“You can call ‘Bible Archaeology’ an oxymoron… but it exists”

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 Recently, very recently, I heard someone say they thought ‘Bible Archaeology’ was an oxymoron. For those that do not believe in the Bible… I’m sure this could be a prevailing viewpoint but when it comes to science (Archaeology) proving things that are claimed in the Bible, this gives more credibility to the validity of what the Bible is actually telling us is ‘historical’ and ‘accurate.’ A person must then come face-to-face with this truth,”You can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts.” To know from a historical basis, there is greater significance to the history given us in the Bible… let alone the importance to all mankind of the very life of Jesus of Nazareth. I found a link for you to get a free e-book, provided by “the Biblical Archaeology Society,” and all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail. There is one book that talks about the trial of the century (regarding the “forgery trial of the Ossuary of James” [Brother of Jesus] and the results). This book covers the complete trial (a five year trial held in Israel) and involved: the artifact, the IAA (the Israel Antiquities Authority), the Israeli Police and the trial to prove or disprove the authenticity of the pieces shown and spoken of. The Author believes the accuracy of the artifacts provided here and claims the veracity of the trial as a solid victory to these beliefs- sound cause for imperishable enthusiasm. Please look below… and find the page to all the free e-books through this source.


To ridicule the very notion of ideas placed in the Bible, Torah or Dead Sea Scrolls (the latter listed also found to be from ancient times and of great Archaeological significance) is to say there is nothing of value here… and walk away (no better and no worse than when you found out they exist). Sadly, many people will shy away from the importance of human history, let alone the history of the people God has claimed as His own, but I find great the comfort of these historic finds. Not only does it strengthen my opinions and beliefs but grants me a deeper sense of peace to know from it… to feel the truth permeate my mind/body and lift up my soul and spirit. I’m also going to include more than enough links below, many could be found of personal interest and highly informative, let alone helpful in the struggle to maintain beliefs so fragile.

(This page has a link to “The Israel Museum, Jerusalem- Google Art Project”… simply fascinating)



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Corporate entitlements or employee abuse?

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It has come to my attention the distinction between corporate entitlements and employee abuse can be miniscule or gargantuan, with or without precedent and as important as the corporations desire to make them. Since it is the corporations that wield the clout, can afford lawyers to do their bidding, even to such extremes as to be legal but yet unethical. All one has to recall is Enron… and the complicity of the lawyers, banks and stockholders, as it regards the greater loss, was truly felt by those kept out of the loop- those told everything is fine and the check is in the mail.

These days, as was brought up in Entrepreneur Magazine (back about ten years ago), the rise of extra board employees is on the rise. These individuals can be worked full time but are left with: no full time status, an on-call basis, rotating shifts and absolutely no benefits whatsoever. Corporations do this to: reduce overall costs, increased labor demands… more attention (an added bonus for those used without a full time shift) and shorts the full time staff (less full timers means less money out as a needed expenditure). The advantage to the corporations is less employees needed and the disadvantage… less opportunity for the clients (not to mention less staff- less service). What this means to the companies prone to taking these cost cutting measures is truly felt by the employees doing more with less help. The push for more cross-training (to enable a company to do more with less) is currently the normative procedure a company will take. Even the lower level echelon executives can feel the pinch… being paid a salary ensures this, and the resulting increase of hours during peak demands can take its toll.

The next big move, according to Entrepreneur  Magazine, is to cut or eliminate those that smoke (to reduce heath care premiums) and extricate those employees that are unsightly (obese)… and also a larger (no pun intended) health risk as well. You can’t say I didn’t warn you but I have seen these things coming down the pipe for years… and all that was discussed ten years ago has come to pass. In the extreme, things are not apt to change for the better, especially in light of the current economic conditions as they exist today- the best days have already been experienced. The old adage of the U.S. Marines comes to mind with their common mantra being,”Don’t worry… it can always get worse.” As to these business practices we see, and the way employees are being treated (in corporations around the globe), this is but the beginning of harsher working conditions to follow. Anyone who believes this trend is going to improve has but to complain more frequently… and see how long it takes to be in the Unemployment Office.

“To epitomize absurdity”

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“To epitomize absurdity”

Complaints about another,

being other than yourself,

as they exercise their freedom

to believe as they would…

is to find the traits of freedom:

using the same money (with in God

we trust), going to court (swearing

on the Bible to tell the truth),

living in a land that cherishes

freedom (of a personal choice)

and then to claim infringement…

this is absurdity… and then

to call this your home.

An atheist group, the F.F.R.F. (Freedom from Religion Foundation), is taking the stand to denigrate: Veterans, religious beliefs, symbols of a religious nature (crosses, depictions of Christ, et al) and our country’s history… in the hopes of removing these same items. Their claims are: they get upset tummies, have experienced emotional upset and have had to refrain from visiting one of their favorite places- a site in Montana. Since they have chosen to take this to Federal Court, over the site in Montana (http://missoulian.com/news/local/atheists-sue-to-remove-jesus-statue-from-big-mountain/article_d8e79fcc-527f-11e1-bcdd-0019bb2963f4.html), they must be taken seriously. The ramifications to them winning, and I’m sure they are hoping for a precedent to be made here, could be staggering- an ex post facto removal of: crosses at Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam wall (a memorial and shrine to the fallen brothers in arms) and many more. This is not what the Founding Father’s intended, with this line in the First Amendment,” … Congress should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF… ,” and by winning their case should have every (believing, disbelieving or unbelieving) American shaking in their boots. To allow this to pass actually violates the First Amendment… so let’s see what happens now. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution)

“Openly mocked… in the end times”©

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Tender are the mercies of God

to those that love Him…

frail is His grace for those that don’t,

no grace given when none taken…

and God just taken advantage of,

no heart… no saving grace,

there grows the day dawning

where God will be openly mocked…

as well as those whom believe,

days of such darkness draw nearer

and nearer… predicted in prophecy,

this is but the last light and time

for securing what you believe…

find no time to waste for waste

will be dealt with by God Himself,

waste of time found without God

as the most important factor…

sealed in time by His love, His life

given freely for us… to spare us

from a very real place… the place

without grace or mercy- called hell.

“Weighted stones”©

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Is it naught by pomp of life… hath thine

hand forgot?

Verily, existence to sorrow dragged as

thou hath brought,

folds within thine heart wouldest burst

forth of thy burden,

frugal though thou be, hugged by hope’s

receipt is heavy laden,

unblessed to throw thy sash o’er shoulder

and to claim,

thy hope thou hast little spent, tis but

nonsense left in name,

fulness of virtue sought but to linger bare,

nigh and alone,

surely pretense known will’st but languish

and disown,

distrust doth hesitate and pause the path

thou dost walk,

to idle be thee found in blame ‘ere unmatched

in thy talk,

splitting hairs and venal quills of love to drips

of ink,

labours found but shallow breathed shall fail

us to sink,

pretense to rob thee thine own grace and

sultry way,

did’st naught steal fair manner and joy found

in thine day,

weighted stones thy parson met doth abate us

as thou dine,

ne’er to knowest loss by shame and dare find

things divine.

“Empty vessels make the most sound”©

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Between wisdom and ignorance is life,

between the tears of joy and the tears of sorrow

is found living…

counterintuitive to all that we know are the thoughts

of God,

between selfishness and giving is found life,

between the extremes of self importance and the

days we’ll honor God…

when we are lowly and humble is when we’ll hear

God applaud,

between the waning days of worth and the times

of plenitude,

between the thoughts of awareness and moments

of insensitivity…

the timely space to energy spent, unrealized potential

left unshod,

between the vacuous space… the void and the blessing

of each new day is life,

between a porous love and the meaningless motions we

all would do…

our claims to fill the lack of want or need… to help another

on Cape Cod.

Inspirations come from every where… even times we can be accused of something we did, when people might think it was centered on them (a narrow perspective). In the use of a wider lens to see by and from, with the benefit of our peripheral vision unblocked and insight used, we can adapt to something that transcends ourselves to then be becoming to us all… the moment taken to far exceed anyone, any thought or notion in stasis. There is when an offering is slighted… confession yields nothing but a glimpse to perceptions allowed and will remain stagnant, when what was given is disregarded as dross- valueless. This is the time we shall need to do that which is right (for a greater good and purpose) even if we will find (for ourselves) no pity or empathy to return- if we remain misunderstood. Better to take an insult and grow from it than to harbor there and stew in our own juices.

1 Corinthians 14:11 Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me.

“Determinism’s internalized conditional flaw”


In passing… the place
memories are found,
we find either the 
kindest of thoughts
or things seared in to
our mind, and our mind
feels no pleasure or
pain of either one.


Odd that it is only to be found, as a memory or a current condition, where the body is what feels the pleasant sensations or pangs of pain and the mind, feeling nothing at all, tells us if it is enjoyable or not. If no thought to free will is implied and we cannot be held morally responsible to our actions then we serve each other up to the fantasies of others and turn each other into nothing more than intellectual property to be used… even to offer up our flesh to ‘whatever feels good… we’ll do it (no belief to prevent it for there is no moral imperative when there is no belief).’ An atheist’s dream.

By internalizing (thinking alone) human actions have no free will exhibited by external causes, it affords one the justification to then excuses one’s behavior (self determined) as having been externally caused and grants the ability to feel good from the choices (an exercise in free will) freely made and, therefore, guilt free.

You can also find this through this link below, and there you will find comments.


ATTN: the link above, to Red Bubble, is defunct… my account has been canceled. I was attacked by means of a “Hate crime,” and I’m going to seek legal outcome, possibly an injunction to impede all U.S. activity. I’m waiting on a friend with some clout to get back to me… and I’ll keep you posted.

“fallacy of logic by emotional objectivity removed”©

When the solution to a problem

can be solved by a reaction, and

it matters not if the reaction is

based on truth or not… aided by:

guidelines (soft rules of conduct),

perceptions of and from one’s own

set of values or an appearance of

something having been done wrong-

this is the time to pray for sanity,

for under these conditions all one

has to do is establish a claim of

impropriety… and based on the claim,

alone, is when the secondary reaction

will be, inevitably, always wrong.

When we allow, as a standard, a condition or situation to be used to divine meaning to our actions… is when relativism will take hold of the societal norm; which can and will surely suffocate any individual of their own perceptions held dear or not. It will be only understood as a conditionality rendering subjectivity negligent to personal positional opinion- and is then dependent on one view to determine the fate of another. The opinion of the one that suffers from a decision based on faulty information will be subject to the decision rendered, persecution to be a removal of one’s own determination by the determination of another. In order for relativism to be effective and functional there must be a general regard toward all equally or it will fail. the weight of the fulcrum used here is the ‘self’ and when ‘any self’ exercises judgement (right or wrong) objectivity is lost in a subjective state. This belief is nothing more than a hypothetical plausibility gone wrong (when attempting to apply it in or on a society) for without an absolute quality of wrong (the terms and conditions that will apply equally to all) it becomes a wheel that spins on its own axis… and the axis has no constant other than the individual perception relied on. It becomes a free for all… and with no regard for anything as a standard; which in turn proves my point, to then subject someone to a definable punishment (when based on a causality other than the one complaining and against the one complained on) shows favoritism at best… or a pointed intolerance (HATE) and it is against the law, International or local, to exercise and participate (be a PARTY TO ACTIONS FROM OR RELATED TO) in ’a HATE crime.’

The use of “Problem, reaction, solution” came from out of Hegelian Dialectics, a plan or methodology used well by dictators and despots throughout human history but it took Hegel to secure it by definition. See its ugliness in it many forms here (*). This philosophy also speaks of turning any society into that which it does not like, used in Germany on the Germans themselves, and we all know the historic example left us from the past. The flaw of goodness or the perception of being “NICE” goes right out the window and is nothing but lip service… especially to the one it is directed at when the basis of the perception used was askew to begin with. Ask any Jewish person about Hitler, what about relativism here… and you see what can be done to one used to the extreme. This is absolutely WRONG.

Moral relativism is an oxymoron… for it is neither moral nor representative of all the same, and would be found relative (in application) to the one that believes it to be true.

(*) http://problem-reaction-solution.com/

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