There is no doubt… there is no doubt

if we look to see what it’s all about,

the right would use this comparison

of Trump to the Nazis, try to shout

and ‘Howl’ like Ginzburg did today…

painted themselves in a corner, true,

but both parties kept up the ‘wet-foot,

dry-foot’ keeping Cubans out and blue,

Veterans died to give us freedoms we

can hold and cherish by both our feet,

Uncle Sam can’t walk without them and

we’d do this to one of us to dare repeat…

drivel of phobia given us by an enemy

packaged and trained to sure deception,

No, the Donald is a staunch Capitalist and

an American too, liked or not by selection,

so we need to see the enemy for who they

are and not bend our light by absurd claim,

let Islam practice not such things as they

have, beheadings, called this peace by name?

If this is called for under Shariah Law, and condoned, we are in for more than our fair share of trouble- like it or not [this is closer to Nazi rule than a suspension on questionable people in times where terror is the means to an end]. The influx of people, without being vetted [Paris is the example of that… but with San Bernardino the standard Visa was not used-there was a ‘fiancee’ Visa] can and will cause trouble, especially if malice is their intention, but to go to the extreme character assassination (attempted here) of one running for public office- such is freedom of speech in America and the liberty to exercise it. Do you think the same thing would happen in the Middle East… such tolerance enjoyed? I think not!

Put a hold-on… a slow down, a bandaid to the problem and let it heal- this is neither a tourniquet nor a turned off faucet. You’d close a dam to prevent floods and reopen it to have water. When people use the argument ‘all men are created equal’ to justify the reason for allowing people to come… they forget this is a Judeo-Christian inspired ideal being used and referred to. 

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