Fear II


For the weak of mind… weak of conviction… weak of
belief in what they believe… you can assault with noise,
they will crumble when they think about one group over
another, and when the other is their own and nowise
to see themselves as the cause for harm and hurt of
people just attempting to gain a voice for their cause…
their views… their beliefs even when to advance them
people may fall from being in the way… none to accuse
‘the modern day martyr¹’ of killing for their faith, to share
the looming friendship of this peacefulness expressed
by the violent terms of finding jihadist platitudes to a
full blossom of assertion… an intensity of the oppressed
falling into mob mentality in the singular responsibility
taken to seek and cause destruction… the ashes of
progress, No… the sole drive is to conquer and deceive
minds so weak… they would do as told desires thereof.


North 6


Can one influence… change, alter the perception of ‘who is right’ and who is wrong’ when one points to those thought oppressed? Sure, and when one is thought to be open to being ‘radicalized’ it becomes more than a simple suggestion… it becomes a means to indulge in the anger… the destructive tendencies… the hate for who you think you’ve become but this is not the truth. The truth is you have just been lied to and you accepted what was told you from their need for you to believe it as truth. The truth is, if you were to believe what was told you, you would become a convert but not being born into it you are expendable for their cause. You would willingly die for what they believe… that killing is OK to promote a peaceful society for them. This Machiavellian approach is what you would have accepted instead of a peaceful hand offered to aid and eliminate ignorance- left with the bloody hands of elimination of people you don’t or can’t or won’t want to try and understand… more than just subliminal. This is where and when people become inured to feeling… inured to violence… inured to decency… and lose their own humanity.

1… Once upon a time being a martyr actually meant ‘to die for what one believes.’ Today, being a martyr has also included (being found in a politically correct climate) the definition of killing people for what you might believe and being a martyr for a political cause- happily ever after.


To train our Daughters II

Must we remain blinded… captives of our own beliefs?


When lies are used to further ‘a truth’ is when light is no longer desired to be seen as having any benefit at all!