“Duck Defense” or “It’s my duck and I’ll quack if I want to”©

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When someone is offended to

the Rights one has… by

saying what they believe,

by what right do they then

stand on, what gives them

authority to forcibly remove

and deprive you of your Rights?

As I see it, their Rights DO NOT

begin before yours… DO NOT

remove yours… DO NOT exceed

yours- they have the right:

to sit down, shut-up, stop whining,

grow up or believe what ever the

Hell they want to- as long as Human

Rights exist,  live your way…

and I’ll live mine.

The planet I live on values what you say… but it does not mean you have the Right to directly remove, obstruct or preclude my actions and Rights as being less important than: your hurt feelings, what you might perceive as insensitivity or your liberty you’d demand at the cost of my own. Get over it, grow up… and get a pair. What would you do if someone stood there with a gun to your head… ask for my help? I would because I value life, even your own worthless hide, more than the thought of striping someone of “the Human Rights” we all have… “To Be Universally Protected.”

Duck Dynasty Support Pose!

Duck Dynasty Support Pose!

“Inked Profundity© coming soon!”©


The group: Inked Profundity

Mission statement: The primary goal of the group is to advance the love

of writing. How we will do this is: accept writing from Authors (confident in their work or personally pleased) that feel the writing will present 1) insight, knowledge or thought that could aid mankind… by raising the  consciousness of individuals to levels beyond the work itself, 2) having the desire to reach a goal beyond simple accolades and direct the same passion felt for their writing toward goal oriented work: reaching toward the benchmark of getting published, submitting works to publishers of periodicals, and group support to that end, 3) and to also reach beyond the comforts of our personal space… to aid the communities we live in and promoting, actively, the idea writers will do no good for themselves if illiteracy continues to rise. The last mentioned is actually one of the most dramatic and important aspects to the whole group… by virtue of the fact that illiteracy is climbing in this country, and if we, as writers, do not put a local face to our words that students and people can relate with… then we will strictly be writing for ourselves. By going out into the communities we live in we might just spark a child to have an interest in writing themselves, aid in self promotion and advance not only ourselves of the ideas we write about but put feet to the floor and ideas to mind. This group will conduct seminars using: published Authors (within the constraints of practical application to goals intended and time allotted by people contacted), people involved directly with publication companies (as they can be contacted and nudged to offer insights themselves) and member contacts, as they relate to the mission of the group. Promotion of writing is the goal, and if you can wrap your mind and heart behind this end… this will truly be a group with the heart to reach out and touch the world with words. It starts with you… or the words will die on the paper we use!

Inked Profundity©

“The dark side of the fulcrum”©


Simplification, oversimplification and the

underfunding of the endowment of the arts,

this is what is happening as we head toward

“the right to understand,” a system left in parts,

comprehension to what is socialized dumbing

down of our society [at large] and in school…

it comes not from the study of the curriculum

of learning but the lack of study as a tool,

to know the hoe leads to a cultivated field

but not to learn of ‘the how’ in its scale,

the weight of measure used is the test…

not the use of the subject, here we fail.

In the United States we have been teaching to the test of a subject and ‘not the subject to be taught,’ leaving us with emerging members of society that have no clue to what they learned or how to apply it for practical use in their daily lives. Even worse, when one thinks about it [whereas most don’t] the billing of what is to be called “the topic” [even as applied to something for use on the society] is completely different than the believed or expected outcome- quite antithetical in the scope of its application. For example, in education there was,”No Child Left Behind,” or as some teachers called it ‘the Nickel-B’ [NCLB] and it has done more to wreck havoc on the educated lives of those affected by it. This is an abject failure… and if it is by design, the writing on the wall impels me to conclude the belief used stems from the axiom,”the end justifies the means.” Latent slavery to the people of the world is the new paradigm offered by such a criterion as has been used and established. Check out ‘the Patriot Act‘… read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions, worded almost the same as ‘the Terrorist Act,’ this one was placed in law in England [against terrorists].

How bad is this, look to how long after 9-11 ‘the Patriot Act’ came out… and how many pages it has. Can you tell me this was reasonable [judging on its scope of directives] in such a short period of time? Can you?

“Passing of a giant”©

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Nelson Mandela,

spirit of freedom was kept…

prison to LEADER.



“Of an eel, the shaft and a deal(?)”©

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Is Harry Reid the next faceless pariah?

Has the old eel lost the mucosa layers

he used to have [not as slippery as he

used to be], the waters he would defend

as an electric eel more charged than he

thinks it is… where the younger ones

would lead him, the place where he will

be dead-in-water(s) so unfamiliar to him

or the American public: giving  to Iran four

hostages (4 nuclear scientists) and then

leaving three Americans in the Iranian prison

system, a deal proclaiming it is in support

of limiting nuclear proliferation but caves

by providing the people they need for such

enrichment to happen, to get nothing for

this deal is to yield the strength we had and

to show Iran weakness in this means of action…

more inaction than determined by our leaders…

even former Senator Joe Lieberman is not

for this deal, and when France is against it…

is this really what we want to call a deal (?) if

we have gained nothing for what we offer up

so generously… becoming a faceless country-

no Searchlight would be needed to find our

bodies… the light will overtake us in the tunnel

we have created for ourselves, the ovens hot!

To show Islam weakness is to turn into one they see as being unworthy to exist… one to die or to turn to Islam is to want this life more than what you could ever believe or imagine. Can you say heresy to all we say we believe in today? Speak out and help free American Pastor Saeed Abedini. Speak out and say… this is “No deal at all.” This is a Trojan horse un-lubricated!

 After the White House meeting, Sherman said, “I still fear they would be willing to enter a deal that [to them] would be better than no deal at all” – echoing a charge leveled against President Obama not just by other members of Congress but also by French leaders, who are also involved in the Geneva talks.