“Hillary shown as a threat… OOPS!”©


the Hillary wink


Sorry Army
sorry country,
No… this is not
said coventry!
Sorry BLM…
not of ground
but disrespect,
OOPS… unsound,
Sorry America…
sooner to divide,
makes it easier so
apartheid can ride,
embolden our own
mistakes of past…
sure to continue
and hold it fast.
On the race issues, I can firmly agree with Morgan Freeman, the more we make it an issue (thank you dim bulbs of the media) is to aid the destabilization these very issues create… and deepens the chasm between all involved. We are after all ‘Americans first.’ #thecolorofamericaisamerican


The year ago OOPS… with Black Lives Matter, and she wants ‘YOUR’ vote. The silence from the Black Caucus speaks volumes.

This is a good place to start and thank you Morgan Freeman… to avoid the (growingness of an) OOPS!

Are you sensing a pattern here or did we lose the ability to connect the dots… losing our ability to see each other as having common ground to stand on. We don’t need to change the system, or our laws, but we need to regain what it means to respect our system of laws, and each other, by ensuring the laws are dutifully followed and adhered to. This ethic came, historically, through mutual respect when equality is sought… damn our mistakes (we all make them) and strive to make it better for those that follow our path or strive for their own. I may not look like you but appearance is to vanity what impediments are to (perceived) limitations. We will face an enemy in our future that likes it when we play his game- to divide and conquer. You need me and I need you… for I cannot face an enemy so determined without you at my side- to stand as one again. This election leaves us with a Capitalist or a Globalist- one American and one citizen of the world. Does the world care for you… or me, I think not! Let us be proud of our flag once more… can you feel me? When we continue to bicker (or worse) about the petty things mole hills turn into mountains, lost then is our sense of what it means (for all of us) to be and have our part in our quilted history.

Police… they need to police themselves or be seen as nothing more than instruments of tyranny. Americans are we all and we all are Americans first.

Hillary and contempt!

“So you say you know Islam?”©


An opponent (enemy) in conflict, contest or dispute
cannot be viewed as being of the peaceful sort…
to think of issuing ‘a fatwa¹’ to proclaim one deserves
to die by writing something: perceived to be a retort…
blasphemy against the thoughts of their religion and
faith, counter to their belief, or representing it badly.
So is this what would be peaceful… to gain an eye
for an eye, to remove what God has given… so costly?
To gift all mankind with life, judgement is reserved for
God alone, for God gave mankind ‘free will²’, a choice,
and to deprive another human being from an idea you
would prevent from harming, belief or human voice…
to stop, remove or alter the appearance of damage
to the respect one holds, not the same as a Brother,
to honestly think someone or anyone might, by an idea
or even thought, could alter your belief… to bother
or change what you, by belief, do cherish, this action
is to then seek to remove any that may stand in rival…
here is where there can be ‘no peaceful purging’ of
another Mother’s Son, to evoke an animalistic survival.

1… Fatwa, any decision made by a mufti (Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law). Fatwas issued in North America found here (there are more… good and bad). The most infamous fatwa is the one issued by Ruhollah Khomeini sentencing Salman Rushdie to death. This fatwa was revived 25 years after it was first issued, see this link here. One site at WordPress says this about fatwa and is Islamic in origin.

2… ‘free will’: of one’s own free will… of one’s own choosing, willingly, without compulsion, liberty, independence, freedom of choice.

Then we have this fatwa, requiring the killing of Americans, both civilian and military, from here. Is this not judgment also? Even ISIS has no more regard for Muslims than infidels… for they kill or behead any in opposition.


Hillary comment!
What impels a human to strive to remove another human’s will (today) to choose: a religion, desire for no religion or to force upon them a belief different than their own or face (under duress) sure death? There is nothing here to consider peaceful if it is done without love. When ‘terror’ is used to grow a: culture, society or religion is when injustice is thought OK and acceptable, and the end justifies the means.
James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.


Love has given all for me to tell any whom might read this, this is love… to tell even one in opposition to what I understand- Jesus died to save even you, my enemy… an enemy of this truth I would gladly proclaim. Repent of this hate for anyone so different… as to believe different than you. I extend my hand in love… as Jesus did to me! I extend my heart… so you too might find due cause to know judgement comes- but the judgement of God Himself and not a man at all.


There are two differing views to one experience (a reality predicted by prophetic eschatology) within monotheism; which comes from Islamic writing and Christian writing. See a piece on ‘Monotheism’ here.


Mark 13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:


Pardoned shot

If you were to consider what is implied by a pardon, to be forgiven… by God Himself- this is why Jesus died… so that we too might be saved. For my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, words to think on while we yet have the luxury of time. There has been a reported rise in ‘dreams’ of Jesus increasing within Islam itself. Look this up and don’t trust what anyone tells you until it has been tested and proves to accurate- even me.

A link to the increasing dreams as veracity to behold- to the witnessing of God’s Holy Spirit. This is God’s love at work.


“When the ‘litmus test’ is but the injustice we’ll get”©

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Can we expect justice… when one is not charged
over another, having served this country or not?
Is it not fair when difference is observed to facts
alleged vs. facts known… web of lies we’ve bought!
Say it’s not true, in America, when conventions are
ratified to exclude ‘vox populi¹’ or the general public…
there would then be a ‘short circuit’ to any democracy,
God fearing or not, not even a monarchy but republic,
the benchmark removed… to be this transparent as
to render a glimpse of an arbitrary abuse of power,
this is what the sands contained in an hourglass do…
stream from one axiom to yet another, hour by hour.

1… ‘vox populi’ refers to ‘popular voice’ or ‘voice of the people’. This is ‘a Republic’, right?

Hillary on email!
We the people… and this is how it started, the documents not ‘Classified’ but made public- transparent. The problem is to get from the ink and paper… to the human heart… to actions taken in support of these words (axioms and ideals). This is where ‘justice for all’ is not thought of as simply words to reflect on but to genuflect on and show deference to them, and on them, as they are believed. This is when American respect for its people and their differences is found to be honorable.

Below is but one example of less than honorable… and in the military worthy of a ‘BCD (Bad Conduct Discharge)’ or ‘Dishonorable Discharge’- or worse, one of those aforementioned and prison time.



What is the difference between Hillary Clinton and Kristian Saucier… are they not both American? A few pictures or a couple thousand emails… which is worse? One of these people might go to prison… and the other might become President! Ah… Amerika!

Hillary's banned words

“When it comes to Hillary”©

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Trust, truth and scandal…
we can only trust truth of
more than one scandal.


Fear II


To be this mired down with: the Clinton Foundation issues, Benghazi still ringing in our ears, the lack of an American flag… on day one at the DNC, mysterious deaths following her heels… after being served by summons, emails still on the media’s lips, and all this while running for the US Presidency- so much for stability… but we can be together in our ‘short circuit‘ and secure knowing she’ll do her best to undermine our sovereignty, economy and way of life- UN toadie that she is.



“If she was my daughter I’d… “©

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If you are old enough to remember him…
this picture brings to mind Frank Zappa,
and you don’t need to think about ‘yellow
snow,’ or go running to find an old Zippo,
just think about Monica Lewinsky, Linda
Tripp, Gennifer Flowers… Frank’s song
spoke of what he would like to do, and
of what it means to have power run along…
the plain old thoughts of everyone, right?
Left to pale at what such control can do,
to think there might have been some, like
Zappa, realizing it as more to what is true.

would you allow this... if she was 'your Daughter?'

I don’t care where you are on the ‘economic strata,’ this is one thing I wouldn’t allow… Bill Clinton to ‘touch‘ my daughter. I feel sorry for Andrea… Andrea Catsimatidis, daughter of New York City grocery magnate John Catsimatidis. This is the list of viable contributors, to the Clinton Foundation, and there are some that have speculated ‘sex slavery’ and/or gun-running for those involved is one of the biggest reasons Ambassador Stevens never came home (he knew to much)- funding provided by some from this article. You can value the changes implemented all you want [Together]… see what I mean here.


The line (below) comes from Frank Zappa’s song,”Brown Shoes Don’t Make It.” Here is a link with some info on Frank Zappa’s Political Influence. Below that is a short video with Frank speaking about ‘fascist theocracy.’

…I’d like to make her do a nasty
On the White House lawn…

“That sounds like a threat!”©

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Yes,”Words have consequences¹,”
but Hillary,”Actions do too²,” and
those that have spoken against
you³ don’t end up being so grand,
consider this just misfortune… go
let the blind lead the blind in tow,
leave this for the ‘simpletons’ that
think your hand will help them grow.

1… Hillary recently reminded Trump about this, after a rally was held where he [Trump] spoke about Second Amendment people… whereby Hillary called it,”his casual inciting of violence.Here is how one news station in Israel saw it.

2… with the recent slight of the American flag, if Hillary controlled what the stage was to look like… then actions speak louder than words. See what the flap was over here (how it looks in Israel) and below.



Where is the flag of the US?

The shape we are in

This is the real shape we’re in… the state of the nation: with racial tension, slighting our allies of the past, ignorance and apathy (apparent) and loss of our own flag at a convention- that of the DNC. Can we afford more of this?



3… with the three recent deaths, each coming after the DNC Convention, of: DNC staffer Seth Rich (July 10), Shawn Lucas (August 2), who served the DNC with a complaint and summons, and John Ashe (June 22nd), former President of the United Nations General Assembly, who was going to begin pretrial meetings (and would testify) about ‘further Clinton cronyism.’

If you would like to know (actually understand) a little bit of truth about corruption, the Clinton legacy (in Arkansas) and not the innuendo the media (today) is feeding us on the TV… just look here. This comes from Sam Smith, Publisher of the Progressive Review, a journalist and activist [and gay], and you can look at an interview [not a video], conducted by Adam Engel, Counterpunch, Nov. 13th, 2003, with him here. Facts are facts… and facts have no feelings toward who provides them. You can have your own opinions but not your own facts!



Please keep in mind, I’m a Democrat too… but I cannot vote for Hillary (the UN puppet) as a veteran.   #thecolorofamericaisamerican



“The roots of freedom withered”©


When the roots that freedom wrought
do wither up… to dry and die, the vine
we’ve all gloried in (today), ideally, and
languished upon, liberty thought so fine
but that branch now has broken off and
is the same one used to strike another…
damn this false pretense of diversity, as
liberty is denied beating a Sister’s Brother,
what teaches thee them… them that do
attend, to attend our own funeral pyre,
to tempt the pain of ire… this tongue in
cheek¹ education, the formality of liar
and thief… to misrepresent selfishness
as: valiant, noble, exemplar of self rule,
to turn from freedom given to freedom
taken… stolen then by libertines so cruel,
think not long or hard on truth,”To bigotry
no sanction, to persecution no assistance²,”
or to questions long thought of as slavery…
there is no entitlement without resistance.

1… in 1845, Author Richard Barham, in his book entitled,”The Ingoldsby Legends,” reports a Frenchman as saying,”Superbe! Magnifique!” (with his tongue in his cheek). This is the first recorded use of the phrase.


tongue in cheek


2… the line,”To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance,” comes from George Washington, found in a letter he wrote in 1790, to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island. You can also read an article I wrote on this same premise here.


“There shall be no peace (no justice) with diversity (pluralism) if but one group within it is slighted.”
Russell D. Holder


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