“One small angel has ‘Red Sox,’ Martin Richard”©

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Was this an act of desperation or

a callous one…

one for notice, cause or name acclaim?

An Islamist or an Eco-terrorist…

all the same, out to kill and maim

the innocents, they care not

for them at all…

all for shock and awe, so Spartan,

from the Boston Marathon… the tiniest

victim, eight year old Martin,

Martin Richard will live on in

our hearts forever…

runners will remember him too,

Red Sox to the World Series with

Martin on our hearts, see it through.

I don’t care if it is done by one of a faith [not saying all of that faith, and here is seen a US reaction*] in a market in Tel Aviv or an abortion clinic in the US*(this site claims more affected*) or at a sporting event, as is the case here… the Boston Marathon, the use of bombs needs to stop. It is a faceless crime… an insolent act by one so hardened in heart to seek to harm innocents [and possibly some intended victims] in normal every day activities. It is the use of a weapon crafted in deceit [there is nothing noble to see from their use]… and clearly used by cowards.

If there was an urge to “crush” people who the bomber argued/debated with, it is an absolute truth extremists [when cornered and seeing no way other out] do things violating the tenets of their own religion [this applies equally to Christian zealots as well as Islamists]. If he was sure enough of his facts, in regard to Islam, why did he choose to take the cowards way out? Here is a little more of his story*and some of the deeper truths to this senseless act of violence… what did it prove? It is my humble opinion that extremism of any kind (and from any religion) is wrong if the intent was to kill innocent lives… something wrong if [even] done for the right reason. It is akin to fighting evil with evil… here evil wins. Please note the date this story broke and the time I wrote this [as originally posted], and please know where you find (*) one of these was placed here later.

“SaveSaeed.org and the freedom to belief as one chooses to without need to attack someone [go on offense with bigotry]”©





won’t you help?

Now is the time to stand up for the belief of freedom…

for the freedom to believe as one sees fitting to themselves.    To believe as one chooses [historically] is to NOT deny another for there being a difference, but to discern anything done from the position of offense taken can and would be based on an EMOTIONAL BIAS [a PREJUDICE (HATRED) to someone else and we should stand for the freedom from sanctions of BIGOTRY]. To think of freedom is to believe we have it… but when another not believing what you do attempts to limit [SOCIALLY] what you can: do, say, act upon, express [in any format] is when persecution has gained assistance and bigotry is sanctioned against anyone different than the party complaining- sniveling and whining about the emotional sensations being felt as a direct cause of such overt HATRED should not be given the freedom to force taxpayers to pay for the legal battle against such inane and frivolous attempts to limit freedom in the United States. Man up and woman up here… HATRED AND PERSECUTION NEED TO CEASE- not increase!

Now that The State Dept. Head, John Kerry, has spoken out against Iran holding a U.S. citizen in prison for his beliefs…  shouldn’t we also express outrage for emotional bias driven organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation- for suing the U.S. having “In God We Trust” on our money and the tummy aches they have from being forced to spend the money they must handle? You can learn more about the petition to help free Pastor Saeed Abedini here.




won’t you help?

“Birth = life”©

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If the term for being born is “birth,” and [legally] considered to be,

“Being born or wholly brought into a separate existence,” then what

right do abortionists have to terminate [end the life of an infant by

neglect with extreme prejudice] that which has been caused to be

separate… even if it was done by their hand? Abortionists are nothing

more than legally sanctioned death merchants… bottom feeders, that

prey on those uneducated or ignorant to the human life they carry

inside them- and all for PROFIT of someone’s misery. See what

one other Blogger has to say and offer on this, find it here at,Terry 

Hollifield’s What & Why ® Blog.”

When you find time… also look these words and terms up for true interest

in legal definitions:




killed by misadventure

criminal intent


corrupt intent




conspiracy of silence


willful tort

“It is time to stop excusing ‘Sexual Assault’ today”©

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Two people, Carmen Rios and Connor Clancy, have a petition out called,”No More Steubenvilles: Educate Coaches About Sexual Assault.” You can find the link to their petition here and they could really use your help and support on this one. Rape is NEVER to be thought of as being CONDONED or ACCEPTABLE [under any conditions]. No means NO… and no one has ever INTENTIONALLY asked for it to take place [I don’t care where a woman was or what she was wearing], it is not a JUSTIFIABLE EXCUSE– never was! Won’t you help?

Monkey no see

There is never a time it is acceptable to monkey with someone’s person, willing or not, or to feign ignorant to another’s action if you are there. Don’t be a monkey!