“The aftermath of my Halloween Party, 2012”

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My wife and I had our Halloween Party on the 26th of Oct., 2012, but with a new camera and no memory card… I was relegated to taking a few pictures, running to download them, and repeating the process. These are pictures of the aftermath of it all. I do hope you’ll enjoy them. Please indulge me this, the painful part of my passion for the day- also my anniversary. We held our party a little early so some of our guests could attend… that might not have otherwise been afforded the chance to come.

For those of you that were invited… and missed it (there were some valid reasons not to make it as well as many weak ones), The menu was: pizza bites, Coney Island corn dogs, Buffalo hot wings, deep fried mushrooms, Jack Daniel’s smoked sausages and my wife’s annual Alligator chili. We had: potato salad, coleslaw, peel and eat shrimp, croissants and cold cuts for your sandwiches and all the condiments and toppings you could think of. There was also chips of every kind, cheeses, meats and crackers… and dips a-plenty, and a couple of fruit and vegetable trays… the word of the night for those that did attend was ‘choices,’ and the biggest issue was what to try next. The three ‘gag’ items (pun intended) were: the sweet vomit, up-chuck chili and the tray of ear wax. The titles were inspired and please know they were all confections. Every one that came had a great time… and will be invited back again.

I hope your endeavors for the evening fare well and I wish all of you the best Halloween, and keep it safe and sane for the little ones. A Happy Halloween for 2012.Halloween 2012Halloween 2012... 2Halloween 2012... 3Halloween 2012... 4P1000112P1000113P1000114P1000115P1000116P1000117P1000118P1000119P1000121P1000122P1000123P1000124P1000125P1000126P1000127


“Does Halloween scare you… this should more?”©

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How close does one need to be to

delusion to miss reality all together

or the illusion of living for nothing

but expectation, a fantasy in the mind…

avoiding real time… sorrow filling the

void, the state of being denial’s tether?

Allusions of self fulfillment in kind…

its been all in the mind, all in the mind,

the swing-set of the psychologist…

playground of connections in tune

with the voices of choice… the voice

heard internally, a grind on the mind,

the scrapings of reality left in the mix

that linger long past necessity… an after

life residual to annoy those prone to

be tethered to their own desires of mind,

the peels of verisimilitude now feeling 

harsher and rougher than before… the

leftovers of things thought to be nothing

more than idealistic conventions of the mind…

the contrast of a false idea, the horror is

to find yourself in the hands of a living

God when you have lived your life your

way… thinking God was a concept in mind,

never thinking on the real possibility of

His existence and without reason of your

tether, now His, to judge for the actions

which will be locked up in soul and mind.



Why people cannot fathom the reality of God existing is mostly due to time and distance away from dealing with this ‘as truth.’ When forced to come face-to-face with this… as most people today call it ‘the concept of God’… many would laugh it off and choose not to consider it as truth- preferring their own view of life they have either been spoon fed or have come to desire… calling it their ‘truth’ of choice. When God comes back, and He will… as was prophesied He would, it will be with a spirit of vengeance- those found without Him will be forced to His submission… hell is way to real to test the theory it is only a myth- one place I’d rather not go to or act as if I don’t care if I do or not. What do you think about?

“What more Dear Mitt?”©

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What will you do, Dear Mitt,

with the binders of women…

qualified women that will work,

none less important than

in the Florida Company

Sensata… the one you shirk?


What will you do, Dear Mitt,

to increase our debt to China,

how much more will we owe?

The profits were not enough…

not enough to keep Americans

working… let us see the show.


What will you do, Dear Mitt,

now Salt Lake has said yes

to Obama and a no given you,

to explain why you went to

Massachusetts… a Governor

there, not Utah, it’s so true?

These are just a few of the links to support the words written above… and food for thought. What more… exactly?





“Freedom has no blinders or preconditions”©

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Just beyond “the Stockholm Syndrome” is a new

one yet unnamed, unrecognized as a condition… a

stigma, a myopic excursion and diversion which

masks and supports the ongoing unique victimization

of a people… a way of life, definitions are so

lazy as to be hazy, unclear when some people

are used that used to be the very ones to suffer

from the very same thing… “capital exploitation,”

maybe expected from the conditions, similar to

their own… not having a choice is the key, and

yet, the oversight of not helping the very

country they’re in suffers first by indignation,

a young lady, named Erica Gonzales, working for

La Prensa… writes an article called “El Diario,”

pushing for her view-point to be understood and

in favor of humane treatment for immigration,

this push for tolerant treatment… heard on “Make

it plain,” with Mark Thompson, on Sirius left, Channel

146… but it assumes the people will immigrate and

not be the migrants they are… pure frustration,

capitalism has gone full circle… where from capitalizing

on free labor, with full blown slavery, to having

the view of what is really going on so blocked…

undocumented workers forced from economic migration…

and those that were suffering, originally, to aid

and gain voice to the inhumanity of the treatment

of the people that now overburden Social Services, the

Education system, Healthcare to the banker’s elation…

the upper class gloats from the lack of foresight

of the diminishing middle class and points to the

lower class… as the cause for hospital closures,

the demographic warfare used to collapse a nation,

if this is all caused by agreements of countries-

to allow as has happened… no voice was ever heard

by the collective country affected, democracy… I

see nothing democratic of dislike and precondition.


The difference between immigration and migration can be catastrophic to the place most affected by the transition of lives of one culture to another. Unchecked is: the condition of health, the status of the criminality of the individual, sponsorship is overlooked, identity is denied and legality is spurned for economic necessity. I would not deny someone legal entry to this country… my country but if it is not being done as immigration (just migration) it slights all true value and benefit for the country involved. I have many friends that are Mexican, and would fight side by side with them on any issue I felt they were right about… this is one of those that needs to be understood for the changing of definitions and how it is being handled on a day to day basis. Without supporting laws to apply… the law should offer no support to any that refuse to immigrate through proper channels- migration needs to stop. If there is no border left from the agreements in place (North American [UNION] Free Trade Agreement) then call it what it is… a lop-sided economic chain designed to remove our sovereignty… the goal is then realized as the problem and not the solution we are told, and no benefit to any party or people can ever come from the levels of deception we have seen by it.

“What fardels men bear”©



To what burdens men carry for wages

and the learning of earnings to bear,

for the tasks of toil, sweat and dirt to

furrowed brow, lament of life to share,

as this too is shared by widows or women

without a man to help her and the pain…

past winter’s ebb and spring’s defenses

despite tears felt in the pouring rain,

this is the lifelong struggle of humanity-

to bear the strokes of work and chore,

the encumbrances known to wear us down-

uncaring to results, the effects do age us more,

the load day-in-and-day-out to benefit the

one to buy the tired soiled hands worn away,

from this charge of bounty, born of necessity,

the price given bargained life in form of pay,

what boxes lifted… what cases moved, chests

transported or containers undertaken often,

knowing full well the passage will lead us to…

directly to one sole destination… our coffin,

so it is from the approach of our conduct-

the trade of our labor to provide a day’s wages,

it is the doer in the doing, the exertion to the

action of the daily grind, all throughout the ages…

but one question has begged for man’s attention-

why have we turned to slacker, by calling, as we have plod?

To end up being stunned, so unexpected, when the

bundles that need carrying, it turns out, belong to God.

“Free to serve another”©

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Hobbled in actions one can take, decisions

to be made of our own free will…

these are where mandates and legality

lead us, less of well and more of ill,

hampered by fettered chains of

appointments made, other than our own,

the flag still flies for freedom but not 

our own… something chosen to disown,

to be used until we are used up… no

spirit left to warrant complaint or fuss,

I’ve not yet met another Veteran that

didn’t say the same thing or even cuss.


To stand and say nothing, without thought or ability to see the growing futility, is to accept a servile position the corporations gleefully enjoy… an economic choke hold of serfdom unknown before in our day and age. We say we have come a long way… and I say we are going backwards in our progress- having lost the ability or desire to look at what our past was or where we have been. To continue as we are will find us all in the chains of servitude… with no respect to who we are or what we have- status will not be what we thought and will avail none the promise we were told it would hold.

“You can’t sit on the fence and remain at odds”©

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As if one can disassociate one’s self

from their own beliefs, a contradiction,

or offer such a thing as being relevant to

those believing life important, juxtaposition,

not wanting to impose on one’s beliefs is so

different… not forcing someone their choice,

and, yet strangely, this is what is being done, going

on… with HHS, abortion and the taxpayer’s voice,

to think there should exist a separation of a

person and their beliefs with what they do…

nothing could be worse than forced to pay

for what you oppose or don’t want, it’s true,

so which do you do, believe or not… and then

do what you don’t agree with, such a dilemma,

this forces one that follows Jesus to be so

bound, at odds with political… liturgical dogma.

This is the same thing Bush did to us over the war, we were forced not to say anything if we disagreed with himthe same tactics. This one simply strikes closer to the foundation of our beliefs, more eminent. To placidly do nothingsaying nothing is to completely disregard your beliefs if one has anythere should never be a time we are forced to do anything that violates the laws we have established in this country or that impel us to violate the requirements as God has instructed us to do from our beliefs. All this does is show you clearly those that are separated from God alreadydesiring you to be the same waywith or without your approval. Both parties have been complicit with this tacticit is just being noticed and we have a debt to China rising from borrowing from them for over ten years. What they do to us in our name is where the strife comes in… force yourself to see this plainly and take off your blinders.

“As the finger flies to displeasure”©

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The one who points the finger

is often the most displeased…

the most upset… most deranged,

and so easily angered, unappeased,

the most complex at first glance…

when first looked on by chance to

see the finger without thought

or the very reason used as bought,

brought to conclusion as directed

to… as planned so… even as told,

when openly a lie is used as a

tool to decry foul, a bill is sold,

an undoing planned shall surely

backfire… the liar left in the cold…

the coldness of guilt a finger

felt when unveiled feelings linger,

the finger… the blaming damnable

finger, didn’t Cheney do the same thing?

Deceit is just the nature of your game.

“Gently walks a soul”©


When gently walks a soul comes

the time to grant us peace…

to know there was an inner strength

within, found to permit release,

to worry was not found leaning

around nor to doubt of faith,

comfort was not taken for granted…

sword of truth removed from sheath,

neath heaven’s stars… a full canopy

of promises given to a man,

long since desired to be there…

it comes for one that can

see their own life ahead and know,

beyond failing health, His peace…

found comfort in God’s surety,”Did

not Jesus pay in full the lease?”


It was not until the morning of Oct. 11th, 2012, did I correlate Dan Swanson with Daniel, and suddenly felt impoverished within my soul. I knew him as Daniel, I never called him Dan or Danny, and when it registered… I felt the full weight of what it means to lose a friend. This realization of who Daniel was, my dear friend that passed away, hit me like a ton of bricks. Many were the days he and I would discuss Christianity… to talk of the Pauline works (the writings of Paul/the Epistles he wrote) or on other more unfamiliar works of historic and Homeric consequence. He was well versed in history and the Bible… loved poetic endeavors, a fine confidant and friend, and he will be missed.

This writing is dedicated to his memory.


Russell D. Holder

Author of “FROM A GREATER HAND than mine”

“From withered vine”©

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For those with a trenchant passion to purpose

of selfishness… no amount of umbrage, so

easily offended, can trail to humor the soul,


the shadow cast to disparage one’s actions,

when in truth is to tell one they can’t do as

they have done, procedure was the goal,


nothing said mordantly, just correction… still

shadowed from intention taken wrongly, to 

stop and impugn, to need to query or question,


“How dare they!” There is no fixing the unbroken

state of expectation to infringed behavior when

grasping for their own egocentric perception,


wrapped up in one’s self and any disturbance

or shift from their own leaves them unsettled,

the direction of loathing affixed to your own…


the mercurial and capricious reaction so suddenly

foreshadows any little thing as being monumental…

the telling of rotten fruit of a soul never grown.


What is the worst thing a parent can do to their child… spoil them. To spoil or cater to their every whim is to see them go through life with this same expectation… thinking they can do no wrong and will always get their way. Is this not what happens to society when all absolutes are removed? This is what you get, on a sociological level, when society is introduced to “Moral Relativism,” and they believe it to be true.