“See malice toward none; with charity for all.”©


The group “Black Lives Matter” tells us sweetly…

“Try to speak in the positive… ,” and then this-

#F**kParis.” There is nothing positive or talented,

and it’s left in our sight (Maplethorpe) a cup of piss

the slight of angst driven hate obscures any hope

of ‘true meaning’ or ‘clear eyed’ innovation, fashion

your dreams to this type of creativity and you’ll be

left breathlessly abandoned in the car you’re crashin’,

as seasons come and go, change is the derider of

even our own scorn… the thorns this life can hold,

where we might be found to rise above these storms

is when love is expressed and known to be bold.

[Below is an abstract from their ‘Twitter page… on but one of the articles posted there.]

Black lives Matter wants you to help us imagine a future 

where black folks are seen as the powerful, beautiful, brilliant, 

talented, innovative, resourceful, creative folks that we are. We

  want to know your vision for the future. What are your dreams?

One of my favorite Authors/Poets was Langston Hughes… speaking of: truth, race and pride, and some of his lines (short and sweet) struck home for me- on a very real and personal level. If a poet cannot reach the heart and mind together is when true impact to the efforts we would take, to improve the situation or condition of difficulty we face, then love, as a concern for others (also), will not have a chance to nurture and offer us all the restoration of spring. Brittle twigs have no life in them! Let’s take measures to gain from love… and not succumb to the darkness hate offers us or we would be no better than those we’d be seen opposing.

In a world where one race can say one thing and another cannot… is this not closer to ‘Jim Crow’ than not- a separatist’s dream! If there has ever been a false hope or utopian effort gone wrong… this is it!

Some images for and of Langston Hughes come from here, and this is also posted at ‘Twitter’ as #Seemalicetowardnone.


Free speech comes with a price… perceived or real- and I would rather be found making a mistake in actions I’ve taken, that are still of any redeeming qualities, than actions found to be thought against the expressions of love itself!




“Once upon a time… !”©


We once had leaders that led from the front…

their backs were covered by us that followed,

and there was due cause to rally from… the

broader causes of freedom and peace hallowed,

if there is to be such a peaceful pursuit against

the “JV team” doing what they did in Paris,

to do (so) little in ‘a time of war,’ to jimmy the

locks of the mind open to see a WWII paresis

has shown up… not wanting to do more than

one can or will… and to be truly ‘clear eyed’

is to see as Jimmy Doolittle did, his team’s

effort never forgotten, closed borders not tried

to prevent ‘a handful of people who don’t mind

dying’ for a cause greater than valued peace…

allied forces were never thought as occupiers,

back then, but those to grant tyranny’s release.

If the evils of war are named and stated… then ‘clear eyed‘ and ‘clear minded’ people must rally support to fight and crush those with the sword wielded. If we do not, there is no ‘setback’ to freedom but its sacking and plundering- and we would have allowed it. If we allow it then we have nothing of worth and value to add in our defense- for there is no defense for timidity or cowardice. Even worse is to be thought complicit to freedoms loss… sadly, this is how most Americans see the President- the emperor has no clothes. No Winston Churchill do we have today, No Sir! As found in a Israeli article, has he doomed the plight of refugees?

[This paragraph, the second one listed, has been added as of Nov. 18th, 2015, along with a link (in the third paragraph) to MLK, Jr., amid its misuse by ‘Planned Parenthood’, the Margaret Sanger Award and a statement by Dr. Alveda C. King- Martin’s niece.]

When President Obama focussed on Abraham Lincoln, using emphasis and similarity on his Presidency for his own, it would seem he forgot (or did not choose to remember) Lincoln: preserved the Union, strategically abolished slavery, aided in strengthening the Federal Government and innovated the economy. President Obama has: shown a disregard to the roots of America, increased taxation without representation, and refuses to acknowledge ‘any failure’ to the measures taken (or not taken) conducted against ISIL. If liberty is to be protected, as a birthright for every human being, then he would not exhibit: indignation toward christians and Jews, a preference of equal treatment (seen as a weakness and bias) for Muslims or deny what ‘emancipation‘ truly meant for Lincoln-“malice toward none; with charity for all.”

I say to the President, if he would show as much compassion for: the christians (worldwide) being persecuted and killed, understanding Israel at all, or how his actions against life (forcing us to pay for Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill) and thanking God for them… then he might be looked at more favorably. Even this goes squarely against the history and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his memory!

How can we say we support our own legacy… our own history if ‘that’s not who we are?”

“What about… ?”©

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Images of support… throughout the world

rallied the colors of the French flag…

what makes me nauseous is not the images

of this terror, the thing that makes me gag

is knowing there is one country slighted…

even unconcerned with by worldly slag…

what about the land and people of Israel?

There is an abundance… an outpouring

of love shown Paris in their own dark night,

people rally behind her, stymied, to perceive

the brashness of her onslaught, her plight,

pledge concern to the victims, take a stand

and proceed to victory doing what is right…

what about the land and people of Israel?

There have been no scuds… no rockets

to which would kill: a Brother, Mother, Child…

there have been few the incidents throughout

the world as repugnant or thought so wild,

the rest us us need to understand what is

going on, happening every day and tiled…

what about the land and people of Israel?

When the French President declared war¹… is the turning point in a war for the mind. What we need to see is the sameness… the similarity (the exactitude) of how the people in Israel feel. In the US, we need to understand we give Hamas money (fund the efforts) which is most telling- more so than fighting ISIL with a tap-dance. When the US went into Iraq and created the vacuum… and continues to fund the ‘terror group’ by ongoing funding² and continued policy- both parties in the US are complicit. When we fully understand is when we can do something to stop the terror or we feed it- not just to watch it grow but worsen.

See an article here³, from Haaretz (haaretz.online) to get a different take on what happened in Paris… to Paris- and also the world. Israeli intelligence did notify the French… still this happened!

1… http://abc7ny.com/news/isis-claims-responsibility-for-paris-attacks;-death-toll-rises/1084561/

2… http://news.yahoo.com/obama-netanyahu-set-first-talks-since-iran-deal-053103866.html;_ylt=AwrSbDvFmEhWBWQAtVtXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNDBsdXRqBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjA5MTNfMQRzZWMDc2M-

3… http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/.premium-1.686082?ts=_1447682005486

“To be ‘friends’ lasting longer than brevity”©

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Friends don’t change on each other,

if they’re really friends at all, the sight

of all they might go through, together,

requires us to go thru night and light,

the sweet and sour of of life and the

paths we will choose calls for strength,

there will be days we face… the length

of hurt feelings past lead us to breadth,

misunderstandings happen… and they

happen frequently but friendship secure

leaves no doubts… no need to explain

one’s self over-and-over and does endure,

this is what type of friend is valued higher

than the sunny day variety… the good time

buddy or the one seeking crumbs from the

table, the sponges of happenstance, grime

from the wheels that seek to grind us all to

pieces… should we allow them to succeed,

friends would never force each other to then

bicker… petty things greater than we’d plead.

There will be bumps in the road but 'friends' should reach the destination (intended) together.

There will be bumps in the road but ‘friends’ should reach the destination (intended) together.

When it comes right down to it… friends are the last people you would want to turn on you- if you are in a state of friendship with them at all. This condition of a supportive nature (normally), and an integral part of most people’s support network, should never be hampered by the trivial things that would impede this condition of unconditionality- or doubts arise to question if there was ever friendship known at all. Help should never be the reason to second guess anyone, either asked for or offered, as that is what friends do for one another. I would definitely rather risk being hurt… being misunderstood for what I’ve done than react with a hardened heart against one I call a friend.

Since I detest mind games, thinking them more common to shallow people striving for undue attention, if people stoop to using them is when I would walk away from them. What I will not do (by choice) is jump to conclusion(s) or assumption(s) about what a friend has done- without first asking them or (even) testing what they said against what was done. It is good to find out what kind of friends you have… not just assuming they are one way and not the other. Stand by what you say (if you mean it)… and don’t waste your time and mine with trivial endeavors. Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No,’ or be no friend of mine- not one seen of any quality at all. The worth of true friendship is seeing it flourish (still) despite issues that surface- no matter the cause or reason for the perception of irregularity.

Images are from here, and I owe my friend (Belinda Borradaile) an apology, for my: issues of an old browser, an inability to control the outcome expected vs. what seemed like a slap to her character [completely unintended] and time to see the error of what I’ve done is stated (plainly) in public and full view. You can criticize me for actions as they may have seemed unbecoming… if you will but don’t doubt the friendship we have developed over these years has been sincere.

If it comes down to money over friendship... I choose friendship!

If it comes down to money over friendship… I choose friendship!

“Forced to ‘Lean in” as slavery and racism prevail”©

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This program, called,”Lean in,” is designed

to erode the barriers to gender equality,

so change is stated as ‘being less than

comfortable’ but needed, less superiority

but enemies to: the life we’ve known, life

we have or (even) desire… know no such design,

those that attack us (equally) use either of

the genders toward goals we feign and resign,

in Sinjar, Iraq, women can be gifted to an ISIL

fighter, no equality seen here if by Sharia,

there is a somber tone in goal… to be soon

as superior, equality dashed… sand and Mariah,

racial issues in the US flare up… this takes

gender to the back seat, the seat of Rosa Parks

needs our attention (first), higher need to

find equality is superior to pale sex by sparks.

Sandberg represents: who, whom and what agenda… to our loss- superiority of gender as a loss in a world struggling to achieve what we would forfeit. As callous as this sounds (at face value) it is true. If we are to look at the world coming closer to realize it’s truth… the truth of Sharia Law is a banner carried by those becoming the fast approaching majority. Look at the conditionality of equality toward and for women [seen in the advancing of sexual (gender biased) slavery] imposed on those found to be Yazidi. This was also the fate of an American lady, one Kayla Mueller, and we act like we’d rather not remember it! This at a time (even) more controversy turns sparks into flames- see this article from Bangladesh, or this single heart breaking event- compliments of Afghanistan.

Is this the mercy of the followers of Islam?

Is this the mercy of the followers of Islam?

How long will we remain unaffected... or are we already?

How long will we remain unaffected… or are we already?

Image(s) from here.

“The first audiobook is here! Who we are!”©

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It is one thing to have a book complete but it is another thing (entirely) to have another format (version) available. Here I’m going from a ‘printed format’ to one which will not only engage the ears but the mind, and it is the mind I’m concerned with- for politics affects the mind, body and soul of a people, country and how they view themselves. If the nature of a people can be altered, as much as from being any nationality and becoming American, then it can also be undone in reality (from its original state… here in the US from independence to slavery)- even without realizing any change has occurred. I say free the mind and you’ll free the soul… in this case the soul of a nation which once stood for freedom around the world.

America once stood for freedom… today, with all the ‘political posturing’, I’m not sure if bravado can be maintained with an email, or vision handled in the darkness of our actions. What was once commonplace is not known or even thought about- so I offer material to question,”What do you know of freedom and who do you think you are?”

The audiobook was just released with iTunes and with Amazon, and ‘the hashtag’ gives you a hyperlink through Audible. Please help pass the word along, as I need to feed my rescue animals: hay, birdseed, cat food, dog food and table scraps. Also, a heads up… as Hillary Hawkins has agreed to read (be the narrator for),”From A Greater Hand than mine,” and I’ve asked my friend (Belinda Borradaile… even if this comes with a fee for her valuable time) for help. I’ll need it to accommodate the size change requirements for this project (going from a standard book size to a square image (for the audiobook project) and the placement of the narrator’s name for proper address.


It is time for a press release!

It is time for a press release!

“You can’t ‘Woo people’ with a gag reflex!”©

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Is there more to see of the damage done to party politics…

as it comes down to the shores of reality, the beach we stand?

This is no Normandy here (yet) and sending any of our finest¹

to face sheer numbers incomparable or resentment at hand,

this is the uphill battle, let alone pooh-poohing emails as just

inconsequential to status or importance… REALLY, but a tweet

today can infuse, encourage or dislodge the faithful few left-

is it not alright to come clean, when children and families repeat

the surety of knowledge gained to that which they have made

an impact from, there is no abstraction without a real voice…

a real difference to be made here is if women of color will stand

up to be heard… to force issues of import, life by their choice!

[The information below comes from this link above found here, an article by Imani Gandy, 4-14-15]

According to Maya Harris at the Center for American Progress:

[N]ew research suggests that within this bloc lies a significant opportunity: As their numbers increase and their participation grows, women of color will increasingly have the chance to sway electoral results, influence which candidates run and win, and play a greater role in shaping the policy agenda.

No they wouldn't... read my lips!

No they wouldn’t… read my lips!

Don’t say you didn’t know that political machines of both parties use the numbers crunched to point them where they (could) might gain needed support for their ambitious drives. Today, with a plenitude of resources, the voting public needs to be ever more critical to: what they want for themselves and their families, life to be understood (living is found by breathing) and rights expected come with both pro’s and con’s from our choices.

There is one group of people such as this, women of color, and they will need to fully be engaged to force issues dear to them… or simply be turned aside, to think what is important to them (their children and families) might not be worthy enough to count. I, for one, think they’d be wrong. Thinking this is just a Black or a Brown issue is equally wrong… the number of multiracial people in America is growing. Still thinking ‘Planned Parenthood’ is woman friendly (for rights alone- empowering, the majority thinks so), there are some states that disagree.

Put it all together (here) people... and see things clearly!

Put it all together (here) people… and see things clearly!

1… by sending any of our forces to: train, advise and assist (Iraqi or Syrian troops) is to send a strong and clear message to jihadists– we won’t interfere!

What about County Health offices being used first… before an institution planning on making profits from a bad personal choice- for Woman’s Health?