“In truth”©

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Redundant by law,

promiscuity shelter…

“Reproductive Rights.”


This affords a woman a legal excuse, a reason put forward to conceal the real reason for the action… of abortion; a pretext.

“Shady Grove… remember Jennifer Morbelli trusted this Quack”©


“Shady grove, remember what happened

there,” will be the new battle cry,

abortion in the precarious spotlight for

yet another death by neglect to decry,

for a five (5) day procedure: Day one…

kill or murder the fetus [unborn human],

Day two… report the baby [fetus] as dead,

Day three… continue treatment as humane,

Day four… abortion not damaging enough,

Day five… finally botched killing Jennifer,

a twenty nine year old Jennifer Morbelli…

at the hands of late-term abortionist

practitioner LeRoy Carhart did dally,

told not to go to the Emergency Room for

further treatment… her own life to save,

what life giving concern for the patient

[if you could call her that],”Oh behave,”

it might as well have been done with

a sterile coat-hanger and Medical Degree(?),

licensed by the State but NEVER inspected…

no current illegal activities(?), not to me,

sure… I can respect your choice to have this

done but don’t expect me to praise you here,

for whatever reason you felt drove you to

this… did it with an unholy/unwholesome fear.

Can this be the straw that breaks ‘Planned Parenthood,’ to see an organization for what it is designed for… to enhance the Merchants celebrating Death. Now we are forced by mandate [taxed and made compliant] even if this goes against (1) our religious beliefs or (2) our own consciousness [our conscience]… the individual choice to decide if this is right or not. As far as popular belief… here are a few in commentary by Ed Koch. The movement to declare this more in line with rights neglects true concern and grief subjective of all that would attempt to find relief by abortion- for things done and the reasons for the very need for it to begin with. I cannot help but agree to it if there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. an unholy union: rape, incest or a valid concern for the Mother’s well being. I don’t see where just the direction to get one could override the importance to life itself. Life is not a punishment… it is the fruit of God’s blessing upon a married couple. By relinquishing the right to redress this grievance… or to demand Object, we have a removal of Representation wherein we are (again) with sordid doubt to where our Nation has taken us to, by legal maneuver and mechanism, and so taxed as if by tyrants of the past.

“Meaning what?”©

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When you see definitions 


this the time to pay closer

attention to the new

meaning, and to be aware

of the intention behind it.


Don’t think nothing… think something, and

when you do make it positive.

“The law synthesizes to intolerance from tolerance”©

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After being called “a closet hater”

by an acquaintance, for expressing

my dislike of Shariah Law in America,

I told him,”Yeah, I hate reactionaries… ,”

to which I could have added,”Ones that

respond with bigotry,” all to the La-la,

when tolerance to express one’s views

is not tolerated it is an atmosphere of

bigotry that exists, not freedom to enjoy,

there comes the day… so very soon…

you’ll not recognize this country as

from the time you were a girl or boy,

already those that declare you’re wrong

when you know you are right are those

whom would beat you if they could…

but those whom rely on: blind faith,

closed eyes and their finger to the

wind couldn’t help you if they would.

This is not about tolerance or intolerance when it comes right down to it… it is about creating an environment inspiring an emotional reaction to anything one can speak out about, of a: belief, thought, artistic expression, writing opposed to … or idea anyone could be driven to be against. Proof not required to justify this action [by reaction], and an ‘ex post facto’ desire to use the laws against hate crimes [as known today] will be rendered null and void. When the definition to discrimination, as is the debate today in Australia… to do it if they can, can change to be the same definition of what it means to be a party to ‘a hate crime,’ the decriminalization is the aim to this type of behavior and points to the primary goal of the law- promoting bigotry and fomenting what hate there is here, nurture it and allow it to grow as it exists.

“A jot down memory lane”©

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Do you remember this (?)…


“Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a

delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted

by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds

forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to

pick up a turd by the clean end.”


2007 winning entry for the annual contest at Texas

A&M University.

“One nation down”©

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To die,

an ember…

distilled in glory,

killed by ink

at the hand of our own.


This was written 3-20-08.

“No bones about it”©


Should the State Department be

interested in pushing for a U.S.

citizen’s release… in Iran?

I would hope they would nudge

the President who hasn’t budged,

and this would be in our plan.

To stand up for our own… as if

in battle, our allies too, and no

more tanks to Egypt if we can.

Be an inspiration and act like the

hero you are John… a sheer Marvel,

inspired by one named Stan.

With the lack of determination expressed, where the lack of concern for one U.S. Citizen by our standing President (nothing said by him for or against), the “Inquisition” is alive and well in Iran [where the beatings will continue until you submit]. Iran, having signed the U.N Declaration of Human Rights, is currently violating their agreement to this accord… persecuting a U.S. Citizen for his beliefs. With no activity to free him outstanding [of the type most effective] we can expect to see “a Darfur drag-out and continuation to such inhumane practices.” Please look for this link, to sign the petition or this one or this one to free this man, one attempting to establish orphanages in Iran when he was imprisoned for believing in Jesus Christ. Please know his family lives in Boise, his wife and two small children…. his name is Pastor Saeed Abedini.

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