When a Black shooter injured a young
Black Mother in Dallas, Shetamia Taylor,
and police used themselves as a human
shield to protect her and her sons, discover
the irony of this… left in the shape of a very
powerful conundrum, Black lives matter…
yes they do but in both Dallas and in Baton
Rouge, with injury and death, the fetter
and restraint contained in its importance
is now violated, leaving us black and blue,
not Red, White and Blue (Together)… and
what’s left is then but ‘a lie thought to be true.’


If Black lives matter then explain this to me, the rest of the country and the world! Just how ugly we can be to one another when ignorance presumes to be truth… and our actions are exposed beyond intentions expressed. Tell the Families of Shetamia Taylor and Montrell Jackson ‘Black Lives Matter’ and listen to them… of their feelings on the issues we all face here. Jimi Hendrix said it this way,”When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.








Montrell’s last post… found here.

A statement by ‘Black Lives Matter’ found here. This after Dallas but nothing more (yet).