to get away with (the same thing) and, yet, maintains a certain degree of innocence over being so corrupt- I, a Democrat, will be forced to vote for Trump. When Hillary promotes for Planned Parenthood, and President Obama declares,”God bless you Planned Parenthood,” the entire Democratic Party looks as though it would support ‘the abortion crazy’ and throw women and children under the bus, right? Can you say,”Taxation without representation (?),” I know you can!


As to what Hillary might do as President, just connect the dots and you’ll see what other surprises come with her, look here for how this President, Obama, has thrown us (Americans) under the bus again. Do we really need more of the same, and not realize some of the same also came from the Bush years- what was kept in place and acted on (globalist Agendas)? Can it then be said transmutation occurs when it is needed or is a violet a violet… is a violet?






Does the phrase ‘three ring… ‘ come to mind here?



If the military is prosecuted for mishandling ‘Classified Material’ then… why isn’t Hillary?


As if the last straw isn’t enough, then how about a little backward look… since it seems so popular to do these days (amid allegations and the media protecting one of the hopeful) to find any dirt… or a look at how women might be treated by worse.




merciful Sharia

Is this the mercy of Shariah?



Acid is not a form of punishment but abusive and is used to remove a woman’s desirability and identity.




Images above come from here… but be forewarned, these images are graphic.

“Hillary is no queen… unless it’s for 9-11″©




If you might wonder
why the young die in our streets…
a loss of ethics.


I cannot in recent memory remember a time I’ve been more disgusted with my own party- the Democratic Party. First, there were (physically) no American flags (none) on the stage at the DNC [Democratic National Convention… day one] under Hillary, and those in charge of the Democratic Party. What is true is ‘snoops’ was caught in a lie about it [see an article here, by The Daily Caller, but be aware there might be some advertising there that is less than flattering]. Second, I heard there were more flags raised for ‘Palestine’ (an international concern) than American flags. Third, to see the FBI give Hillary ‘the fast track (the slip stream… over mishandling ‘Classified’ information, see below… at the bottom of this article)’ to what looks more tyrannical than Presidential… turning from Dept. of Justice to ‘Injustice’, in their choosing not to prosecute violations beyond ethical boundaries tolerated by law. Nemo est supra legis… is Latin for: No one is above the law! If I cannot vote for Trump I’ll not be voting at all. Not one more American life to be lost without losing sight of ‘how important this election is’- most likely our last one before we lose every freedom we ever cared for.

I can think of a strong and valid reason the Bushes and the Clintons would vacation together- gun-running and geo-political globalist Agenda. The Bushes had a strong connection with ‘the Carlyle Group,’ a means of making selfish gains despite the harm it causes. It would appear the ‘New World Order’ simply wants to profit from as much unrest as it can: cause, generate, maintain or instigate. It was under Bush we went into Iraq… creating the power vacuum needed for ISIS to rise to power. Meanwhile, the sale of arms grows to a happy height of profit- just think… you were emotionally used to enable the whole damn thing.



One article goes to the point of showing and telling about Hillary being supported by Bush backers- see it here. Sadly, some of what is stated in it is found to be ‘misinformed opinion’ and not truthfully supported by facts. NAFTA was not given to us by Bill Clinton, he just signed and ratified it, and it was George H.W. Bush that set it in motion. See the truth here. This is what has gone on under our noses… agreements that thumbed their nose at our Democracy, and you wonder why you hear about ‘the North American car of the year’… without even voting on it!

If there was ever money to be made, from shady deals and guns, you might think small arms meets big players through The State Department. Could this be part of the reason Benghazi was left out in the cold– someone knew to much about what was really going on? So… still want Hillary as your ‘Home-coming Queen?’ You elected President Obama with so little time in office but tout Hillary having more experience! I guess experience is not the highest consideration when “emails” are still the benchmark used to point to truth (transparency) or deceit- as it might be intended to keep us all in the dark. News Flash… same goals are riding the bus Miss Parks. I challenge anyone to read the links posted below… with an open mind, and then to “think” before you vote!

“Got email… have a cigar”© seen here.

“Of Sandy Hook, a Governor and Goldman Sachs”© seen here.

“Chaos was the punch we were given… and we drank it!”© seen here.

“Who we listen to can have dire consequences”© seen here.

“Of media, politics and lies”© seen here.

“He claimed no interest in ‘one world governance’ but said ‘global’ a lot”© seen here.

“Without thoughts of thee”© seen here.

“The values of change are already here!”© seen here.

“Follow the bouncing ball… whose court?”© seen here.

“Can you say Libertine… I know you can!”© seen here.

“Shadow banking, from Hillary’s own lips- the small problem in the room”© seen here.

“What change?”© seen here.


Federal Law: Title 18. Section 2071
Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

What will you remember this Sept. 11th?


“What is ‘Vulgar’… really vulgar?”©

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To what we’d deny (equal rights) to christians… is to desire the same treatment- this is vulgar to me!

Vulgar: Lacking good taste; unrefined; characteristic of

belonging to the masses

To me, I consider vulgarity as ‘pandering to the masses’ and

what could be couched in naked and overt bias and partiality,

to think one is christian and see them do the polar opposite…

antithetical to fairness, to straight arm truth… barren hostility,

no veniality seen to cause the slight of christians on the list

to be signed by President Obama, A US Declaration of timidity…

this is biased and pointedly prejudiced against christians and,

if it is based on a theological preference… laced with intolerance,

You might as well tell the people about the ‘bad deal with Iran’…

how you feel about ‘the Weathermen‘… as the devil you’d dance,

this is vulgar to me, as much as Hillary promotes abortion and

President Obama says,”God bless Planned Parenthood,” disgrace.

[The abstract below comes from the ACLJ, and there is a petition to be sent to the President… see it here (and sign it) and speak out for those that cannot]

Stop ISIS’s Genocide of Christians

ISIS is brutal beyond words.

It is beheading, raping, and selling Christians.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee or die – to abandon their lives or allow their children to be sold as sex slaves. But where can they run?

For more than a year, ISIS’s jihadist army has been on a bloody rampage, profiting from genocide, and tracking down Christians for sale and slaughter. It kidnaps Christians. It massacres Christians.

Christians are dying every day.

The ICC (International Criminal Court) defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnical, racial or religiousgroup” (listed with 5 such acts or actions constituting genocide).

Furthermore, it defines ‘Crimes against humanity‘ as acts “committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack” (listed with 16 such acts as individual crimes).

1)… article on christian genocide in ‘The Christian Post’

2)… article about slighting those most affected by genocide in the Middle East, christians, by not including them on impending US declaration on ISIS genocide, in ‘The National Review’

3)… article from the UN, stated by an Iraqi Lawmaker, where what is happening in Iraq and the Middle East is called genocide [March 27, 2015/7419th Meeting(AM)]

4)… article in the NY Times (July 22nd, 2015) on the activities known as genocide around the world [except in the US]

5)… British urge David Cameron to officially recognize the mass slaughter of christians in the Middle East as ‘genocide.’

6)… from the ‘Jerusalem Channel’ TV, an article speaking out against genocide committed by people in search of ‘a Master Faith’ (this covering Netanyahu at the UN, Sept. 29th, 2014)

If the US Media Circus insists politics is no place for vulgarity, the left would never light another cigar… and the right would not listen to a white haired politician- one that brags about doing nothing for the Veterans in his own state.

“Chaos was the punch we were given… and we drank it!”©

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Halloween has nothing on this… this is where: politics, policy and people collide! No… politics isn’t worth watching or to be concerned with- be careful what you’d think or even vote for… our lives depend on it!

Illuminati motto: Order out of chaos

Dear Jeb, when you said Trump was the chaos

candidate, were you thinking of your own Brother,

the one that gave us this line,”… it will take time 

to restore chaos,” as Rumsfeld & Cheney (the other

President) took control during 9-11, by telling NORAD

to stand down during the attacks, allowed to continue,

Trump… Trump says he would ‘temporarily ban Muslims

from entering the US,’ and then we see politics ensue

to show us ‘the Libertine Approach,’ to hell with how

the President feels about what is done, full steam ahead,

those same Rockefeller Plans Jeb and George signed

on to, Hillary too, both sides run this end game dead,

even Kerry has his place to stand and gloat at us all…

as citizens of a country without balance… no leadership…

it is and has been directed by the puppet masters of

the NWO (New World Order) and pushed on receivership,

which of our two presidential minds do we now listen

to, the old or the new, and which one is for America now?

Even to speak out on (priority one) SECURITY and our

protection of freedom included, I think we forgot HOW!

Classic Bush mentality… not Trump-like at all here Jeb!


“Really, to compare Trump to ISIS… and quote Martin Niemoller- NY Daily News”©

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There is no doubt… there is no doubt

if we look to see what it’s all about,

the right would use this comparison

of Trump to the Nazis, try to shout

and ‘Howl’ like Ginzburg did today…

painted themselves in a corner, true,

but both parties kept up the ‘wet-foot,

dry-foot’ keeping Cubans out and blue,

Veterans died to give us freedoms we

can hold and cherish by both our feet,

Uncle Sam can’t walk without them and

we’d do this to one of us to dare repeat…

drivel of phobia given us by an enemy

packaged and trained to sure deception,

No, the Donald is a staunch Capitalist and

an American too, liked or not by selection,

so we need to see the enemy for who they

are and not bend our light by absurd claim,

let Islam practice not such things as they

have, beheadings, called this peace by name?

If this is called for under Shariah Law, and condoned, we are in for more than our fair share of trouble- like it or not [this is closer to Nazi rule than a suspension on questionable people in times where terror is the means to an end]. The influx of people, without being vetted [Paris is the example of that… but with San Bernardino the standard Visa was not used-there was a ‘fiancee’ Visa] can and will cause trouble, especially if malice is their intention, but to go to the extreme character assassination (attempted here) of one running for public office- such is freedom of speech in America and the liberty to exercise it. Do you think the same thing would happen in the Middle East… such tolerance enjoyed? I think not!

Put a hold-on… a slow down, a bandaid to the problem and let it heal- this is neither a tourniquet nor a turned off faucet. You’d close a dam to prevent floods and reopen it to have water. When people use the argument ‘all men are created equal’ to justify the reason for allowing people to come… they forget this is a Judeo-Christian inspired ideal being used and referred to. 

Here are two other articles mirroring this topic, both contemporary pieces (found here and here) with varied viewpoints.

Image found here.

“Net neutrality, back in the news (again), and more”©

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Such as it is, ‘Net Neutrality’ is back but it hardly appears

as it is or as it might seem to be, neutral here in name only,

not unlike any other oxymoron ever to come down the

pipe, like: Jumbo shrimp, Friendly fire, nuclear family…

as it turns out… back when the UN attempted to take control

of the internet (that’s right), neutrality was not a concern

or care, it was ‘pure unadulterated greed,’ tyrannical in its

effort and hopes to limit access, ‘free speech’ and discern

for openness and inspired dialogue, largesse a harbinger…

the red flags of ire were waved by the few understanding

what they saw, and what they saw produced by a vainer

or two… for the common good here, the needs of the many

outweigh the few people coming here without use of a Visa,

this is but one change not mentioned by the President… or

is this ‘phase one,’ to encourage more violence to pleasa’

people un-separable from their religion, and no politician

ever supported a ‘wet-foot-dry-foot‘ policy, forced to return

to repressive governments, or countries they tried to flee…

Cuban Americans can attest to such absurdity of western

suspension of immigrants, even migrants, as there is nothing

in the constitution declared about this as it being a right…

so for all the pandering of ‘political lips’ using duplicitous

turns and sways to the winds of change blowing on our land,

take a step back (here) and see if there is,”Malice toward

none; with charity for all,” the efforts of how we shall stand.

Yes this started out as ‘a Net Neutrality’ piece… but it morphed into what you see. The affects of ‘Net Neutrality’ encompass the effects of those using the internet. If ‘free speech’ is to ‘free enterprise’ then we should take every step we can to ensure viability to this great tool is improved upon- or it shall be lost to us all forever. One viewpoint from NPR (on Net Neutrality) is found here, and another from the National Journal here, and how the ITU might affect you here.

As to what truth one might present to us, see what is said by: the Ayatollah (on the San Bernardino shootings), the warm welcome this couple received (by not having to apply for a Visa… and our wide open door to them), where they were trained (Tashfeen Malik in Pakistan) and taught by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. There seems to be questionable links to ISNA, ISIS inspired students and other links found throughout the internet- and I’d add… without authentication they remain questionable. I did find some links placed under the banner of LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan) but they have the same info (from the look of it). See them both below… please note the numbers correlating to the posts in the address bar.

1)… article one

2)… article two

Follow the money, understand Malik trained at an Islamic school… and we need to verify intentions- for if ‘malice’ is the goal neither do we need them to share in this type of charity nor should we turn a blind eye from our own bias. For the greater good of the many of us all… Americans!

Will somebody please remind the President, and the White House Press Corps, Cubans were subjected to this something here (wet-foot, dry-foot)… for many years. Trump is not ‘disqualified’ for speaking his mind, and the President is not dishonorable by turning away from the issues– not even if to cause an effect (by bias) on an election (upcoming) where he is not eligible.

If Dr. Farhat Hashmi would like Shariah Law in Canada… how long will it take to invade our courts- or has it already?

If there is sound reason to and for this belief, what is the reason life means so little to those of their faith… seen by the actions of so many (leaving us to conclude there is more to this than meets the eye)? If Malik was but a student of Hashmi, how many more extreme views are condoned by the Moslem communities without calling it radical? If peace is the goal… let’s see some of it in action- by the groups: CAIR, ISNA and ICNA. The last link (for ICNA) lists a call to protest discrimination against any religious group, and I wonder if this is also extended to Jews and christians throughout the world?


“See malice toward none; with charity for all.”©


The group “Black Lives Matter” tells us sweetly…

“Try to speak in the positive… ,” and then this-

#F**kParis.” There is nothing positive or talented,

and it’s left in our sight (Maplethorpe) a cup of piss

the slight of angst driven hate obscures any hope

of ‘true meaning’ or ‘clear eyed’ innovation, fashion

your dreams to this type of creativity and you’ll be

left breathlessly abandoned in the car you’re crashin’,

as seasons come and go, change is the derider of

even our own scorn… the thorns this life can hold,

where we might be found to rise above these storms

is when love is expressed and known to be bold.

[Below is an abstract from their ‘Twitter page… on but one of the articles posted there.]

Black lives Matter wants you to help us imagine a future 

where black folks are seen as the powerful, beautiful, brilliant, 

talented, innovative, resourceful, creative folks that we are. We

  want to know your vision for the future. What are your dreams?

One of my favorite Authors/Poets was Langston Hughes… speaking of: truth, race and pride, and some of his lines (short and sweet) struck home for me- on a very real and personal level. If a poet cannot reach the heart and mind together is when true impact to the efforts we would take, to improve the situation or condition of difficulty we face, then love, as a concern for others (also), will not have a chance to nurture and offer us all the restoration of spring. Brittle twigs have no life in them! Let’s take measures to gain from love… and not succumb to the darkness hate offers us or we would be no better than those we’d be seen opposing.

In a world where one race can say one thing and another cannot… is this not closer to ‘Jim Crow’ than not- a separatist’s dream! If there has ever been a false hope or utopian effort gone wrong… this is it!

Some images for and of Langston Hughes come from here, and this is also posted at ‘Twitter’ as #Seemalicetowardnone.


Free speech comes with a price… perceived or real- and I would rather be found making a mistake in actions I’ve taken, that are still of any redeeming qualities, than actions found to be thought against the expressions of love itself!




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