“They left US in their togetherness Agenda!”©

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WriterBeat II
It is not about the truth of being caught, or by who
showed it to us (with the spin in full effect) but why…
if you would take the truth of another doubtful act,
the denial of personal actions blamed on one to cry
in the darkness of DNC blight, the night of an ill-
lighted understanding of the true nature of the blame-
game, pointing to the Russians, and deflecting the
spin of its own actions to bounce elsewhere and shame
on them for ‘pointing it out,’ and the FBI, with Comey
and his statement about proving criminal intent, really!
Let me see… if you commit to do something that is
illegal, and do it, it becomes your intention you’d relay
to the masses… the mindless drones that do blindly
follow behind the media leading them on what to think…
and not to see the spinning top of truth they scrape off
the bottom of the presses… therein lies printed of ink.

Can no one see the seats are being filled by people [paid off or paying for] being sought to wave the flag for Hillary? This is to make things look better than they are and to deceive the masses with false hopes and stolen dreams- before it happens again. Believe what you will… and close your eyes to this deception of ‘flag waving,’ after day one the DNC was confronted by the use of the flag for Palestine (a moment of reckoning) and relocated it. Here is the unbiased opinion of people unwilling to compromise their beliefs, see below.


WriterBeat IV

So much for ‘a moment of reckoning‘ and togetherness!

George Orwell quote

“On a Poet, Revolutionary and world opinion”©

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A relationship is only set in understanding if:
communication is forthrightly established,
active listening is engaged and used for its
benefit of all present, ignorance is banished
and goals set in: hearts, minds and this will
be documented so as to ensure it is known…
let nothing then stand in its way, neither lie
nor denial to its existence, love is then sown
by the seeds of equality, a promise to coexist,
integrating differences aside to one common
goal, peacefulness restored… with dignity for
all without hate or violence, today uncommon.


Stop the violence

The world says, according to the UN, humanity has ‘Human Rights’ and they have been declared in the U.D.H.R. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). There is but one problem to these very ideals the UN would have us all to believe… they have had no interest in enforcing them (to police them, nations that have signed the agreements or to enforce compliance)- just look to Darfur as the primary answer to the questions of and on all our hearts. If the world bodies did not simply look away then an answer to why it was allowed to proceed, without intervention, could be possible (or plausible) to fathom.


How important are these 'Basic Rights' to you?

How important are these ‘Basic Rights’ to you?


From Langston Hughes we get this line, speaking of women,”In other words, you want them both old-fashioned and modern at the same time,” I said. “The convolutions of your hypothesis are sometimes beyond cognizance.”

“The Best Of Simple,” Langston Hughes, Hill and Wang, New York, 1961, American Century Series, p. 18


Lanston III


From Langston Hughes we also get this line, speaking of a vicious circle,”What do you mean, by herself?,” I asked. “Negroes in white neighborhoods are not by themselves.” “They are colored, though, ain’t they?,” asked Simple. “Isolationist,” I said. “Self-segregationist! What do you want Negroes to do, never expand, never spread out?”

“The Best Of Simple,” Langston Hughes, Hill and Wang, New York, 1961, American Century Series, page 224


The book by Stokely Carmichael


In the book ‘Black Power, The Politics of Liberation in America,’ by Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton, a comment from one Negro Woman, prominent in civic affairs in Tuskegee (after the killing of Sammy Younge Jr.), said,

“Anyone who knows me understands that I yield to no one in dedication
to equal citizenship rights. I have long worked for elimination of injustices
and discrimination. I believe in the American dream- the Christian principle-
of democracy for all regardless of race, color or creed. I have stood by this conviction.

… Tuskegee is our home, we are proud of its institutions. We insist on equality
of opportunity- under law and under God- but we are not radical street demonstrators, losing control of our good instincts. Nor will we endorse or support those who work without purpose or concern for law and order.

Let all of us- white and colored- join hands in securing justice, obedience to
law and good will which will bring progress in every area of our common life.¹”

1… This footnote is attributed thusly, Letter to the Editor, The Tuskegee News (January 20, 1966), p. 2


Stop the violence II


If you want to read a little more of Tuskegee and Black Patriotism, here is an article about the Tuskegee Airman [led by Dr. Roscoe Brown… then Captain Roscoe C. Brown Jr., PhD (March 9, 1922- July2, 2016)] and learn of his involvement with: education, equality and excellence in New York.

Excellence overcomes prejudice.
Dr. Roscoe Brown

P.S. I attended a speech given by Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) while a student at S.J.D.C. (San Joaquin Delta College), Stockton, California. His speech was not peppered with hate [this is not to say there was none there… and distrust was strongly prevailing] but on ‘Pan-Africanism,’ on ‘Liberation toward progressive change.’ For me, this was not simply raising awareness but in  fact (actuality) a reason for: obtaining and exerting political clout, reaching out to other like minded people equally and seeing it through to where it would and could (must) continue if liberation of any race is to succeed. I see it more (especially today) where it is ‘the mind’ that is trapped… and the body of all races and classes of people is caught in the fray and: reacted to, subjected to hurt or harm, and even killed- today for ideas and beliefs more so than in the past. There are others that still do not see it this way, as Sundiata Cha-Jua, found here. This could be, as Stokely might say it,”Giving substance to our goals.


Stop the violence III


Images are from here.

Then this





“The impact leaves us black and blue”©

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When a Black shooter injured a young
Black Mother in Dallas, Shetamia Taylor,
and police used themselves as a human
shield to protect her and her sons, discover
the irony of this… left in the shape of a very
powerful conundrum, Black lives matter…
yes they do but in both Dallas and in Baton
Rouge, with injury and death, the fetter
and restraint contained in its importance
is now violated, leaving us black and blue,
not Red, White and Blue (Together)… and
what’s left is then but ‘a lie thought to be true.’


If Black lives matter then explain this to me, the rest of the country and the world! Just how ugly we can be to one another when ignorance presumes to be truth… and our actions are exposed beyond intentions expressed. Tell the Families of Shetamia Taylor and Montrell Jackson ‘Black Lives Matter’ and listen to them… of their feelings on the issues we all face here. Jimi Hendrix said it this way,”When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.








Montrell’s last post… found here.

A statement by ‘Black Lives Matter’ found here. This after Dallas but nothing more (yet).

“Black against black was never the goal… or any other American”©

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W.E.B. DuBois Quote!


It is time to (fully) understand the disparity
and frustration… the futility of senseless
violence… hate becomes a heavy toxin,

if it can be called such a thing as without
a purpose… simply lashing out at who one
thinks is the source of a problem, treason…

is this by cause to allow and arm, with a
gainfully obtained permit to: purchase or
obtain a weapon, aid and abet in season…

incite the continued division to expected
extreme, disgrace what honorable men
are dying to protect, heritage its beacon,

the right to live and breathe the air of one’s
own liberty… this subject to the suffering of
PTSD’s and prejudice as we deny a lesson

told us by our own actions while yet claiming
‘Black lives matter,’ hate has never lifted a
cause… leaves a wake without sure reason,

and it is folly to believe an eye for an eye
will not leave us all blind to what is being
done… does not strengthen but weaken!

Go ahead and kill each other, the common man might say, but this is not common to each of us as Americans when respect is shown to our own– each and every one of us. This is a cause bigger than we are individually… and we would allow those seeking to destroy the very fabric of our country if this continues with a less than peaceful approach. You don’t throw ‘the baby’ out with the bath water!


I have never fully understood the problems coming from racial differences… so I never found a reason to be a part of sound thought, effort or action to aid anyone toward understanding- since it didn’t affect me directly.


W. E. B. DuBois quote from here.


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We are in an election cycle… but
the distractions keep us all divided,
one from another… this side vs. that,
white against black, we’re not united
and introspective views of an irreducible
minimum for us include being American…
Yes, ‘Blacks Lives Matter’ but we do not
exist in a segregated society, ‘We’ can
come from any part of the globe and
be a part of the whole, warts and all…
our history need not be forgotten but
remembered, to ensure as if by call
this chapter of history is never repeated…
for it should be apparent race is not
the wedge that will keep us divided,
unless we allow it to… then it is a net,
a trap of the mind to think one of us
(as Americans) is better than another…
‘We’ are better served when we can look
at each other and see a Sister/ Brother.



Is what we see in America, today, with the divisiveness… the reason President Obama aligned with Lincoln [with thoughts of being an Emancipator]? Is this not just call to cause doubt over trust… the cup of bitterness and hatred [seen in Dallas], or the length of time it took to address people in Ferguson, or to [suggest] hint there are still problems to be faced- more violence to come.


MLK quote I


If there is an ‘irreducible minimum’ here… it is we are all Americans first and anything that does not bring us together is seeking to divide us- anything or anyone. Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem… and there is no middle ground!


MLK quote II




MLK quote III


P.S. In just one article on ‘race relations’ the President is linked to two diversely different views (or viewpoints), i.e. ‘deep divisions‘ and ‘we are not as divided as we seem‘- his words ‘do matter’ when innocent American lives are on the line… citizens and police alike. There might be (could be) an agenda [if this is more than angst but merited concern] and everyone is then subject to the outcome: covered by design, exploited by the media and it is left at our feet as a Trojan horse- reason to declare ‘Martial Law’ and it being done for our safety. Nothing else explains the lack of promptness required by our leaders or the bland (and less than contrite) support being offered up as true concern for our nation, legal system or justice ensured.


Communist Means of Control

integration not segregation

Images of MLK Jr. and his words are found at Yahoo (under MLK quotes on fear) and of Ferguson here.



“When a whisper of bias feeds the masses”©

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Supreme Court
One hot desert day, when the sun went down
and it cooled off, I heard a Ginsburg ‘Howl
and what looked like ‘a political opinion‘ was
more than whispered… screamed of its growl
by its own bias raised without concerns of the
‘ethos’ of our own laws being scowled at by some…
and the some of those disregarding the laws in
place came from the same side of an aisle dumb
to the: liberties taken, rule of law subverted and
disregarded or even to influence being peddled,
theft of charitable funds or the corruption of favor
for hire… so how does the Judge seem settled
with herself to merit her questioning Trump’s tax
returns over Hillary’s flagrant disregard for ‘Law’
except to say she is [possibly] a ‘Neo-Lib’ and a
Clinton appointee? Move to New Zealand, redraw
the lines of support shown already… shown the
American people of ‘cronyism vs. legalism’, sworn
to uphold the ‘Law of The Land’ and throw caution
to the wind… bush-league is the approach worn,
the well worn state of indifference when a Judge
disregards ‘the code of judicial conduct’ to remark
by (personal) opinion against the GOP nominee
for President, amid reactions for her to disembark.




As it appears [to this layman] Judge Ginsburg, by stating publicly (and with the media) her private feelings, has (possibly) cast doubt on the very Judiciary she works for, the ‘Supreme Court of the US’ and its place, held Independent from (but impacting) the American people. There are four Canons to the ‘Model Code of Judicial Conduct’ and Canon four states,” … Shall Not Engage In Political Or Campaign Activity… .” You can see all four here, and Canon four here, courtesy of the ABA (American Bar Association). I share this with you for ‘your education [to see and learn from what is there]’ and as such information is known… it will empower you [by virtue of it revealing what is common knowledge for those familiar with it] to know ‘the scope of Judicial Conduct,’ Professional Responsibility and the established understanding coming from it.




Images are from here.

P.S. Please know one thing here… I’m a Democrat but one that will not think as I’m told to, Vote as they want me to or finding myself incapable of coming to my own conclusions without checking on facts over opinions- even those opinions coming from positions thought to be strong in and of themselves.


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Fear II


For the weak of mind… weak of conviction… weak of
belief in what they believe… you can assault with noise,
they will crumble when they think about one group over
another, and when the other is their own and nowise
to see themselves as the cause for harm and hurt of
people just attempting to gain a voice for their cause…
their views… their beliefs even when to advance them
people may fall from being in the way… none to accuse
‘the modern day martyr¹’ of killing for their faith, to share
the looming friendship of this peacefulness expressed
by the violent terms of finding jihadist platitudes to a
full blossom of assertion… an intensity of the oppressed
falling into mob mentality in the singular responsibility
taken to seek and cause destruction… the ashes of
progress, No… the sole drive is to conquer and deceive
minds so weak… they would do as told desires thereof.


North 6


Can one influence… change, alter the perception of ‘who is right’ and who is wrong’ when one points to those thought oppressed? Sure, and when one is thought to be open to being ‘radicalized’ it becomes more than a simple suggestion… it becomes a means to indulge in the anger… the destructive tendencies… the hate for who you think you’ve become but this is not the truth. The truth is you have just been lied to and you accepted what was told you from their need for you to believe it as truth. The truth is, if you were to believe what was told you, you would become a convert but not being born into it you are expendable for their cause. You would willingly die for what they believe… that killing is OK to promote a peaceful society for them. This Machiavellian approach is what you would have accepted instead of a peaceful hand offered to aid and eliminate ignorance- left with the bloody hands of elimination of people you don’t or can’t or won’t want to try and understand… more than just subliminal. This is where and when people become inured to feeling… inured to violence… inured to decency… and lose their own humanity.

1… Once upon a time being a martyr actually meant ‘to die for what one believes.’ Today, being a martyr has also included (being found in a politically correct climate) the definition of killing people for what you might believe and being a martyr for a political cause- happily ever after.


To train our Daughters II

Must we remain blinded… captives of our own beliefs?


When lies are used to further ‘a truth’ is when light is no longer desired to be seen as having any benefit at all!

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