“What part of ‘Classified’ don’t you understand people?”©

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How does Hillary,

who should be in a pillory,

stay so damn strong?

I keep on thinking,

the USS Pueblo sinking

by such divulgence so long!

This was so sensitive

and proves to be remonstrative

of a lack for concern being wrong!

Just stay in your car…

lowering now high the bar

as apathy looks for her prong.

Go on, hide your head,

your almost there… half way dead,

let your laughter fill the song.

It was just, simply, classified…

not justified, be not certified

to care so little if we hang.

#F—PARIS, it’s not to late,

NARAL throws in its weight…

hate fills the cup with its tang.

To gain President Obama’s support is to believe we need to continue his programs. Since he continued President Bush’s policies… do we really need more of this crap- nothing CHANGED when Obama took office- globalists led the way. Bush belonged to the CFR and the Clintons do too. It was the CFR (and look under their Membership [through the link] to notable board members) that gave us (all) the UN… so keep supporting ‘no change at all’- as if we deserve what we’ll get! Just remember, Nixon took us off the gold standard… and Obama dislikes Israel- hand in hand we walk the plank of our own creation.

By the way, I worked in a “Secret” information area of the ship (in the US Navy)… only due to the disclosure of the USS Pueblo being captured during the Vietnam years. If that vessel was not captured, I would have worked with “Top Secret” information- sensitive to these things being close to heart and home!

“What phylum, species or kingdom is a human being… if not human itself?”©

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To proudly proclaim supporting: NARAL, Planned Parenthood and Women’s Rights… these days is questionable. Look at the flap that developed over the Super Bowl Ad, by Doritos, when they had the nerve to show ‘a human fetus being humanized’ as if it would (coming out of the womb) desire what Doritos is selling us– the humans watching ‘the Big Game’ itself. I think Naral’s reaction to it is the problem… and to see who they link with after the Paris attack. The New York Post called NARAL’s denunciation of the Doritos commercial… the dumbest ever. Birds of a feather flock together… the old axiom said, and we might just be dumber still to support Hillary. I’m just saying!

Either Sec. Clinton does not care about the support she gains (if she says she would fight to eradicate hate) or she is not (aware) seeing a connection to ‘belief supports the actions we (say) are needed to change.’

Forget that (legally) Planned Parenthood could have: an obligation to provide DNA against any taking part in an illegal (sex) act with a minor, monitor the well being of those under their care… as well as being registered with a close local hospital as an ‘admitting Doctor (if something goes wrong)’ or should practice sanitation standards acceptable for any other medical facility with County, State or Federal Standards in place.

See the Ad here or the youtube link below.

“Tag… you’re it!”©

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The only thing getting old is us…

no matter what we face together,

the only thing that would make it

better, ‘a happy meal with lobster,’

it is you that keeps me young and

I have no regrets… a secret I’ll share,

there is ever something new to see…

to do or just to laugh at what we wore,

we have seen times good and bad…

happy and sad, these we did sure face,

and through it all, both great and small,

it is my honor to be beside you, my place,

I can think of no one else I’d rather be

with… even to care for more than you,

you put the quake in my earthshake…

no shrinking violet and forever true blue.

This is dedicated to Sondra Mix (my wife)… may we never forget to laugh (even at ourselves) or think of when we will get that next lobster to drool over. I love you Sondra… Happy Valentine’s Day- 2016.

“Threats and actions are more revealing to the nature of the god served than not”©

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When threats to humiliate

are used to then subjugate

a country to an expected fate…

if they perceive themselves to be wronged.

Is this the new look for women

who speak out against the men

who hide behind culture (law) then

seek out virgins (by claim) as if they’re longed?

How does one seek to suppress

that which is desired, to regress,

and be seen as selfish in the press…

but noble by cause, on game show soon gonged!

To posture against any humiliation Iran may say is directed to them [if even perceived to be] will cause exposure of information, obtained under duress, of the US sailors captured [US Navy] to humiliate them. So how does this apply to women and ‘Women’s Rights’ here or to the lack of concern over the rights of children, as provided for under the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights); which is what we should defend the most. Take the case of Sgt. Martland… and how wrong it is to throw away our own values, to conform to that which is politically correct [even culturally accepted] or ‘looked away from without regard’- to excuse it is to see it continue. What I find most appalling here is the lack of disclosure found in the US media… and the apathy to what an honorable man faces, being expelled from doing what he was trained to do with heart and selflessness.

Non-combatant: Does this apply or not? If Iran is at war with the world… how should we (then) look at our own views?

a)… violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;

b)… taking of hostages;

c)… outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;

d)… the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgement pronounced by a regular constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.

In a non-combatant status, our servicemen should have been given aid… and not captured, women defended and not attacked, Sgt. Martland praised and not expelled (from active duty)… or we become our own worse enemies- supporting all the wrong things as if we see them ‘to be right.’

Once the status of belligerency is established between two or more states, their relations are determined and governed by the laws of war.

[Reference found here for the words above.]

“The ‘point’ of pointlessness”©


The very point of dealing with (or without) the benefit of Hillary’s emails is understanding the questions which arise from them. Once ‘the State Department’ blocked 22 emails from being disclosed… the doubt(s) rise to be very telling in and of themselves. It is beyond the point of did she tell the truth or not… we now know she didn’t. If she is going to lie about emails… to our face and on the media (while running for the office of President), what else will she lie about– this is my concern. Is it yours?

As a registered Democrat, if Hillary gets to where she is the candidate… I will not vote for her. I will not be able to in good conscience, and do not support her passion for standing behind ‘Planned Parenthood’ as I see it as taxation without representation- a tax forced on the American people and no better than a highwayman fumbling around in your pocket without permission to be there. This (to me) smacks of the very reasons people came to this country… to find freedom from this practice. Equally true, the violation of my personal choice not to want to pay for ‘Planned Parenthood’ extends beyond just ‘the morality issue’ to distrust and disgust with: apparent lack of concern shown to legal (County or State) requirements, the right of transported patients being protected by doctors being licensed (also) at hospitals closest to these facilities, to provide patient care if something goes wrong and the lack of sanitation maintained at all clinics (?… being thought of as ‘a medical provider’). See these concerns and issues at this link here. This is being promoted by Hillary under the banner of ‘Woman’s Rights,’ and I see this as a misnomer, less than honest and overtly deceptive. Remember Jennifer Morbelli… Shady Grove does!

Is this really about the issue presented? You tell me!

Clearly CFR affiliated… and they gave us the UN!