“The scissors might as well be in the President’s hands”©


The attempts to de-fund Planned

Parenthood will coincide well…

with the focus on facilities unable

to pass basic health care to tell,

telling of failed authorities to go

through the licensing divisions of State,

if adequate truth exists [they fail] to

meet basic Health Care Standards, fate,

hit them at their weakest points we

know full well will hurt them, money,

tell these Merchants of Death,

“Killing human babies is not funny.”

Due to a very serious trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell… where there is found no respect for life. The complacency of humanity for the least among us is where the true nature of our condition is found. In this regard… we are reaching for the extreme desire depravity holds dear. Even Dr. Kevorkian respected life! This is what your taxpayer dollars has bought you… without a means of redress or the ability to object. The scissors might as well be in the President’s hands.

[PLEASE NOTE: I have serious issues with having to respect the title conferred on this man (the Doctor)… with the dignity it holds for most]

Just beyond the abortions handled by Planned Parenthood facilities… are the questions to covering up: underage pregnancies [child rape cases], DNA evidence disposed of without regard to the practicality of its use [for cases in litigation or other legal applications], clinics closing from  lack of maintaining Health Code Standards or group conspiracies (cover-ups) with child molesters and sexual predators. This is the current state (this on day six… waiting for a verdict)of the trial here. Still more to wait, I will post these until a verdict is reached.

Day seven: see it here.

Day eight: see it here.

Day nine: see it here.

THE VERDICT IS IN: Monday, May 13th, 2013… see it here.

THE JURY CONVICTS: also seen here.


P.S. I would also like to add this thought, unlike the comment by Vicki Saporta [in this article, by a local CBS… in Philadelphia], where she would state [unequivocally],”But to make the leap to say that’s indicative of the state of abortion care throughout the U.S. is absolutely false.” Vicki is the CEO of the NAF [National Abortion Federation]. Unfortunately, and according to Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, a pro-life group based in Arlington, Va., after their six month undercover investigation “exposes the brutal reality that Gosnell is not an outlier.” The back peddling will be seen throughout the abortion industry due to this disclosure.

It is about time the world can see the difference between providing an abortion and murderthe taking of a human lifeone just born and completely innocent of nothing more than living.

“Caravan of souls”©

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Camels all in line
wind swept dune tops to the dawn
souls carried on home

“The caravan approaches, Father,” the young boy
said, as he ran back in the tent,
he was almost out of breath but his Father looked
over and grinned by his intent,
“They call this one ‘the caravan of souls,’ my son,” the
Father said,“ready your things,”
“I’m all packed up,” the boy smiled as he said it,“my soul
knows what makes it sings,”
“Good… now go make haste son, before it reaches the
gate of the new great city,
for those that do not make it before the sun sets this day
will reserve no more pity,”
with that the young boy was off in a flash… and not long
to be standing ready,
“Now don’t be anxious and forget the heart of compassion
as told to be so steady,”
“I have it Father… I’ve been ready since the day they told us
to, a year or more,”
“I’m proud of you my son,” the Father said, and tears streamed
down his chin… no chore,
“And I of you Father, I can think of no one else I’d rather please
than you,” his young eyes full,
“We are off to see eternity with the man that was God on Earth,
this the last Ark man to see,
We were warned the day would come,” he said,“Come my son… to
secure our eternity.”