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Master the media and it’s own medium
on the chords to impact your play…
throw in the lights of distraction, as they
appeal, then be mindful of what you say,
this is the expected norm of normality…
the attraction Du jour, the comfortable way,
for though the road has many lanes, in
America, views affect the effects of sway,
so sail with your sails full of the winds of
ages past, or the tempest of this our day,
strike no wrong against another so deemed
different when belief the same too we’d pray,
the bounty one has given us leaves no room
to think it proper to deny or cause disarray,
let there be no drama, surety of sharing is
felt when listening to each other’s dismay!


Do they sound like millennials here… and know they have an audience in China already. This is FYKE, an American band, socially and culturally inspired.



When it comes to displeasure is when something has been taken personally… even if it was never intended to be a source of confusion, aimed at anyone (a generalized statement), or there is something seen to bother one’s heart to point of hurt! Modern society would say,”It wasn’t directed at you but if you want to own it… then lace them boots up and wear’em, and don’t think twice about the outcome.”


This one is called: Favorite Mistake.



When silence is given by one to another there is the assumption one is right… but when it is offered as an explanation… the assumption dries up like autumn leaves.


“The point of philosophy (today) fails us to inspire amelioration or grant fulfillment 2*”©

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(*… 1 is from a contemporary perspective, narrative, 2 will be a blend of politics and religiousness, 3 has to do with philology [thoughts on thinking… and the use of philosophy] and current events [the Las Vegas shooting], and 4 will be limited to a Christian perspective only.)


Fallow is shallow
and it defrays life itself
of lasting, Press On!


Philosophy and philosophers the world over throughout history have offered up a manner of thinking to live a life inclusive to improvement (concerned with life itself). If this was remotely true, reasoning would become more prominent in all our lives… and efforts to become more reasonable, exercising soundness in practice and application to our lives, should be seen more frequently. This is not the case here in the world we live in today! The biggest issue is is discernment being used, and what axis does it pivot from or turn toward? Is it God centered or mankind oriented… and to what end or goal is the thought then to concentrate on?



As an example, most of ’Social Media’ is against what Trump said in his UN speech. I happen to know one group that was exceptionally proud of Trump… and sees it as a means of renewed American pride- read more here. There is a large group of people that do not see it this way, covered by a Christian Science Monitor article here. In today’s world we have many referring to,”By any means necessary”, and it has become a means to an end but I ask,”The end of what?” The end of reasoning (diplomacy or logical discussion) is quickly upon us when people would rather resort to violence as a means to: gain your attention, command your actions from what you were doing… now forced to react to them, to cause dissension and terrorize, or to comply with religious dogma/doctrine… and to do such a thing without regard for the safety of people in the way.


I can remember something I thought was peculiar at the time I heard it. Strangely enough, it was something heard at the funeral for Mohammad Ali, spoken by Ambassador Attallah Shabazz, Malcolm X’s daughter. You can read her words here, and see a brief abstract below…


“My dad would often state when concluding or parting from one another: “May we meet again in the light of understanding.” And I say to you with the light of that compass, by any means necessary.”


Curiously, it is ‘Antifa’ that relies on local groups like ‘By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)’ to engage people in direct action. The influence and connections by nexus of Russian thought and Muslim extremists is unlike any coalition seen by humanity before. See one disturbing (at least it should be) video at this link (or below), a documentary called,”Soviet Islam”, is viewable at that site (or here).




ab inconvenienti… Latin for ‘from an inconvenient thing’. An argumentum ab inconvenienti is one based on the difficulties involved in pursuing a line of reasoning, and thus a form of appeal to consequences. The phrase refers to the legal principle that an argument from inconvenience has great weight.




When it comes to what philosophy has given us, the thoughts used to state a belief in support of what we might align ourselves with or to, just what is it “Philosophy” has given us but support for pluralism- a way traveled to be farther from God than mankind was ever meant to be.


“What now Linda?”©



Someone please tell me that Linda Sarsour did not try to exploit victims of hurricane Harvey? Please tell me why the silence from the left… over Antifa as well? Here is but my view, one view, to a show-and-tell to turn your stomach! See below…



Then she tried to divert money to PAC groups… instead of victims.


Madonna performs on stage during the Women’s March rally, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, in Washington. Madonna, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Cher, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Amy Schumer, Jake Gyllenhaal and feminist leader Gloria Steinem were just some of those Hollywood A-list celebrities in attendance at the march in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) Some may not have had a change of heart in their positional stance because of the exploitation… so how about you?




Linda got caught in the lies, just like Hillary did, and now… we can wonder why she isn’t either deported or behind bars! Someone like her… that doesn’t hate at all.


“How snide (or smug) can she be… with us?”©


[The Presidential debate, streamed live on Sept. 26th, 2016, with Lester Holt, from Hofstra University- seen below… ]



Let’s see: more of the Bush-Obama Agenda (we can’t afford ‘Blackwater [open market purchase]’ any more), support for ‘Planned Parenthood [forced abortion]’ without choice, borrowing from China to pay for the war effort, NAFTA [set up by Bush Sr. and signed in by Bill Clinton] came without a vote (sound familiar?), President Obama denigrates Christianity and would elevate Islam (in a speech at the UN and at the National Prayer Breakfast) as Hillary would defend him and her view becomes quite clear- they are the same, or they have the same advisors, or they believe the same… Muslim! Did you know Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same, look here for proof?



In all fairness, extended to the President here, his words were altered (I discovered) to appear as they do in the picture but look to the National Prayer Breakfast or the UN links above to see how he (really) feels about it!


As to the words placed on the picture, I found this on Snopes and will place it here with a link to provide clarity to: context, intent and meaning.




This is a kiss-of-betrayal… against the US!


Do you think she changed?


Not once did ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get called out on being a Muslim! Can you imagine that… even after it being discovered April 18th, 2014, along with the Rhodes Memo, the fabricated (concocted) statement Hillary issued on the evening of the ‘Benghazi attack (blaming inflammatory material posted on the internet)’ and the attack being started by protesters. See an article on it here. So this was worth the loss of American lives… all to cover up: no protestors were present before the attack (top military officials in Stuttgart, Germany [Africom headquarters] watched live feed from a Predator drone), Hillary denied connection with Muslim Brotherhood but is a part of it- see another article here. To bring up being stiffed… when Hillary (The President and the State Department) ‘stiff-armed’ the: Public, government and truth about Benghazi- denial does nothing to aid the omission of what really happened and her version of what happened conflicts with what was discovered. In trying to blame Trump in his advocating for the Libyan attack [1:14:09 into the Presidential debate], as if to say she was only doing as he would have wanted her to do, she tells us of her own involvement indirectly (and subconsciously). If she was merely telling it like it was… this would not require the need for a cover-up, would it? If she was: directly involved, supported the efforts of the attackers or had inside information… then there would be a clear need to distance herself from it. If she is not (now) considered a part of the effort there is no lucid reason to attempt to defend President Obama from the claim he is Muslim, is there? [Please Note: taxes were first disclosed under Nixon… the effort did not serve him well, to show he was transparent and squeaky cleanhe wasn’t!]





This is in the speech he gave at the UN Assembly.


You can listen (by choice) to the audio tapes that came out (exposed by The Washington Times) at the link here.

CNN also caught: altering, changing, spinning or distorting information passed off as news (or news worthy)… with a clear-eyed view to the bias main-stream media has to promote Hillary- imagine that!



Little wonder Brit Hume calls Hillary less than attractive, stated after the debate.



This is a move to save their hide but not their souls!

How about believing Louis Farrakhan would defend Donald Trump? See below for yourself…



or what is (NOW) in place in the smart State of Texas, Shariah Law and a Tribunal Council in Irvine, Texas. See below…



See what is being done (by some) in England, London buses now carry ‘glory to allah’ advertisements… and a dignified outrage by some citizens over the spread of ‘Shariah’ in Britain.





Now in London Christianity is all-back-of-the-bus!


To top it all off is the same reaction (one of dismay) by CNN News Journalist, specifically… one Brooke Baldwin, caught in the headlights of truth. This should be the same reaction coming from half the country- shock!




this does not speak to ethnocentrism, it speaks of a goal… a means to reach for supremacy.


Unfortunately, this is one of those things where you shouldn’t rely on an opinion of another to reach a conclusion for yourself!



“Let Hillary deny it… she is one!”©




In the wrong hands we’d wring our own…
thinking we helped them in their quest,
and the quest, it seems, is to put in place
their laws over ours… then seen as best,
this is, as they would consider it to be, ‘the
Kingdom of god’ now, this is not a test…
as this has been the goal all along.

In the right hands, still a man, is when we see
absolute power corrupts absolutely… so true,
and no matter how peaceful the effort is seen-
then the goal is realized… US to be through,
so then just how easy is this sooner done, to
be soon accomplished, turncoats tried and blue…
as this has been the goal all along.

Do you remember the DNC and a real flag…
there wasn’t one (or more) until sound outcry,
how about the Palestinian Flag, but a tempered
response to solid an outcome, Oh they’ll try
but the Bible tells us they will win (briefly) and
will be smashed for disobedience- decry and deny
as this has been the goal all along.


To alter the perception of what actually happened in the Benghazi attacks vs. what they told us had happened (and why) is part and parcel to why many in this country do not: like, trust or respond well to the likes of ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To compound the feelings of mistrust all one has to think of is email, ‘Classified Documents’ and how she overlooks her husbands behavior toward other women. If you could ask Cristy Zercher how she feels about what she went through, I’m sure you’d have a more poignant view. Just when you thought the (alleged) scandals weren’t enough… this story surfaces, and you wonder why Trump says it like he does.


If Hillary was running for President to be a champion for everyday Americans… why did she turn her back on our way of life and seek to promote ‘Shariah Law’ with her own choice of action. See what I mean in the videos below…

Hillary comment!



Hillary is upset about Trump not slamming a questioner about Pres. Obama being a Muslim. If President Obama is not a Muslim… why did he say what he did at the UN?








The American Thinker link on Shariah and another source to fully grasp (to comprehend) how Shariah will work– viewed as being above US Law.

Some images can be found here.




Is there more to the Hamas connection with the Muslim Brotherhood… or are they both the same thing? One article spells it out here!



“This is my good side… of how it’s done”©

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Dear terrorist, This not how it’s done,

Dear terrorist, you’re not the only one,

there’s more hate than we need…

so do not make me plead,

tread lightly, yours truly, Dear terrorist.

There was hate outside my door,

doesn’t love live here anymore?

denial is heard so pretentiously,

more to this than just you and me…

tread lightly, yours truly, Dear terrorist.

No, they don’t know ‘what we’re saying¹,

they’d think this is what the game is

so they carry on doing what they can

without me, yours contritely, Dear terrorist.

When it’s over, won’t tomorrow be the same?

When a leader says they’re really not to blame,

You’d think they’d see, surely not be so blind,

the actions we see, the oneness we find…

perfect me, yours truly, Dear terrorist.

[This work is inspired by the words for ‘Dear diary², (and found below)’ a song by The Moody Blues]

Dear diary, what a day it’s been
Dear diary, it’s been just like a dream
Woke up too late, wasn’t where I should’ve been
For goodness sake what’s happening to me?
Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary

It was cold outside my door
So many people by the score
Rushing around so senselessly
They don’t notice there’s people like me
Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary

They don’t know what they’re playing?
No they’ve no way of knowing what the game is
Still they carry on doing what they can
Outside me, yours politely, dear diary

It’s over, will tomorrow be the same?
I know that they’re really not to blame
If they weren’t so blind then surely they’d see
There’s a much better way for them to be
Inside me, yours truly, dear diary

1)… http://news.yahoo.com/irans-rouhani-says-muslims-correct-islams-image-121337135.html

2)… http://www.metrolyrics.com/dear-diary-lyrics-moody-blues.html

Is this not the pot calling the kettle black… and, yet, many refuse to see this is all: based on hate, stemming from directives to follow, and is all (part and parcel)… the same religion.

If President Rouhani would like the world to see a different side of Islam… why won’t he then release Pastor Saeed Abedini³, an American Pastor, thrown in an Iranian prison… (charged) for believing in Jesus Christ?

3)… https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AqkUGQ9DFPNCNOaKjgdoqq2bvZx4?fr=yfp-t-901-s&toggle=1&fp=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=saeed%20abedini%20latest%20news

1 Corinthians 13:12-13 12 Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Since love is attributed to God Himself… there can be no peace without God being present in the works (actions of man) we’ll see or experience without Him.

“The sewing needle has no conscience”©

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The tool of the seamstress… the tailor,

has no conscience, no realization of: whom

it pricks, the duration or the depth of the wound.

No power drunk King or the dogs at his feet

linger over the occurrence… and consciousness

becomes no factor when issues so trivial are

brought into public play, the words disregarded.

Whom then is this individual, this collective group

to welcome the thankless ones to their land… and

see those seeking peace to ballyhoo and belly ache

about cultural traditions of their host… the Saxons?

What happened to breathing a sigh of relief, when

relief was offered, and the feelings of being grateful

for not having been killed by their own (radicalized)

people of peace- the ‘headlines’ now left smudged?

Books can be folded but the words, ideas, will never

be erased… never be squandered by latent ruthlessness

or spindled and mangled by openness expressed as

support and slighted by bias, tasting less of raisins.

The drain consumes what sympathy existed yesterday…

the sink will be scrubbed and cleaned to use tomorrow,

and life will go on when choice is fresh to the mind of care.

Must we remain blinded... captives of our own beliefs?

Must we remain blinded… captives of our own beliefs?

How rich are we to become… when the gift of life is given us by grace. Knowing we have had our debt to sin paid (something we could never do on our own) by The only one who could (God Himself… the Word made flesh and the perfect sacrifice) and we are to be ‘thankful.’ The riches of heaven (found by the faithful) are what value this life cannot steal or rob, and moth cannot destroy. Transmutation does happen in this life… just look to the Moth and the Butterfly for proof- one of the daylight and one of the night. Which do you favor… light or night- in the light of day growth occurs and the importance of life is made plain!

Perspective opposed to thankfulness!

Perspective opposed to thankfulness! This is not an Eid prayer.

Image is found here.

“All this over a damn flag”©

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A flag is more than just a symbol…

and it might mean, for some, something

more than it started out to be.

A flag could be for a: country,

location (a region), historic moment

(Iwo Jima comes to mind) so free,

a signaling device, an image to be

recognized by and coming from its view,

views or viewpoint, personal to me,

ideology or theocracy, land hoped for

a nation to be or to mean hate,

even to be hated if one were to see,

think about how the Nazi flag is

thought of today, now don’t think

about Fascism or nationalism brie…

something that tastes good enough

today, a blend of Corporations and

government, like “Big Mamie”,

supported at Baseball games with

influence peddling, advertisement

and money… new national mime,

the impression of fascism but not,

and this is not worth hating… like

tea with Mussolini, now up a tree,

this need to purge anything we are

against, even our own historical roots

and thrust it right past our own unity.

"The Pledge of Allegiance"

“The Pledge of Allegiance”

This is 'NOT' our pledge!

This is ‘NOT’ our pledge!

In these United States we have a ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ we (still) say, a verbalizing of the understanding and meaning of what this symbol really stands for… One nation (warts and all)… One people, American (hated or not)… at One with ourselves (except Uncle Charlie over there).

As long as this is still in the 'Pledge' we ought to care for those of us, even those that don't care for us, with as much respect- knowing who and what they are.

As long as this is still in the ‘Pledge’ we ought to care for those of us, even those that don’t care for us, with as much respect- knowing who and what they are.

Flag etiquette is found to be a (very) real concern for Veterans… those who might truly feel something from the flag they fought for- understanding what it stands for and symbolizes. By the way, we can thank Michele Obama for the title of this work, and a kind telling (during a 9-11 event) by video seen here. Remember the flag flap, over the Palestinian flag (as they are not a nationally recognized country), at the Olympics of 2012, in London– yes, all over a flag! This was the same Olympics, which is supposed to stand for a coming together of those (countries… today but City-states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece- then) representing recognized states (known as nations) with a cessation of hostilities (political or otherwise)- known as Olympic peace or Truce. Then the IOC refused to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. So did the White House, and next was the BBC- see it here. This is not the case today, in our modern times (?) and politicized climate we live in. It is not just flags we insult today (openly) but people, countries and ideology- let alone trying to undo the feelings of past events in history.

Can you show me where Palestine is on the map?

Can you show me where Palestine is on the map?

These are not the politics you're looking for... with a truce to hostilities at the Olympics! So much for customs or traditions of the past.

These are not the politics you’re looking for… with a truce to hostilities at the Olympics! So much for customs or traditions of the past.

We are coming to grips with Nietzshean Dogma... there is no God!

We are coming to grips with Nietzshean Dogma… there is no God!

Is this what is coming?

Is this what is coming?

Images found here for the US flag and the Pledge of Allegiance, also, what it is not! All others found here and here.

At last... no flag debate!

At last… no flag debate!

“When silence is deafening”©

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Where is the sense of outrage

to the oppression of Israel,

for the persecuted church or

for their images so visceral,

to the Moslems in the path

of destruction… sure included

and slighted by those silent

and belligerent, so occluded,

if one stands against the action

it would not matter by who…

unless it is to show true signs

of approval until its through.

For someone to take the position that it is not OK for God to do what man is now (openly) doing- this is not nor will it ever be neutrality by nature but an openly clear sign of endorsement. There is nothing to be more naked in appearance than hate for the rest of humanity one would so strongly oppose.

Job 8:13 KJV


13 So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite’s hope shall perish:

"The Jewish misfortune cookie." If we should slight the lesson given us then injustice is that which will rise to choke us all.

“The Jewish misfortune cookie.” If we should slight the lesson given us then injustice is that which will rise to choke us all. Just click on the image itself to get a better view!

If I had to call the image anything at all… it would be,”The Jewish misfortune cookie.” Yes, misfortune befell the Jewish people, and sometimes it was self aggravated, i.e. from a result of pride, rebellion to God’s desires over their own, actions they took as a people, not listening to what God told them to do (often for their own benefit)- slighting the importance of the moment or the gravity of the situation in which they were positioning themselves. Sometimes, it had nothing to do with what they did… and it came down to who they were.

The biggest misfortune we face today, placing the irreverent views now firmly on the rest of us, is to disregard the suffering of God’s own people of Israel (a vital part of human history) and not thinking it is important enough to: speak out when injustice is seen, take a stand for the values one says they have or believe in. To remain silent in our complacency is to  assuredly welcome this event as inevitable to scar the memory of humankind by seeing it happen again- spawned by our own arrogance and ignorance to consequences of our inaction or actions favoring it as a sound determination.

“One year later… injustice is still injustice”©

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 Where have all the Chibok gone…

long time passing,

where have all the Chibok gone,

one year ago,

where have all the Chibok gone…

gone to memory every one,

when will they ever learn…

when will we ever learn?

Rally at the Nigerian Embassy in DC... image from www.breitbart.com

If nothing is being done against it... does this not imply it is alright to do?

If nothing is being done against it… does this not imply it is alright to do?

Take a stand for something decent here... if not for your own self but another that needs your support.

Take a stand for something decent here… if not for your own self but another that needs your support.

There is a program in full effect, it is ‘#bring back our girls,’ and it is a plan to keep the world’s attention on the missing girls in Nigeria.  The Boko Haram (aligned with ISIL) are the perpetrators of this evil crime. I, for one, will stand to speak out against the notion ‘it is OK to steal girls and do what you want to with them- without regard to “free choice” and freedom to act upon one’s individual conscience.’ How does Shariah Law apply here… and are they for or against this act of: kidnapping, slavery apparent or removing the freedom from young women (girls) to suit what pleases their captors.

One image to tear at your heart... if you say you have one (still)!

One image to tear at your heart… if you say you have one (still)!

You can read an article at this link, one from ‘The Osun Defender.’

[PLEASE NOTE: in the link and article above, in The Osun Defender,’ there is clearly an impression the government of Nigeria was fully aware this was going to happen… and did nothing to prevent it. I firmly believe ignorance and apathy are two of the biggest problems in the modern world… and we must learn what is being done (or we will remain ignorant to what is or isn’t being done) and we must care for others NOT the same as us (or this same thing can and most surely will happen to us also) or what love we say we have for our Brother and Sister (all humanity) is an open lie.]

[All images are taken from this link and site]

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