“God help us”©

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[The title might as well read,”God help us… everyone!”©]
If you think we will have the choice… there are more of them (in the video below) than there are of you and what others like you believe- in other words… our fate (politically) is in their hands. What a thought! It is nice to know ‘the millennials’ have paid attention, the under ’25 years old’ class of voters. You can thank ‘extremist liberals’ for their infiltration to the educational system (where wide spread failure abounds) and their lack of teaching what should have been taught vs. what they allowed and were directed to teach the youth of today. W. E. B. Du Bois [1868-1963] was right,”Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.




This is what I call ‘the yardstick for truth.’


Go ahead and vote for Hillary, as you see it in Texas already… this is our fate.



This image in Texas started a firestorm of controversy!






“How snide (or smug) can she be… with us?”©


[The Presidential debate, streamed live on Sept. 26th, 2016, with Lester Holt, from Hofstra University- seen below… ]



Let’s see: more of the Bush-Obama Agenda (we can’t afford ‘Blackwater [open market purchase]’ any more), support for ‘Planned Parenthood [forced abortion]’ without choice, borrowing from China to pay for the war effort, NAFTA [set up by Bush Sr. and signed in by Bill Clinton] came without a vote (sound familiar?), President Obama denigrates Christianity and would elevate Islam (in a speech at the UN and at the National Prayer Breakfast) as Hillary would defend him and her view becomes quite clear- they are the same, or they have the same advisors, or they believe the same… Muslim! Did you know Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same, look here for proof?



In all fairness, extended to the President here, his words were altered (I discovered) to appear as they do in the picture but look to the National Prayer Breakfast or the UN links above to see how he (really) feels about it!


As to the words placed on the picture, I found this on Snopes and will place it here with a link to provide clarity to: context, intent and meaning.




This is a kiss-of-betrayal… against the US!


Do you think she changed?


Not once did ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get called out on being a Muslim! Can you imagine that… even after it being discovered April 18th, 2014, along with the Rhodes Memo, the fabricated (concocted) statement Hillary issued on the evening of the ‘Benghazi attack (blaming inflammatory material posted on the internet)’ and the attack being started by protesters. See an article on it here. So this was worth the loss of American lives… all to cover up: no protestors were present before the attack (top military officials in Stuttgart, Germany [Africom headquarters] watched live feed from a Predator drone), Hillary denied connection with Muslim Brotherhood but is a part of it- see another article here. To bring up being stiffed… when Hillary (The President and the State Department) ‘stiff-armed’ the: Public, government and truth about Benghazi- denial does nothing to aid the omission of what really happened and her version of what happened conflicts with what was discovered. In trying to blame Trump in his advocating for the Libyan attack [1:14:09 into the Presidential debate], as if to say she was only doing as he would have wanted her to do, she tells us of her own involvement indirectly (and subconsciously). If she was merely telling it like it was… this would not require the need for a cover-up, would it? If she was: directly involved, supported the efforts of the attackers or had inside information… then there would be a clear need to distance herself from it. If she is not (now) considered a part of the effort there is no lucid reason to attempt to defend President Obama from the claim he is Muslim, is there? [Please Note: taxes were first disclosed under Nixon… the effort did not serve him well, to show he was transparent and squeaky cleanhe wasn’t!]





This is in the speech he gave at the UN Assembly.


You can listen (by choice) to the audio tapes that came out (exposed by The Washington Times) at the link here.

CNN also caught: altering, changing, spinning or distorting information passed off as news (or news worthy)… with a clear-eyed view to the bias main-stream media has to promote Hillary- imagine that!



Little wonder Brit Hume calls Hillary less than attractive, stated after the debate.



This is a move to save their hide but not their souls!

How about believing Louis Farrakhan would defend Donald Trump? See below for yourself…



or what is (NOW) in place in the smart State of Texas, Shariah Law and a Tribunal Council in Irvine, Texas. See below…



See what is being done (by some) in England, London buses now carry ‘glory to allah’ advertisements… and a dignified outrage by some citizens over the spread of ‘Shariah’ in Britain.





Now in London Christianity is all-back-of-the-bus!


To top it all off is the same reaction (one of dismay) by CNN News Journalist, specifically… one Brooke Baldwin, caught in the headlights of truth. This should be the same reaction coming from half the country- shock!




this does not speak to ethnocentrism, it speaks of a goal… a means to reach for supremacy.


Unfortunately, this is one of those things where you shouldn’t rely on an opinion of another to reach a conclusion for yourself!



“Let Hillary deny it… she is one!”©




In the wrong hands we’d wring our own…
thinking we helped them in their quest,
and the quest, it seems, is to put in place
their laws over ours… then seen as best,
this is, as they would consider it to be, ‘the
Kingdom of god’ now, this is not a test…
as this has been the goal all along.

In the right hands, still a man, is when we see
absolute power corrupts absolutely… so true,
and no matter how peaceful the effort is seen-
then the goal is realized… US to be through,
so then just how easy is this sooner done, to
be soon accomplished, turncoats tried and blue…
as this has been the goal all along.

Do you remember the DNC and a real flag…
there wasn’t one (or more) until sound outcry,
how about the Palestinian Flag, but a tempered
response to solid an outcome, Oh they’ll try
but the Bible tells us they will win (briefly) and
will be smashed for disobedience- decry and deny
as this has been the goal all along.


To alter the perception of what actually happened in the Benghazi attacks vs. what they told us had happened (and why) is part and parcel to why many in this country do not: like, trust or respond well to the likes of ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To compound the feelings of mistrust all one has to think of is email, ‘Classified Documents’ and how she overlooks her husbands behavior toward other women. If you could ask Cristy Zercher how she feels about what she went through, I’m sure you’d have a more poignant view. Just when you thought the (alleged) scandals weren’t enough… this story surfaces, and you wonder why Trump says it like he does.


If Hillary was running for President to be a champion for everyday Americans… why did she turn her back on our way of life and seek to promote ‘Shariah Law’ with her own choice of action. See what I mean in the videos below…

Hillary comment!



Hillary is upset about Trump not slamming a questioner about Pres. Obama being a Muslim. If President Obama is not a Muslim… why did he say what he did at the UN?








The American Thinker link on Shariah and another source to fully grasp (to comprehend) how Shariah will work– viewed as being above US Law.

Some images can be found here.




Is there more to the Hamas connection with the Muslim Brotherhood… or are they both the same thing? One article spells it out here!



“A tidbit of a question… about 9-11!”

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Have you ever wondered why these images were found… without any (solid) answers, or did you simply not question what the government told you?







How about a video that you never saw… on something that never happened! See below…



Still have no questions?


“Now that you had your 9-11 America (fifteen years later)… see how well you’ll remember this”©




What happened to Hillary on 9-11, 2016, as some say she was overheated. I hope you’ll remember Romney’s 47% comment as you think about Hillary’s 50%… the ‘Basket of Deplorables‘ she thinks 1/4 of Americans are. Just what demographics is she using… if she thinks this about 1/4th of the entire country? This has me overheated (hot-under-the-collar)!




Have you ever heard of ‘Scholars for 9-11 Truth‘… if you haven’t: it should not be thought pretentious to share it with you, I do not believe ignorance (a failure to inform or enable) is reason enough for me not to tell you or to censure (express severe disapproval) anyone for my own opinions and beliefs, or to be so bold/ludicrous as to tell you either there is no such thing as a conspiracy or everything is a conspiracy. Even science tells one to ‘follow the facts to a conclusion’… not simply an opinion, guess or preconceived notion.


Suffice it to say (in layman’s terms), there exists clear evidence, published in The Environmentalist (March 2009, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 56-63), of the presence of PM [Particulate Matter] at GZ, or from the debris pile of GZ, from: thermite, Benzene, Styrene, and other VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals). The EPA monitored these emissions and found the maximum rate in November (2001): Benzene PM to be 180,000 ppb (breathing levels at 100 ppb are known to cause leukemia), Styrene in excess of 150,000 ppb and VOC’s at levels thousands of times higher than other structural fires.


See Dr. Steven E. Jones below…






Other articles of interest (most on 9-11) for you to scrutinize. Just pick from the link found here.

There are more people affected now… with various cancers among ‘First Responders’ than previously assumed or believed. See this link, with information from the CDC. According to the article, by Laura Ly [CNN], see below an abstract…
People enrolled in the program have been diagnosed with 6,378 separate cancers, indicating that several people have been afflicted with more than one type of cancer linked to 9/11. Many of the cancer diagnoses are believed to have resulted from exposure to known and suspected carcinogens and pollutants after the attacks.


This appears to be the (proverbial) tip of the looming iceberg and a situation swiftly becoming worse as time goes on! There should be public outrage over the Congressional failure to allow the 9-11 Cancer Fund to lapse… be treated as if they are of no concern to: America, her people or what it means [embodies] to care for our own.



When people have said anything about there being a (possible) conspiracy¹… prior to this article, one need only look at these two images seen below this comment and wonder. If you do not get a raised eyebrow (in the very least) or ask yourself,”How could this be?”, then just go on thinking ‘the official story is true’ and there is nothing more to this than meets the eye!





Why was this found on our money, and the bills taken out of circulation (proof removed)? If we see proof on our own money… does this place some of the blame (responsibility) for this horrific act on some within our own government?


1… conspiracy: A secret plan/plot/agreement by a group to do something unlawful or (even) harmful.



There was a ‘Poet Laureate’ affected also, Amiri Baraka [Poet Laureate of the State of New Jersey], who had his status as New Jersey Poet Laureate removed before his death… for something he wrote about 9-11. Amiri Baraka (10/07/1934-01/09/2014), formerly known as LeRoi Jones, wrote the controversial poem,”Someone blew up America.” See it in the video below…






This is one I wrote post 9-11, and is p. 1 in my audiobook or Kindle version,”Of eagles and ostriches,” and you can read it below…





Have you ever heard of PNAC [the missing link] (Project for the New American Century), funny thing about this is it is from the very people we gave our trust to… making us then complicit to the values and actions they took. Here is a full PDF on the mission of ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses,’ written by Paul Wolfowitz. If you will look at this stuff ‘open-minded’ and not shake it off like a goat… see if this link is by a ‘whack-a-doodle’ or not.
Since (in large part) President Obama has continued policies put in place by President Bush… it is plausible to expect a continuation of these same plans by another Democrat- mainly Hillary.
“This process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Some of the (very) notable signatories found in PNAC (seen below) are still some what politically active today. See an incomplete listing of but some of its most well known below…



Three of the missing members on this list include William Kristol, Richard Perle and Charles Krauthammer.


Yes this country was catalyzed… remember all the flags flying in support of the USA?

There were even changes made to license plates due to 9-11, see below…




I’d like to ask you one last question… if everything was above board, meaning we were really attacked liked they said we were, why the need to place a ‘Presidential Seal’ on the information about it? Things that make me go Hmmmm!




Images on 9-11 are from here, here, here and here (or are my own).




“The winter of our discontent”©




[Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder of Facebook) gives $20 million to beat Trump. I guess he hasn’t understood anything about UN Resolution 16/18… that Hillary is in bed with the OIC, and Shariah Law will be in place in the US if she has anything to do with it. She is a ‘Benedict Arnold in a skirt’, and we know because President Obama and her are both cut from the same cloth.]






The kiss of betrayal

The winter of our discontent“©

What do capitalists fear from another capitalist?
Do they think this is the biggest worry beating
our shores… the shoreline looks pretty damn
wide open, to those who afford the cheating…
not having a conscious thought to slight their
sleep, no worry when you act like Jane Fonda,
and even she got ‘Woman of the Year’, although
derided for being a traitor by POW’s, the lemma
denouncing fealty, fidelity to Country and those
serving in her name,”Freedom” once recognized
as something one should cherish… but instead
it gives rise to those who’d spit on you, realized
when you see actions taken against the people
and ways we have: lived and died for forsaken,
deceit is used and offered up as goodness, and
forfeiture of office denounced… submit unforgiven.




Don’t people get what happened in Florida, at the Pulse, was not a fluke. This is what Islam thinks about gays, male or female, and if Hillary is elected… what one might expect from it. This will come to fruition with Shariah in her hip pocket, special thanks to her aiding the OIC with UN Resolution 16/18… if you think you will be able to speak out about it then! I guess it is possible (though not plausible) that people have forgotten: while grazing on individual concerns, dining at the corporate through or enjoying what luxuries most Americans simply dream about still.


[Please note… you have a choice with Christianity but the choice is yours. You will not have a choice with what is done under a theocracy (in layman’s terms- the kingdom of god) as it is thought to be by those in Iran today.]


W.E.B. DuBois Quote!


“Human Rights violations, UN involved”©


Is this where we are headed?

Is this what is coming?

North 6


What happens when the UN sets about to violate
it’s own policies, with regard to interpretation and fate,
What redress does one have left… check and mate…
Shariah Law cares only for its own.

When blasphemy is in blood and ink, tile and stone,
the Caliphate will grow word by word, bone by bone,
accepting only their belief… not one head with a cone…
Shariah Law cares only for its own.

The UN gave us ‘Human Rights’ but uses a distinction,
and the situation we face comes with cruel new mention
influenced by political means, a tenuous interpretation…
Shariah Law cares only for its own.


UN Resolution 16/18, supported by Hillary and [obviously] the Democrats [White House also], was intended to put a stop to: intolerance, bias… even blasphemy [why would it aid and abet based solely on distinction of difference] but clearly stated inside the Dome of the Rock are these words- seen below.


O People of the Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning God save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His Word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers, and say not ‘Three’ – Cease! (it is) better for you! – God is only One God. Far be it removed from His transcendent majesty that He should have a son. … Whoso disbelieveth the revelations of God (will find that) lo! God is swift at reckoning! 

For a Christian the words above are blasphemy, and found in these words is the ‘intention’ to exploit tensions and target individuals on the basis of their religion and/or belief. The intention is profoundly stated within ‘The Dome of the Rock’, and in plain sight of followers of one religion against, and opposed to, any other [but pointedly against Christians]. Furthermore, on the outside of ‘The Dome of the Rock’ are two more sayings (and they could be declared ‘blasphemy’ as well).

There are two inscriptions on the outside entrances at ‘the Dome of the Rock.’ One says,”The unity of God and the prophecy of Muhammad are true.” The other one says,”The Sonship of Jesus and the Trinity are false.”

You can read this for yourself, through a free e-book… offered by BAS [Biblical Archaeological Society], found here. You can also read about the Dome of the Rock at a site [here] maintained by the US Islam org., to aid you in your own conclusions.


The words below are also in this same category…


Surah 29:46 “And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, but say,”We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one;


[Below found at an Islamic site… a quote from a source (what looks to me like ISIS propaganda) undisclosed]


“We are living in the time of global Jihad, when the war now is not about countries fighting each other for land, but for dominance of ideas (our battle is to make the Truth superior over falsehood).”

Here is where UN Resolution 16/18 becomes (unclear… open to interpretational differences) a means to an end.


“… without distinction as to, inter alia, religion or belief,” and “Concerned about actions that wilfully exploit tensions or target individuals on the basis of their religion or belief… ”


How important are these 'Basic Rights' to you?

The poignant changes to “The UDHR”(Universal Declaration of Human Rights), made with distinction, render the initial efforts (once noble) to be abandoned- either from political impetus or lack of (true) concern for what we were given in the first place!


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), download a PDF of it for yourself here.


Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.


Article 5.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


Article 18.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


Is this a 'common' perception?

This is where a Christian and an Atheist agree… illogical but true.


[This is being added Sept. 9th, 2016, this link here… and the comment found below. To my amazement there are still people willing to vote for this ‘Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) in a skirt.’ So I ask Americans all… will we support those we fight against- losing: lives, money and even our way of life?]
A comment on Facebook… my own!
If you say you are voting for Hillary, an avowed globalist, you had better ‘hip yourself up’ to what UN Resolution 16/18 is all about. Hillary was instrumental, while working(?) for the US State Department(?), in arguably assisting: an outside organization, put forth efforts to promote an Agenda counter to American values (being based on a Judeo-Christian standard), to aid and abet ‘distinction based on bias’; which could be used to further erode US ‘free speech’ on US soil. UN Resolution 16/18 comes with two flaws… it fails to address violations coming from, and by, the ones it aids, and does not see itself having a bias but assumes to gain a stronger foothold, to clear the way, in seeking supremacy itself.








The images seen above are from here.



“Hillary is no queen… unless it’s for 9-11″©




If you might wonder
why the young die in our streets…
a loss of ethics.


I cannot in recent memory remember a time I’ve been more disgusted with my own party- the Democratic Party. First, there were (physically) no American flags (none) on the stage at the DNC [Democratic National Convention… day one] under Hillary, and those in charge of the Democratic Party. What is true is ‘snoops’ was caught in a lie about it [see an article here, by The Daily Caller, but be aware there might be some advertising there that is less than flattering]. Second, I heard there were more flags raised for ‘Palestine’ (an international concern) than American flags. Third, to see the FBI give Hillary ‘the fast track (the slip stream… over mishandling ‘Classified’ information, see below… at the bottom of this article)’ to what looks more tyrannical than Presidential… turning from Dept. of Justice to ‘Injustice’, in their choosing not to prosecute violations beyond ethical boundaries tolerated by law. Nemo est supra legis… is Latin for: No one is above the law! If I cannot vote for Trump I’ll not be voting at all. Not one more American life to be lost without losing sight of ‘how important this election is’- most likely our last one before we lose every freedom we ever cared for.

I can think of a strong and valid reason the Bushes and the Clintons would vacation together- gun-running and geo-political globalist Agenda. The Bushes had a strong connection with ‘the Carlyle Group,’ a means of making selfish gains despite the harm it causes. It would appear the ‘New World Order’ simply wants to profit from as much unrest as it can: cause, generate, maintain or instigate. It was under Bush we went into Iraq… creating the power vacuum needed for ISIS to rise to power. Meanwhile, the sale of arms grows to a happy height of profit- just think… you were emotionally used to enable the whole damn thing.



One article goes to the point of showing and telling about Hillary being supported by Bush backers- see it here. Sadly, some of what is stated in it is found to be ‘misinformed opinion’ and not truthfully supported by facts. NAFTA was not given to us by Bill Clinton, he just signed and ratified it, and it was George H.W. Bush that set it in motion. See the truth here. This is what has gone on under our noses… agreements that thumbed their nose at our Democracy, and you wonder why you hear about ‘the North American car of the year’… without even voting on it!

If there was ever money to be made, from shady deals and guns, you might think small arms meets big players through The State Department. Could this be part of the reason Benghazi was left out in the cold– someone knew to much about what was really going on? So… still want Hillary as your ‘Home-coming Queen?’ You elected President Obama with so little time in office but tout Hillary having more experience! I guess experience is not the highest consideration when “emails” are still the benchmark used to point to truth (transparency) or deceit- as it might be intended to keep us all in the dark. News Flash… same goals are riding the bus Miss Parks. I challenge anyone to read the links posted below… with an open mind, and then to “think” before you vote!

“Got email… have a cigar”© seen here.

“Of Sandy Hook, a Governor and Goldman Sachs”© seen here.

“Chaos was the punch we were given… and we drank it!”© seen here.

“Who we listen to can have dire consequences”© seen here.

“Of media, politics and lies”© seen here.

“He claimed no interest in ‘one world governance’ but said ‘global’ a lot”© seen here.

“Without thoughts of thee”© seen here.

“The values of change are already here!”© seen here.

“Follow the bouncing ball… whose court?”© seen here.

“Can you say Libertine… I know you can!”© seen here.

“Shadow banking, from Hillary’s own lips- the small problem in the room”© seen here.

“What change?”© seen here.


Federal Law: Title 18. Section 2071
Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

What will you remember this Sept. 11th?