We once had leaders that led from the front…

their backs were covered by us that followed,

and there was due cause to rally from… the

broader causes of freedom and peace hallowed,

if there is to be such a peaceful pursuit against

the “JV team” doing what they did in Paris,

to do (so) little in ‘a time of war,’ to jimmy the

locks of the mind open to see a WWII paresis

has shown up… not wanting to do more than

one can or will… and to be truly ‘clear eyed’

is to see as Jimmy Doolittle did, his team’s

effort never forgotten, closed borders not tried

to prevent ‘a handful of people who don’t mind

dying’ for a cause greater than valued peace…

allied forces were never thought as occupiers,

back then, but those to grant tyranny’s release.

If the evils of war are named and stated… then ‘clear eyed‘ and ‘clear minded’ people must rally support to fight and crush those with the sword wielded. If we do not, there is no ‘setback’ to freedom but its sacking and plundering- and we would have allowed it. If we allow it then we have nothing of worth and value to add in our defense- for there is no defense for timidity or cowardice. Even worse is to be thought complicit to freedoms loss… sadly, this is how most Americans see the President- the emperor has no clothes. No Winston Churchill do we have today, No Sir! As found in a Israeli article, has he doomed the plight of refugees?

[This paragraph, the second one listed, has been added as of Nov. 18th, 2015, along with a link (in the third paragraph) to MLK, Jr., amid its misuse by ‘Planned Parenthood’, the Margaret Sanger Award and a statement by Dr. Alveda C. King- Martin’s niece.]

When President Obama focussed on Abraham Lincoln, using emphasis and similarity on his Presidency for his own, it would seem he forgot (or did not choose to remember) Lincoln: preserved the Union, strategically abolished slavery, aided in strengthening the Federal Government and innovated the economy. President Obama has: shown a disregard to the roots of America, increased taxation without representation, and refuses to acknowledge ‘any failure’ to the measures taken (or not taken) conducted against ISIL. If liberty is to be protected, as a birthright for every human being, then he would not exhibit: indignation toward christians and Jews, a preference of equal treatment (seen as a weakness and bias) for Muslims or deny what ‘emancipation‘ truly meant for Lincoln-“malice toward none; with charity for all.”

I say to the President, if he would show as much compassion for: the christians (worldwide) being persecuted and killed, understanding Israel at all, or how his actions against life (forcing us to pay for Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill) and thanking God for them… then he might be looked at more favorably. Even this goes squarely against the history and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his memory!

How can we say we support our own legacy… our own history if ‘that’s not who we are?”