W.E.B. DuBois Quote!


It is time to (fully) understand the disparity
and frustration… the futility of senseless
violence… hate becomes a heavy toxin,

if it can be called such a thing as without
a purpose… simply lashing out at who one
thinks is the source of a problem, treason…

is this by cause to allow and arm, with a
gainfully obtained permit to: purchase or
obtain a weapon, aid and abet in season…

incite the continued division to expected
extreme, disgrace what honorable men
are dying to protect, heritage its beacon,

the right to live and breathe the air of one’s
own liberty… this subject to the suffering of
PTSD’s and prejudice as we deny a lesson

told us by our own actions while yet claiming
‘Black lives matter,’ hate has never lifted a
cause… leaves a wake without sure reason,

and it is folly to believe an eye for an eye
will not leave us all blind to what is being
done… does not strengthen but weaken!

Go ahead and kill each other, the common man might say, but this is not common to each of us as Americans when respect is shown to our own– each and every one of us. This is a cause bigger than we are individually… and we would allow those seeking to destroy the very fabric of our country if this continues with a less than peaceful approach. You don’t throw ‘the baby’ out with the bath water!


I have never fully understood the problems coming from racial differences… so I never found a reason to be a part of sound thought, effort or action to aid anyone toward understanding- since it didn’t affect me directly.


W. E. B. DuBois quote from here.