Have you a mind to share with the world today… thoughts of the poetic kind? Today is just the beginning of the rest of your life… and think how many people you could influence with your poetry: written with heart, caring for many, thirsty minds parched with pluralism and cultural anomalies aplenty. Do you see your contribution to literature as worthy… as worthy as the next? You should, it is only you that can tell your own story… and what passion you have can be shared to the world in a very unique fashion. Try your hand at poetry today, won’t you… you don’t know what you’re missing? Give your words your voice… a voice to your words, and let them free. Thoughts have never hurt or harmed a living soul, and know it comes from response and reaction to what you share… the emotion driven by what voice you choose. Make it a good one… won’t you?



Let us teach children it is OK to have a different opinion without the need to think one is sneering at them for a difference found. We are all different… and yet the same. This is what makes our views unique to ourselves and by sharing of our views we can see this difference does exist between us but should not be used as a means to be an opponent to one another. By sharing the passion for writing, here to poetry and prose, can we give of ourselves a hand to understand each other- not one to tear another down. Let’s build each other up and strive to this improvement of humanity humanely.

“Actions are only our choices spurned on by motives”©

(Written by Russell D. Holder)

Freedom… we take it for granted,

thinking it means one thing to one

and another to any other.

Freedom… it is the one thing which

enables us our exercising individuality,

allowing the opportunity to determine,

on our own, what seems right for us.

Freedom… it has nothing to do with our

conformity… either to assume our actions,

when led by anyone else of their personal

determination, is freedom or to presume it

is an open excuse to do any damn thing we

like- even to our own detriment.

Freedom… although it has more to do with

free will it is more akin, in its truest sense,

with understanding there is a price to be

paid for the choices we make, these we call

consequences related to justice vs. injustice.

Freedom… is gaining the insight to see an

injustice when it happens and to take the

initiative to action to counter it by: standing

up against it, speaking out on it and letting

others see the wrongness of what is being

done… even if it means a loss to life, liberty

or the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom… this is something that does not

always lead you to happiness but you can

pursue your own way to happiness by having

it and exercising it.

Freedom… mostly to supportive determination,

giving ‘one’ person the right to decide what

he will do of his own accord, to: dance, write,

draw or create but to remove or destroy this

by whim or fancy is a liberty which would

give rise to tyranny. This is a suppression

of an individual’s freedoms to the overpriced

control or loss of one’s own freedom, a

giving up on your own freedom to yield to

someone else.

Freedom… since it is not found in doing the

wrong things, which man is capable of doing…

being infallible, and it would not matter the

religion he is in if he is prone to doing the

kind of things to break spirits or souls of

their hope in their fellow man.

Freedom… I choose to yield to God, and since

God is love I find the freedoms I need in His

abundance, and by love a responsibility to

my fellow man (and woman) to do what is

right and just.

When you are free… no man can harm you,

you’ll find there is more to this life than the

body we reside in; which can be: broken,

bruised, humiliated, scorned, resented and

denied for the truth of who we are. We are

all children of God… peace should come to

those who will realize God for who He is…

and the freedom He gives us.