After a week of extreme fatal racial violence,
July 8th, 2016, the day after the Dallas ambush,
I’m in Kingman, Arizona, at Petco… for pet food
and two young Brothers, for kicks and racist rush,
walk up to me in the store, one has a large plastic
bag of stuffies. He starts out by saying, you win… you
win a prize for the day, and pulls out a stuffy that
looks like a pile of sh*t with eyes and a smile, through
out both young men were smiling themselves, a
joke on someone: old looking (grey beard), t-shirt
with cut-off sleeves, tattoos, a Veteran and I try
with all my heart to pull people together, sh*t…
he said,”You’re a piece of sh*t,” and started to
pull the stuffy out and (act like) he was handing
to me… pulled it back, and before they walked
away, I said,”That’s not right!” I turned hunting
for what I went to the store to obtain, pet food
for the animals my wife and I rescued at home,
my only regret was that it happened so quick I
did not have a chance to stop them from shame
or ongoing disrespect they gave me, a stranger,
not to realize another so approached might not
think it so damn harmless… so damn innocent,
so damn funny if a racist joke can get one shot.

Really, how ignorant can we all be. How insensitive can we be to one another… after the week of racist violence we have all seen, felt and been subjected to in the US. At a time we need to continue as if it was just days past the event of Rosa Parks sitting down to make a broader statement to the whole country. This is not ‘The Dream’ Martin so passionately spoke of… not the sense of greater purpose expressed by the life of Captain Roscoe Brown… or aiding the ‘healing’ this country needs so badly- to come together. Charles Blow, Political Commentator, made a statement… on CNN,”Don’t make your defect my problem.” I have a friend whose saying is,”Don’t make your problem my problem.” I have adopted this saying to encapsulate many thoughts, especially when stupidity is seen… by my own people- let alone the son or daughter of another.

No disrespect


I didn’t get a chance to thank him for his feelings expressed toward me… let alone tell him I am a Christian and forgive him for his shallow thoughts held for me on my behalf.


Image from here.

P.S. A comment to be seen at ‘The Washington Post’ online here, and on the Dallas shooting.