“A Casino Christmas”©

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In a Casino comes wealth and worry…

will I make the next hand or spin,

this is where life stops and chance

dictates whether loss or a big win,

for some… the weight bears down so

heavy and it stops being fun, it’s true,

but when we lose perspective the

dice seemed loaded… thru and thru,

find balance here and it’s best when we

can realize fun is but entertainment

or our view can be skewed to think we

must win… loss to cause resentment,

chance is fickle… where one loses and

another wins, sitting right next to us,

don’t lose it and think,”Why not me,”

before you treat others rudely and cuss,

find sights back to reality, our eyes open

as we look to what we do and how it is,

to know the better things in life, just like

Champagne, taste better with their fizz.

Wishing you the best this season can bring… Merry Christmas, 2014.

From a Blackjack Dealer’s heart, one proud to

work at the ‘Aquarius Casino Resort, Laughlin, Nv.’


A Casino Christmas!

A Casino Christmas!

“The values of change are already here!”©


If UNESCO is the cultural arm of the UN… and groups like Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation (funded by the UN) are the arms that would share religion (their version of it) to the world… what exactly does the UN want to create (mold the world into) by its own agenda? Tony Blair is caught in a scandal of his own creation, accepting money from a Saudi oil company, and this is supposed to be representative of the ‘Faith’ one should have or learn by example? If it is speaking of faith… it is to have faith in greed and corruption. Even the group ‘Save the Children’ is thinking of pulling the recent “Global Legacy Award” it gave to Tony Blair, in New York. While there, in his acceptance speech is found this line of thought…

“But throughout all human history, never has been extinguished that relentless, unquenchable desire to do good. To act not only in self-interest and sometimes to even to act in defiance of it.”

Does this sound like it is coming from a man of faith? If it does then ‘Relative Therapeutic Deism‘  (or Moralistic Therapeutic Deism) might be the way for you to go. Moral relativism has one basic flaw… it is neither moral and would claim to be the absolute view used without offering ‘an absolute standard’ to gauge right or wrong! This is the political equivalent to ‘political correctness’ and actually doesn’t comply with known practices… understood as coming from the Bible or from christianity at all. If you would like to take an hour out of your day, with a video done by Dr. Erik Thoennes of OPEN BIOLA® and BIOLA University, this will come as an eye opener.

How is it the world would or could be changed so radically… and quickly… than to provide migration to those not there (in any country) and dumbing down the population already there. The balance of power is found in demographics and population intrusion- altering the landscape of what was there (and assumed unchanged) to a voting population with different values than was found there before. The same thing has happened in the United Kingdom, with UNESCO help, and to the ruin of legal systems in place. Today in the UK there are found many examples of Sharia Law being used over the legal system in place. If you doubt this see the article found in “The Independent, Tuesday 2nd, 2014,” and see what is in the works to be brought to the US en mass and US protests over it happening already.

In summation to the information I bring here is this thought… “Has the moral compass we are using been calibrated away from the truth of God (as true North)?” There are many things people get (easily) offended over… way to easily offended! In scripture found in the Bible are ways to combat the changes we see in this article(s) and truth should be used to prevail us to the will of God (not man) and how we should do things. Do you agree… there are many changes to be seen today. Do you have your eyes open?

P.S. If the goal is to transform the world… will you be included?

1) decrease the population

2) promote environmentalism

3) establish a world government

4) promoting a ‘new’ spirituality

[And before you even come to the vain conclusion,”This is another one of those conspiracy theories… please know conspiracy is something done in secret and not known about.]

P.S.S. This is for my friend Carol, who made mention of ‘the Eisenhower warning’ when he left office.


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Can we not see what is coming here?

Can we not see what is coming here?