WriterBeat II
It is not about the truth of being caught, or by who
showed it to us (with the spin in full effect) but why…
if you would take the truth of another doubtful act,
the denial of personal actions blamed on one to cry
in the darkness of DNC blight, the night of an ill-
lighted understanding of the true nature of the blame-
game, pointing to the Russians, and deflecting the
spin of its own actions to bounce elsewhere and shame
on them for ‘pointing it out,’ and the FBI, with Comey
and his statement about proving criminal intent, really!
Let me see… if you commit to do something that is
illegal, and do it, it becomes your intention you’d relay
to the masses… the mindless drones that do blindly
follow behind the media leading them on what to think…
and not to see the spinning top of truth they scrape off
the bottom of the presses… therein lies printed of ink.

Can no one see the seats are being filled by people [paid off or paying for] being sought to wave the flag for Hillary? This is to make things look better than they are and to deceive the masses with false hopes and stolen dreams- before it happens again. Believe what you will… and close your eyes to this deception of ‘flag waving,’ after day one the DNC was confronted by the use of the flag for Palestine (a moment of reckoning) and relocated it. Here is the unbiased opinion of people unwilling to compromise their beliefs, see below.


WriterBeat IV

So much for ‘a moment of reckoning‘ and togetherness!

George Orwell quote