We are in an election cycle… but
the distractions keep us all divided,
one from another… this side vs. that,
white against black, we’re not united
and introspective views of an irreducible
minimum for us include being American…
Yes, ‘Blacks Lives Matter’ but we do not
exist in a segregated society, ‘We’ can
come from any part of the globe and
be a part of the whole, warts and all…
our history need not be forgotten but
remembered, to ensure as if by call
this chapter of history is never repeated…
for it should be apparent race is not
the wedge that will keep us divided,
unless we allow it to… then it is a net,
a trap of the mind to think one of us
(as Americans) is better than another…
‘We’ are better served when we can look
at each other and see a Sister/ Brother.



Is what we see in America, today, with the divisiveness… the reason President Obama aligned with Lincoln [with thoughts of being an Emancipator]? Is this not just call to cause doubt over trust… the cup of bitterness and hatred [seen in Dallas], or the length of time it took to address people in Ferguson, or to [suggest] hint there are still problems to be faced- more violence to come.


MLK quote I


If there is an ‘irreducible minimum’ here… it is we are all Americans first and anything that does not bring us together is seeking to divide us- anything or anyone. Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem… and there is no middle ground!


MLK quote II




MLK quote III


P.S. In just one article on ‘race relations’ the President is linked to two diversely different views (or viewpoints), i.e. ‘deep divisions‘ and ‘we are not as divided as we seem‘- his words ‘do matter’ when innocent American lives are on the line… citizens and police alike. There might be (could be) an agenda [if this is more than angst but merited concern] and everyone is then subject to the outcome: covered by design, exploited by the media and it is left at our feet as a Trojan horse- reason to declare ‘Martial Law’ and it being done for our safety. Nothing else explains the lack of promptness required by our leaders or the bland (and less than contrite) support being offered up as true concern for our nation, legal system or justice ensured.


Communist Means of Control

integration not segregation

Images of MLK Jr. and his words are found at Yahoo (under MLK quotes on fear) and of Ferguson here.