“Hast thou seen nothing yet”©

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In the tent of the muse

once sat Langston Hughes…

along with Kipling, Wordsworth,

Longfellow and deep truth,

touched by the breeze in her

tent… candles, skin and fur,

obliged to tell it from the heart

as to reach from where we start

to understand, a longing belonging

to bloom… life long to becalming

the windmills of Quixote’s dance,

to fight despair with worded lance,

seen too Plath, Emily and Pound…

need you a Marxist if they’re around?

So stable, never the desire to cost,

“miles to go… ,” as penned by Frost

and ink to quill brought Shakespeare,

“… most strange that men should fear,”

many were the colors of windmills forth

that Don Quixote chased for true worth

as being Sancho’s servant in lieu…

like a caged bird, by Maya Angelou,

so true… so true to be honest by choice,

to gain a pen and find your own voice

for what is right and what is wrong…

the muse grants us all her dear song.

From Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra we get Don Quixote… and the ironic juxtapositional relationship between master and servant with the ironic company between Sancho and Don Quixote. Many are the ironies of life… and many will we face- even if we do not face it as chivalrously or gallantly as Don Quixote. Be honest with yourself… a good place to start or you cannot hope to be honest with anyone else!

Windmills... do you chase any- thinking yourself to be right?

Windmills… do you chase any- thinking yourself to be right?

Seeing things Irishly, Part I

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Seeing things Irishly

Seeing things Irishly

There was a leprechaun from Cork,

who said with a grin 

as he wiped off his chin

No corned Beef, I like me Pork

The section of Ireland my family came from!

The section of Ireland my family came from!

There was a leprechaun from Cork,

who said with a grin

as he wiped off his chin

Its only if I eat stew with me fork“.

There is a day of the year many become Irish… for at least a day. Rivers turn green as ‘the Emerald Isle’ itself and green beer is drank for the sake of its greenness- being green here is not to say it has gone bad but just a wee bit Irish… for the day’s festivities. An Irish blessing:

You can see Part II at the link provided here.

“To horizon lost”©

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When by one’s liberty to claim offense to

another’s liberty to express their belief…

the very horizon to liberty is lost, and

what freedoms one had in the past will

erode and dissolve away… the notion of

what liberty was is left a: self centered, hate

oriented, morality hating bigot… the descent

caused by their own ingratitude, to decent

was it to hear the wrongness of doing, or the

liberty taken and assumed to be their own,

or for the sake of vanity to forsake it all-

no balance accessed but pleasure alone.

When but one (1) person can complain against another, even to disparage what they’d say… as if it would change the meaning of what was expressed, as a means to stifle their liberty- the (real) meaning of liberty is then muddled. Such as it is or may be, vanity has no place in an arena called liberty or it becomes ‘libertine’ in nature- a ship without access to its own rudder for direction. To even think this is what liberty is all about is when the very ideal of liberty has been replaced with a construct where rationality is pointless unless it is at the sole discretion of any individual to be bothered by what you’d say- to seek to remove and deprive you of your own individual liberty. Liberty without an absolute guideline, applicable to all, is chaos based and bias shall rue the day. What do you call directionality when no direction is sought? The fish might fall to the lure… but you don’t have to!

Are you that naive (naturally) or just that gullible (easily deceived)?

Are you that naive (naturally) or just that gullible (easily deceived)?

“When America gives support, money and women”©

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We need not be seen supporting

Jewish or Christian persecution

throughout the modern world or

we risk slavery without contrition,

slavery to flourish… imagine that…

Sunni support against Christians

sees women taken as sex slaves as

OK, really, we’re paying for torsions

that build their ramparts with our

tax money (blood money) to: Hamas,

Boko Haram, ISIL… all Sunni by

training… now Turkey training class

and fighters to this same cause…

still have your blinders on here?

There is where slavery is alive…

gifting your daughter, paying it clear.

So telling me about ‘the great strides we’ve made’ as we [WE] are also involved in supporting known terrorists with our own money- and this is good? Are you high Ethel… and the thought never crossed your mind your own daughter might be persuaded to help people in dire need (truly)… the risk aside and we’re not to feel anything but sadness? Remember what happened to Kayla… could still happen to another American girl- or any girl from any country- a gift [a human gift… slave] to do whatever. Still think slavery is not alive… guess again. Read on Kayla Mueller here (a link on the here is available).

This was the cover of the June 20th, 2011 New Statesman edition on the Sunni and Shia... and the image comes from www.crethiplethi.com

This was the cover of the June 20th, 2011 New Statesman edition on the Sunni and Shia… and the image comes from http://www.crethiplethi.com So, does Sharia Law say it is OK with slavery… or is it just ISIL members the world says it’s alright with?

“Will crossing the bridge bring true change?”©

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The fiftieth year of the crossing of a bridge,

this day in history… momentous, it’s true…

but what does it change but the perspective

of the one doing the crossing when through?

The day is as unsteady as the past since the

same issues [pockets] need to be turned out…

turned out to be seen for a perception tried

to inflame, to cause people unease, to shout.

To shout does not change things… this seen

in our past but to reach and grasp this change

is to stand for the change sought, peacefully,

and not give up until our sight will rearrange,

the giving up of the old… in face of the new

and not simply lip-service, new landscape

is where the horizon yields to thoughts fresh

and giving of potential, freedom’s full drape,

settle not for some liberty or it will be when

one is set apart… segregation again alive,

man has always wanted more… deserved

more, equally, to live and not just survive.

To stand at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge… historic and memorable- what happens after depends on our actions [peaceful… as in the past and effective] or not!


This image is from www.itsrobinlori.com

This image is from http://www.itsrobinlori.com

The bridge then...

The bridge then…

From blog.al.com... John Lewis remembers 'Bloody Sunday'.

From blog.al.com… John Lewis remembers ‘Bloody Sunday’.

“When the Yucca blooms”©

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This will be a work in progress… and you will see it once it is started. At its conclusion… it will show [a finished work] under its description. I hope you will enjoy a view to ‘ink in progress’!


When the Yucca blooms

When the Yucca blooms

When the Yucca blooms is when calls of nature flourish…

there is no need to ponder longer than the eye to see,

marvel at the wonders God has created…

this found in a desert (American) called so free,

the desert yields us much… contrast to life is found,

here is where extremes come easy: cold and hot, sand or ground…

and there are many varied hands to view one truth,

mercy comes at once, overtaken, when opposed- surround,

environment is no weakness or reason dispelled for blame,

suitable to call something what it is by name…

there has never been an excuse to man’s behavior,

this too was his choice… his voice, nothing like… it is his to claim,

there has always been a choice… this is what ‘free will’ entails,

and to follow one’s desires (right or wrong) is what assails

the same lame excuse,”It’s who I am… It’s what I do”,

the pattern depleted of spirit’s worth… what one regales,

worth or worthlessness can be found out in the sand…

this from a State where the Canyon is called ‘Grand’

but to man’s activity… where flesh has come to mind,

to treat mankind as but a treat, a snack… a viand,

there shall come no pleasure known in scorching heat,

the desert takes its toll on those that might call it home,

there is but truth to know in these extreme conditions…

there is no in-between in nature, life or left to roam.

When the Yucca blooms is found the season, life known,

to produce means of procreation is the goal nature knows…

this is clear to all that see what they see quite clearly,

this the message nature reveals by living life that shows.

Thou hadst a soul committed to thee; how was it employed? in the service of sin, or in the service of Christ? To what nature do you listen to, the natural and the natural what or the eternal nature- the only lasting one to everlasting?

[a finished work]

The fulness of nature's bounty- the Yucca.

The fulness of nature’s bounty- the Yucca.