“The day came when they would brush God from their heart”©

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If this push to show the nation of Israel…

to disrespect her and her sovereignty,

came by way of the I.O.C. (International

Olympic Committee)… disgrace of dignity,

even worse… to have the major powers

follow their lead and make the same claim…

forty years ago, in 1972,, terrorists would do

the same thing, to try and besmirch her name,

to realize the games of the world, for a

peaceful reason, now politicized, are a sham…

when to look back at its beginnings, Greece

would stop waring, peace the goal, not pablum,

to slight a declared nation… a recognized

nation, one to claim God as their own…

this is more than a slap in the face, a

disgrace to the games itself as known.

Leviticus 22: 2 Speak unto Aaron and to his sons, that they separate themselves from the holy things of the children of Israel, and that they profane not my holy name in those things which they hallow unto me: I am the LORD.

“The clouds that low’r’d upon our house”©

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It is the Arab spring and American winter…
this is the winter of our discontent,
the space of restriction…
limitation, confinement shattered,

there will be no ‘free speech zones,’
free speech applies to the whole country
and each and every citizen in it…
sixties back anew, fresh and emboldened…
alive and starving for notice…
the cobwebs wiped free and stretching
the sinews of arms lifted so long ago,
passing the baton to sons of Yuppies…
the ones seeking the same entitlements
Wall St. took advantage of,
the forced deprivation of the American dream…
the generation that will never collect on Social Security
or see life better than the last one, debt is larger
than the will to fight it or even speak out…
by some…
and WE will see who believes in freedom and who
would look down their noses at such actions,
have they no shame
but the shame is on those to be so servile
as to think this will not affect them, now maybe,
the summer made glorious from such activity…
the barefoot factor,
the oppression of the American people gained
finds contempt for the underhanded practice
that is seen, clearly, as the cause of
the aftermath in Greece
feels the Cold man Sacks.

“Ad Hoc” (latin for “toward this”)©

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But for semantics, we choose now to

bicker over… heads, tails… still the

same coin,

offering only the choice of field…

now it is just the Corporate sponsors

whom adjoin,

with everything merging, countries too,

despite the pleas of the people therein

to appease,

we now firmly do careen, intertwined,

toward “the end justifies the means” and no


even when our institutions, public and

private, would dispose our rights… individually


could or should this be new by Charter…

circumventing what they say we are dying

to protect?

The boldness and difference between what

is said and what is done… will be a noose

around our neck!


When by Councils we proclaim affiliation to… before the declared papers ‘WE’ have respected and honored in the past… this the time there will be no right to stand and even whisper a voice used to tell of freedom bespoken and bemoaned. Is this what Eisenhower was warning us about?

“Hope not for that love”©

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Can my eyes be so gullible

and my heart not be deceived…

as when I’m in love,

and should I love my own way

as much as that… to be in

love itself, can’t my way then

not be affected too…

to overlook known flaws for

virtues realized, to accept

the whole of humanity for its

own… warts and all, and all

this for the chance to see

the beauty in all of us,

I can dream… can’t I,

then to wake up and find

nothing like it in our sight,

grubby hands and poachers…

money chasing thieves in suits,

and that would be those in power-

the ones shouting the loudest,

save us from that love…

hope not for that love…

things over people, where

even their money bleeds.


Let us not find there is but vanity to our actions… the sad sense of mimicry to repeat certain catch lines- the ones used to defend what we might believe is an attack. If it is an attack… then to say,”I feel: I’m being attacked, I’ll not listen to what you are saying or I’ll not hear the sameness of our differences- and push understanding away to arm’s length.” Should it be found no common dialogue can be started… which is the failure to lie on, the one found to inquire or the one refusing to answer? The brightest light is realized in the morning of the day. What is on your plate for breakfast?

“A FREE BOOK”© {make it three… read below}

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“A Quaker warning”©

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“I would not hurt

thee friend…

but thou art standing

where I intend to shoot!”

There has never been an incident of a gun jumping into someone’s hand, the gun wanting to hurt anyone… or guns gone crazy… No, it takes someone that either would use it for defense (to protect their family and loved ones) or would seek to use it for harm. Help our law makers understand a free citizenry demands tighter controls and prohibited lists grown from tragedies such as Newtown and Tucson- Portland also. Look for rights to prevail and serious questions come into play over the lack of oversight to: regulations, enforcement of laws already in play (ineffectively and only legal band-aids to our sensibilities if not enforced) and a change in mental health related records being open to ATF or other party to enforce our laws.

 Isaiah 38:6 KJV And I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria: and I will defend this city.

Zechariah 12:8 KJV In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them.

Bad chewy!

Bad chewy!

“Do we need to shout Shariah law in this way?”©

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What message would we send the

world when: we would honor a

dissolved agreement with Egypt

(the same party it was made with

is not in control), our choice to

give a country… not an ally… 20

F-16’s and 200 of our best tanks

at the same time we are reducing

our own capacity to defend or

attack- and all this comes with the

money borrowed from China?

These arms, in unstable hands,

could be used against Israel or our

own troops or their own people!

Can you say “IRRESPONSIBLE,”

I know you can- not only is it so…

it is un-American. The world vision

is off kilter here… so askew.