Commonism is where what I have

I’ll share with you…

Communism is where what you

have is mine.

I say take your pick: Marxist

thoughts, Francoist unitarian

beliefs, Italian Fascist hopes,

Stalinistic Czars and gulags…

Nazi nationalism or the belief

that we are Americans… and it

is this that we should never forget…

no matter what party you side with

or what comes down the pipe with

the rush to globalism, to the sure

loss of our history or hope for a

future for our children- other than

slavery to those who would be our

masters, thinking they have seen a

successful campaign to reach this


What people have not taken into consideration in America, for many years, is democracy is a two headed bird with one stomach. What does this mean… the thoughts and the feet match, and if the thoughts come from the right wing then the left has the full control of the foot soldiers… both sides play the middle and have the same goals- it just gets packaged differently. WAKE UP AMERICA… see it for what it is. We have been played like a fiddle… and now either side is run by globalists- it does not matter any more who you’d vote for,”Heads they win-tails we lose!”