There was no great mystery to Kayla…

she had a larger heart than most,

she saw people in their truest need

and for this she gave up the ghost,

her pride took a backseat to the needs

she strived to reach out and meet…

to be found free in her own captivity,

this Pauline in Spirit, so complete,

a young woman from Prescott, Arizona,

and to her home State’s loss so grave,

this was one of our own here, like Tillman,

special was her ability to touch and save…

all Arizona is proud of her, she will be

missed here… a free spirit now lost,

to take upon liberty’s saddle but empty

boots… the horse to show us the cost,

never will we soon forget… we will

always remember her as but a needle,

a tool of God’s love for all humanity…

sewing blankets of warmth to cuddle.

If there was anything that strikes me about Kayla Mueller it was the depth of her compassion… the ‘milk of human kindness’ she had encompassed to share of her life for those in dire need of ‘freedom, justice and peace.’ Kayla was a U.S. aid worker in Syria, working with Syrian refugees, when she disappeared Aug. 4th, 2013. It is still unclear how Kayla was given as a gift to one of the ISIL members [proof lives are still impacted by slavery (by Moslems) and raising further concerns]. It is also unclear as to the given circumstances, and claims by ISIL, surrounding Kayla’s death being attributed to the Jordanian airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria.

Articles by: the Washington Post, ABC News (first this one and then with a Presidential response here) and the Christian Science Monitor are found here.

It matters little how you package your belief... if the outlook and outcome are the same!

It matters little how you package your belief… if the outlook and outcome are the same!