Between the rising sun and hardheartedness

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Yes… Vets have feelings too and often beliefs which run deep!


When Veterans come out to protest what President Trump said, on Memorial Day, May 28th, 2018… and, rest assured, some will find anything he does worth a protest. Yes, He is full of his accomplishments but I’ve seen him do more to turn this country back around from the way things were done before him. For this… and this Veteran’s heart, my hat goes off to him and all he would like to do to recoup American losses- even the recent atrocities of the last ten years.

Would you want to deprive American families of our legacy… Memorials shut down in DC.

Allies denied our support… just waiting for an American President to side with Israel again.

The Russian-Collusion thing, as the Russian lawyer was allowed in by Loretta Lynches DOJ VISA… and the small players gained ground and flung it.


If anything we should honor, respect and acknowledge those that went before us- so we can enjoy the freedom we have in a manner we choose.


I’m sure many of these same Vets take as much offense to: a removal of the final words of the oath of fidelity ( “… so help me God”) by the Air Force, an about face… is to place a question on a historic US military practice observed and acted on for many years or to a sentiment only those in the military might fully understand… about being a traitor to what we should stand for, as in the case of Jane Fonda. Jane went Communist, and I look upon the American landscape (today) to see the growing pains of an old enemy resurfacing, don’t you?


Another traitor is in the picture… you come to your own conclusion!


The child walks amid heaps of illusions

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Attended by aid to cause of delusion and wry

glory of life, momentarily spared, but not saved,

this is when the psycho-babble of sycophants is

declared to sustain this life but it is to the paved

road so wide as to lure any and all concerned so…

with life at all, not even considering one’s soul,

this is where the path… the way to God then by-

passed en mass, Jesus the Hebrew God, no foal

for a war horse… not to deceive the masses as

some would be the god of all I see, to perceive…

and tell more lies in the end than in the garden

with one, the fall, no faith came for one to believe,

this then is the relief of belief without measure, to

perceive man as a fool for virtue or vice, so wrong,

this is to think there is a field beyond this life… one

we can meet to discuss each mortal idea so long.



Some very noteworthy Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes… listed below and sourced.


“I remarked especially the mimetic habit with Nature, on new instruments, hums her old tunes, making night to mimic day, and chemistry to ape vegetation.”

“The senses interfere everywhere and mix their own structure with all they report of.”

“We fancy that our civilization has got on far, but we still come back to our primers.”

“We live by our imaginations, by our admirations, by our sentiments, the child walks amid heaps of illusions, which he does not like to have disturbed.”

“The intellect is stimulated by the statement of truth in a trope, and the will by clothing the laws of life in illusions.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson”, 568 pages Published 1920 by Black’s Readers Service Company (first published in 1840), New York, N.Y., quotes from abstracts of: Essays, Illusions, p.416- 422 respectively.


Something about old books, isn’t there?


P.S. This embodiment is dedicated to the memory of Philip Roth (March 19, 1933- May 22, 2018), an American novelist, and the passion for writing… inspired by notables of literature such as he was. Realizing Roth to receive the 2001 Franz Kafka Prize… most noteworthy by itself. May your own inkwell never dry!

The Nunes memo!

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The proverbial fan… the stuff flung in to it, and the piper must be paid! Little wonder my party (Dems… just couldn’t vote for Hillary) is shaking in their shoes! Facts are facts… not opinions being foisted on us over truth!


After showing signs of a repugnant nature, walking out on the SOTU (just like turning their back on the American people), I think the Nunes Memo needs to be released. Obama literally weaponized the various Departments, to go against the US Constitution and the people of the United States need to see what was done (opacity the goal) in a not so transparent Administration. This is closer to “de facto (by deed)” liberties taken either without need or callously done- by hubris.








In its full glory, the “Nunes memo” is outed!



“To stand or not to stand… during the National Anthem!”©


Is he a hero or an embarrassment? When MLK Jr. took a knee it was to pray!


The protests started by the Quarterback, under President Obama, continue but ‘slavery itself‘ is being overlooked or not discussed-WHY?


Do people pay to go the ballet… when politics come into play on the stage? Do you go to Disneyland on the Fourth of July… expecting to see a Russian flag? Most people go to sporting events to see sports but if it continues as it is… when even Jerry Jones goes back on the words he said in the past, the NFL will be,”Not Frickin’ Looking”, and I won’t be the only American thinking this!



Here is what John Elway came out and said, below an abstract…


“Fans just want to watch and enjoy the sport without it being politicized.”



Can it be any plainer than this?





“When ‘hate’ was driven by kind people”


Have we become more enamored with the ideal of togetherness only to forfeit the substance of what it means… to all of us?

When love becomes the carrot dangled in front
of us but not the reason the cart then moves…
no form of commitment to kindness exists, for
what is the burden borne without the naves1️⃣
to ease all thought… to fixate on what we are
told the goal is, by suggestion laid at our feet,
the truth be told… we’d be left ’the suckers’ for
hate was the goal we aid and do complete.


nave… noun, the hub of a wheel, root from Sanskrit… nābhis.

To finger point at Trump when white racists come out of the wood work (used as an axis or fulcrum) but not see the same thing elsewhere is to miss the point entirely. It becomes less about hate and more to aid one’s own convictions (or viewpoint) and lacks integrity to ‘kindness’ as it should be known or understood. Kindness, stemming from love (or togetherness), is rendered mute but ‘hate’ itself is then intensified- a polemic rises from the dust of indifference to the winds of ignorance. I stress ignorance here but mean it more as an action to ignore something… like the relative connection of ‘hate begetting hate’ and the frequency increasing as more incidents occur.

To see one thing (here) but not the same here!


To think ‘togetherness’ but not think about the source (organizer).


To demand the truth about Flynn but disregard the truth about ex-POTUS Obama and the Hillary connection.


A comment on Facebook… my own!
If you say you are voting for Hillary, an avowed globalist, you had better ‘hip yourself up’ to what UN Resolution 16/18 is all about. Hillary was instrumental, while working(?) for the US State Department(?), in arguably assisting: an outside organization, put forth efforts to promote an Agenda counter to American values (being based on a Judeo-Christian standard), to aid and abet ‘distinction based on bias’; which could be used to further erode US ‘free speech’ on US soil. UN Resolution 16/18 comes with two flaws… it fails to address violations coming from, and by, the ones it aids, and does not see itself having a bias but assumes to gain a stronger foothold, to clear the way, in seeking supremacy itself.


In all fairness (in kindness), here is what Snopes has come out with… over the same picture used to generate ‘more hate’ seen coming from: Berkeley, actions and some biased comments used to steer others to directed conclusions. This is as kind as it gets!

“A tidbit of a question… about 9-11!”

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Have you ever wondered why these images were found… without any (solid) answers, or did you simply not question what the government told you?







How about a video that you never saw… on something that never happened! See below…



Still have no questions?


“What change?”©

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Bill calls Hillary,”a change maker,”
ask Chris¹… the Ambassador she
left behind- in Tripoli.

Hillary says we can do it ‘together,’
ask the Native Americans Indians²
that walked out on her at the DNC…
and why!

Hillary’s emails³ speak for themselves,
to gain power or to deny the power of:
the words, the omission or commission
of them and there intent.

1942 propaganda slogan

A 1942 propaganda poster… and could be used today!

1… Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador that was left behind.

2… Native Americans (see the video below) and ‘Code Talkers’, you can’t just wave a copy of the US Constitution here… or to the memory of American Japanese interned themselves or their sons of the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

3… overtly lying to the American people, collusion in the DNC (and election fraud) and clear signs of overt bias to one over a strong ally in this country’s past besmirches the memories of any that wore a uniform and died for this very country.


Signs that are present amid Hillary’s run for the Presidency include: lying to the American people, conspiracy with those in the DNC toward ‘election fraud’ and ‘election tampering,’ and using the memory of a Muslim military man, who died for his country. When the US Constitution was waved, by the Father, at the convention, all liberties held sacred by the American people were politicized (by Hillary too) regardless of the beliefs held in honor. Doesn’t Mr. Khan realize he is being used, and in turn… he is using his son’s memory, for a political agenda- not even his own (if he is to understand the US Constitution he would wave against another).

WARNING: The link directly below contains some images that could be (strongly)considered unflattering to women [at best] and more than suggestive [at worse]. It is due to this fact I’ll not include it here (as a hyper-link), and you must look for it on your own here…


[Coming from the New York Post… ‘Clinton Cash’]

Key players in a main component of the reset — a Moscow-based Silicon Valley-styled campus for developing biomed, space, nuclear and IT technologies called “Skolkovo” — poured tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the report by journalist Peter Schweizer alleges.

[Coming from newsweek.com this abstract below]

The stridence of the anti-Clinton sentiment in Cleveland goes beyond the “Lock her up!” slogan. During the first day, some at the convention wore mock campaign shirts that read “Hillary for prison 2016.” Aerial banner ads called for Clinton’s imprisonment as well, and later that day, Patricia Smith, a mother of a victim of the Benghazi attack, blamed Clinton personally for the death of her son.

Furthermore, if you can remember ‘freedom fries’ and ‘free speech zone’ then you can begin to understand the impact of what happened to the Dixie Chicks… using their choice of free speech- just how it can be used politically. Even General Colin Powell apologized to us, as Americans, an ex-Sec. of State… and a former CIA Official apologizes as well. This is the only thing this Veteran is proud of McCain saying (seen here) for I have not seen anything good come from him prior to seeing his comment on Hillary- one clear view found here… see for yourself! When will we realize the game is being played on us? Anyone can be used… to advance one cause over another: a General, Captain or a grieving Father!

Crooked Hillary and the togetherness she gives us… as Americans- take a look (peek) if you’d dare to discover the truth of her open intentions.

The kiss of betrayal

The kiss of betrayal!

the Hillary wink

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