“A time to regroup…to take a break”

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I can look on with admiration to accomplishments of friends and family… something I need to focus on myself. I’m going to be taking a course of study… opening a new vista to gain insight from and for ‘an up-grade’ for personal finances. Please know there is plenty to read from here, even to give some of it a historical perspective of veracity to claim(s) and time to ponder. You can look on at either of my three Blogs… found in the menu, under the Blog description, and through ‘About Inkedvocabulary (Russell D. Holder).’ You have a choice of: Contemporary (this one), Christian (the spirit lives eternal… where do you intend on spending it?) and a Renaissance themed Blog (with a modern mind attempting to write in old-English. Try it- it is not as easy as you might imagine it to be). I’ll be back as soon as I have had time to focus on improving my writing skills and gain a few tricks or two. Maybe meriting another Blog geared for skills to offer B2B businesses… and marketing my own as well.


Russell D. Holder



“The day came when they would brush God from their heart”©

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If this push to show the nation of Israel…

to disrespect her and her sovereignty,

came by way of the I.O.C. (International

Olympic Committee)… disgrace of dignity,

even worse… to have the major powers

follow their lead and make the same claim…

forty years ago, in 1972,, terrorists would do

the same thing, to try and besmirch her name,

to realize the games of the world, for a

peaceful reason, now politicized, are a sham…

when to look back at its beginnings, Greece

would stop waring, peace the goal, not pablum,

to slight a declared nation… a recognized

nation, one to claim God as their own…

this is more than a slap in the face, a

disgrace to the games itself as known.

Leviticus 22: 2 Speak unto Aaron and to his sons, that they separate themselves from the holy things of the children of Israel, and that they profane not my holy name in those things which they hallow unto me: I am the LORD.