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Hate is a strong word for a weak mind.

Sushi is for people who can’t afford to cook.

Hummers are just to pretty to see dirt.

My wife’s friend’s baby never used a diaper.

Shooting fish in a barrel is true sportsmanship.

Pedophiles can clearly be spotted by children.

Dogs only chase mailmen and women on Sundays.

I will dry 50 miles to use a free dryer.

Communism stopped when the Berlin wall fell.

Democracy works… ask anyone that likes Hamas.

Terrorists only come from Middle Eastern countries.

McVeigh was dangerous because of the box knife.

The Pentagon always tries to save us money.

Cheney is actually one of our best hunting examples.

Angela Davis was a very troubled Peace-nik.

Armies are best used to achieve peace by fighting.

The Queen supports donations to the Church of England.

Which statement is true?

Can we realize… the first is often last on our minds.

“ISP… did you have more activity on hate than normal?”©


To try and push for less weapons

because of Newtown or any other

failure of: Social networking, self

administered legal psychotropic…

misdiagnosed or misunderstood,

lack of funding for mental services,

push to deny veterans with P.T.S.D.’s

or those determined violent enough

to commit acts like this (and are

already known to be harmful to

one’s own self)… guns don’t kill people

unless there is a person on the other

end of it that might not even respect


If one of your family is on any of these medications found here… 

List of psychotropic medications http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_psychotropic_medications

you might find these same conditions possible… predetermined from the long term use of or side effects from stopping usage, i.e. denied benefits after long term use or habitual violent tendencies unaccounted for.

Twenty eight times”©


The bell will toll twenty eight times…

it tolls for memory to recall,

to think of just how precious was

the lives of each of those taken…

each a voice to be reckoned with

and heard, a spirit enjoyed and,

shortened, our time to live with them,

Newtown, Connecticut, this moment

is not your own… this is the reason

twenty eights bells will be tolled for… to

burn it in to our minds… it does more

than whisper to our hearts to know

this true, to know the bells that toll

here toll for: twenty children, a Mother,

six adults… and one more.


The bells will toll twenty eight times,

Newtown will never forget…

and we should always remember.

(Posted 7:16 AM Arizona time, December 21st, 2012… in the honor of those lost seven days earlier, December 14th, 2012)

Silence, ringing of bells to honor victims of school massacrehttp://news.yahoo.com/more-funerals-newtown-white-house-gun-task-force-003934633.html

“Before the petri dish overflows” or “The biggest bait and switch in world history”©


Test subjects… a lesson for the

world to see, measures to seek

nirvana, freedoms to be achieved

and realized as removal of true

nationalities are extracted and

replaced by another… one where

sheer desire is the impetus of

and for “The New World” mentality,

the order and structure a building

block… a mental and psychological

step to providing the pathway to

belief of and for the ease of

transferring national identity…

to see if people will be malleable

to such ideas and precepts… the

precursor to loss of the very

same values offered up, this is

the Petri dish of experimentation…

the soil to show substitution of

values and learned ideals can be

replaced with others… in the hopes

and pretense of improving the quality

of life… living, breathing subjects that

will, in due course, be guided and formed

to impose the will of the world, the

amalgam of people now with an identity

separate from the rest of the people,

raised to think, even with their new

found individuality, they are some how

above the world’s limitations… and not

susceptible to the world’s pressure to

bear on such determination, within a

couple of generations… how quickly two

hundred years flies, even when infiltrated

by the very same people that helped

to prop her up on unsteady feet,

attempting to be a beacon on a hill…

a vision and a model to be enamored,

emulated and fawned over, this was

the lofty and noble ideal to be achieved,

the sad truth is this would actually

make it easier to lead the people,

under this grand misconception,

to be used with out their cognitive

awareness even bothered… no red

flags of concern, no warning bells

and definitely no regard, of any

regular variety, to worry or awaken

the general populace, as a whole, to

the extreme situation they are

currently in, even worse… the mass

programs underfoot guided by old

eugenics plans in new hands, the

group of those with no platitudes

to offer… only graven desires to

secure and the means to accomplish

the end time measures to be doled

out and laughed over… truly trying

the souls of time and men caught

in the grip of “ad nauseam,” the moment

suspended precariously before the

body releases the soul or the soul

leaves the body… having given up on

the bodies ability to sustain this life…

any longer, the goals to fruition

could never be understood by the

people culled from the score

left… trained to be free, allowing

freeness the escape… so damn free

that they forgot to care if they

lost the idea and its meaning…

complacent to their descent and

the men driving them from fair

minded functions to thrive on dog-

eat-dog visions before putting

them down… fullness of the “NEW

WORLD for the ORDER left,” those

with the right to hold it… the ungodly.

Is this what Sir Francis Bacon meant by “The new Atlantis… the new world?” Below is a direct quotation (an excerpt or abstract) from his book,”The New Atlantis.”

 “The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible.

Another of his quotes…

It is a strange desire which men have, to seek power and lose liberty.”

This is found below in abstract, taken from Biblical Philosophy (found here… http://biblicalphilosophy.org/Faith_Reason_Truth/Bacon_Reid.asp )

In the late 16th century Francis Bacon held that one (sic) unity of the sciences was the result of our organization of discovered material facts in the form of a pyramid with different levels of generalities; these would be classified in turn according to disciplines linked to human faculties.”

“See SPOILED… and hear its voice”©

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This is the scientific imperative to

true expectational results…

and would not be thought so

intrusive… should it be to life styles…

but to then be applied to one’s morals

is to deem it so that it would also

affix not the thoughts to individual

expressions more… than supposed denials…

it would be by the declaration, the

judgement, of any to oppose by loud

outcry… a tantrum of behavior thrown

in protest… the most vulgar to oppose,

given to the notion of no absolutes-

this is absolutely insane to seek to

deem anyone absolutely wrong, the

dictator built up to then surely depose,

so back we go to what is to be so

sublime… did Burke know true what

Kant can’t see… that fear attracts?

Sublime horror a pleasure and a fiction!

Here is to there and when there is

decried to be wrong by morals seen…

this is to shun the objectivity of such

issues, a ‘negative pain,’ pleasure of friction,

for Aristotle… ugly produced pain… a

scratching of mind, for Burke… intense

emotions could cause pleasure, light and

dark, since sublime, to be called his delight,

all I see is the delight in one’s

heart and desire to deride, this is

not fictionalized but realized, the

horror of humanity captured by sight.

This is where man can be led, by synthesis and vagueness… and gradualism, where truth is no longer the victor but estranged, left a stranger in a foreign land- a patch of ground we knew as our own, once, and now completely introduced from outside the realm of impossible to possible. This is to focus on the current political climate and the absurdity of one parties actions now worn on the other foot… how it leads to tantrum’s delight. Self absorbed is where we were… but it is so different when another exerts control. This is where one person can make false claims (to lie) and the claim will be treated as if it were legitimate… where proof by explanation could be considered to be harassment of the party which complained (though false claim was made in the first place). We see the same thing applies to the world and what is being done to Israel, under the efforts to have designated new borders- even a new Capital… from what has been historically acknowledged as their own.

“Are you UNaffected?”©


To see efforts of the U.N. to take

control of the internet is futile…

futile to think it is peaceable or

friendly, nothing short of hostile…

a hostile take over of a format used

by “a free world” now so volatile,

so volatile as to steal the meaning

of “United” or “Free”… so very servile

are we all if we don’t stand up and

say so… or just to damn infantile!

There is no backing down on the belief the U.N. is not friendly… when they would try to steal (in front of our eyes) the control of the system the world uses freely. To think highly of the U.N. here is as absurd as the reach to control what you’ll: say, do or express. There is no respect for your “Universal Human Rights” here and it renders what the U.N. has told us all (for years) as trash… paper left without meaning- worthy of only shredding. To Blog and not think it will affect you in one way, shape or form, is to not think about the effectual ramifications on Blogging itself… or the efforts one has taken to express oneself… or the dire effects and consequences this could have on us all. Let the right scream here… it leads to more of what they are so upset over in this country now- that which they helped to cause (remember ramming down our throats ‘the Patriot Act’ or ‘the Military Commisions Act’ [HR-6166] signed by then President, George W. Bush, Oct. 17th, 2006). Both parties are in bed with the U.N. here… are we not Americans here or just pablum puking righties and lefties.




(JUST LOOK FOR: un internet control)

“An intellectual,’Bah, Humbug.'”©

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“There is not a God,”

if left to thoughts of mankind…

where will there be hope?


Leaving the hope God offers us behind… is to ensure God will do the same for us, and secures this as a very real possibility for man’s future. How can man not think this is possible, plausible or potential… as we see scattered debris (Egyptian chariots) at the bottom of the Red sea or decrees of the Persian king to forbid praying to the God of Israel?

“Can you say Libertine… I know you can!”©

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Commonism is where what I have

I’ll share with you…

Communism is where what you

have is mine.

I say take your pick: Marxist

thoughts, Francoist unitarian

beliefs, Italian Fascist hopes,

Stalinistic Czars and gulags…

Nazi nationalism or the belief

that we are Americans… and it

is this that we should never forget…

no matter what party you side with

or what comes down the pipe with

the rush to globalism, to the sure

loss of our history or hope for a

future for our children- other than

slavery to those who would be our

masters, thinking they have seen a

successful campaign to reach this


What people have not taken into consideration in America, for many years, is democracy is a two headed bird with one stomach. What does this mean… the thoughts and the feet match, and if the thoughts come from the right wing then the left has the full control of the foot soldiers… both sides play the middle and have the same goals- it just gets packaged differently. WAKE UP AMERICA… see it for what it is. We have been played like a fiddle… and now either side is run by globalists- it does not matter any more who you’d vote for,”Heads they win-tails we lose!”


“Cast no dispersions on my thoughts of Pearl Harbor”©

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It was Hickam Field that first bore the brunt

of the day of infamy, our hearts torn by shunt,

the same attack to sink most of our fleet…

the U.S.S. Arizona demoralized, sunken and beat

but it was the event of Pearl Harbor we’d see

that brought the war home, to touch you and me,

disclosed years later where, indeed… we knew

but for then, it ensured our involvement did ensue,

and under Roosevelt, we gave in to the notion of war-

the agony and tears, to defeat the axis our new chore,

that which brought the fight to us as if by floats,

and it was Rosie to build us those Liberty boats,

to build task forces so large… chasing wolves of the sea,

this what Pearl Harbor has ingrained, to my heart… means to me,

to remind me of my freedom… not take it for granted,

tell all we are Americans… not to be slighted…

and yet what comes will test us for our courage,

our mettle and our souls, to spite the upcoming barrage,

damn them to think we will just roll over… betray,

as those from our history we’d lose and live to defray

the importance of their lives given for freedom’s cost…

remember too, Patrick Henry, before memories are tossed.


The challenge for Americans, as a whole, is to never forget what was done to us all, what we did and what it will take for us all to continue in our future- should we be blest to have one.                                                                                 http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=yfp-t-701&va=Dec.+7th%2C+1941

“Indoctrinated in laughter to scorn”©

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Should any man offend you
by exercising his freedoms,
even if you claim to know
freedom yourself… you
would steal the meaning
of liberty by such contempt.

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