“Find yourself… not so green”©

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[DISCLAIMER: The image used for this piece of writing is not intended to: represent a religion, draw attention to any one religion or cause anyone from a religion undue grief. It is just a picture of a frog I thought was appropriate for this work- nothing more and nothing less.]

“Find yourself… not so green”©

Before I croak
or believe another Bloke,
I think of Kermit and the
rainbow song…
but before I croak
I will shout or evoke
the truth God saves us
from all we do wrong,
to choke on the ordinary
(if we hear any more crock)…
what we might be, true, but
God says with Him we belong.

Let’s not just: go green (blindly… following the world, as it would have us become like them), become an animal (left with nothing but our emotions to guide us), pantheistic or pluralistic (thinking God is found in all the objects around us or humanities views also applied to God- being equal… as all gods are Godlike in their nature and are then, therefore, the same) or any other false belief (realizing nothing from the Hebrew God as the truth it [actually] is) come by way of deception, distraction or lie.
[This comes to us by the Hand of Hegelian Dialectics (below)- found here]

On this reading, Being is the positive moment or thesis, Nothing is the negative moment or antithesis, and Becoming is the moment of aufheben or synthesis—the concept that cancels and preserves, or unifies and combines, Being and Nothing.

Little wonder there are more and more people feeling an emptiness in their being, and the rage that comes from not being anchored in a ‘sound’ belief- where peace is ultimately the goal… without violence seen coming from their actions. When secular shows like Dr. Phil cover victims of ‘religious violence’, here race is not a factor, I see this as an ‘ongoing’ victimization of those suffering from their loss: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This happens when ‘Moral Relativity’ is pushed on the masses… at a time when there still exists extremists bent on forcing their ‘radicalized views’ on us all.

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“The UN, Maurice Strong and the coming changes to touch even YOU”©

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Learn to understand. If you can't understand... blame flourine (flouride)!

Learn to understand. If you can’t understand… blame flourine (flouride)!

Let me be one of the first to play devil’s advocate here, with a jog down memory lane, and to an unpleasant reality for some. The green movement, started by one Maurice Strong… and certain other environmentalists(?), was (simply put) a means to generate a ‘false concern for the environment’ while appearing to care for something and foist this with a detrimental goal- and you can read this article on his exploits. Sadly, today, Maurice is still in hiding in China… after the scandal he placed himself squarely in the middle of. Read of him at Wikipedia… considered an Eco-guru by some (still) despite the global cabal and push for a one world government. If anything is to be learned here it is just how much influence peddling can consume the self serving- to line their own pockets at the expense of others, and their beliefs, in something taken to an extreme or to heart.

How 'green' is this dragon that would consume us all?

How ‘green’ is this dragon that would consume us all?

Here is another view of some that would reach in your pocket to help you out of your money, look here. The ‘Green Movement’ appears to be more than a vehicle… a construct for Capitalists, also an itinerary to mask globalist’s true intentions (distraction), to take advantage of those concerned in environmental issues and: guide their thoughts, fleece the flock and strip mine anyone they possibly can.

The ideology of ecological concerns lies in wait until all the building blocks are in place- before consuming us.

The ideology of ecological concerns lies in wait until all the building blocks are in place- before consuming us.

 I cite the UN with their own motivational schedule of books, including: water, energy, Human Settlements, Sustainable Development and many others… find them here. The catch phrase for the time we live in is “Sustainable Development” or any choice use of words with ‘sustainable’ linked with it. This came from out of ‘The Agenda 21’ plans, divulged at the Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, 1992, and Maurice Strong was clearly involved. Here is the Wikipedia version of this, the UN papers on it… and the things even ‘TreeHugger’ Magazine will not tell you- the plans within the plans… to depopulate the Earth by eighty percent [80%]. This went to the Arizona Senate in 2013 (the whole Agenda 21 thing), see more here and gauge it for yourself. ICLEI is a group of supporters around the country in favor of ‘Agenda 21,’ and the signatories cover the entire country (of the US), and if you have not heard of them take a peek here. Eisenhower warned us of ‘the Councils of Government’ before he left office… and this is proving to be more true than any of us ever imagined it could be.

So warm and fuzzy... literally!

So warm and fuzzy… literally!

Here is an openly declared site, written in stone, and there is nothing hidden here at all- as to what the actual goal involves. If you would be so kind as to take a glance… an article I wrote on ‘The Georgia Guide Stones.’ You can have your own beliefs but not your own facts! I find what is written there more in line with what the UN is espousing than with any other group or organization… how about you? If this doesn’t worry you then see what the Science Czar says from his own words and deeds in motion… when actions become the motivator of what we value.

Give 'em hell Harry!

Give ’em hell Harry!

Some difference here!

Some difference here!



Health Care or far worse?

Health Care or far worse?

P.S. If any of this is even slightly true, does this not place the importance on: what you believe, who you believe in and why? It is my prayer you will think about what this life holds, the things you say you value (if you value love at all) and know… free will exists for but one purpose- to choose Jesus while you have the time and chance to! Man or God… the choice is yours!

Twenty years of politics as usual... far from it!

Twenty years of politics as usual… far from it!

I offer you a free PDF, a pamphlet… by Freedom Advocates, one concerning ‘Agenda 21’ and your understanding of Sustainable Development- click here. I’ll also include a link to a show by Julian Charles (a Podcast), of ‘The Mind Renewed Radio,’ UK., and an interview with Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates.

Images used come from these sites, first and second.

Flash flood warning yesterday… listen well if you hear the same thing!

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It was reported with the National weather Service, yesterday… July 10th, 2014, Mohave County, Arizona, as having possible flash floods. Take a look at what happened in the front of my house… and ask yourself if your day was as damp?

Just a little water

Just a little water

A little more water

A little more water

A torrent!

A torrent!

Hello water

Hello water

Now what?

Now what?

Glad I don't have to go to work to

Glad I don’t have to go to work to

Just think if you got caught in a wash... not just looking from your home?

Just think if you got caught in a wash… not just looking from your home?

“What ‘America the Beautiful’ is not… to be used for personal gain!”©

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Yes… Superbowl [this year a ‘super-yawn] brings with it the highly expensive commercials… ones that get etched into our ‘American conscience’ and are so memorable as to be greatly funny [and appealing] or so strikingly wrong they are remembered forever… distilled to be a part of who we are as a people. This year [for me] there were three such commercials that will be remembered for having the qualities worthy of such fond like and dislike they will not so soon be forgotten (at all). The first and second commercials I liked both had Tim Tebow featured in them… rather ironic that Tebow was the Quarterback Denver shipped off- especially since their game needed one in order to help the Broncos score points- which did not materialize until the second half. The third commercial, although it was shooting for the vision of inclusion [here is where the dislike comes in] actually turned into ‘a world-fest’ at the expense of a song we Americans value for being American [here it should be noted that ‘America the Beautiful‘ is not “The National Anthem” but is as highly regarded].

Here we go again, the controversy is swirling in the winds of the media and placed on the minds of those: incensed, overlooked, patriotic or unpatriotic… the melting pot of blind ambition or complacently blind banality. What controversy you might ask… the one which would alter the words (from english to the ones they [the Koch Brothers] used for their product) of the song,”America the beautiful,” to a: multicultural, world pleasing, globalist regarded, corporate greed over patriotic intentions (when anything American can be subjected to Corporate use)… placed on a song that rivals favor from the National Anthem itself.  If they wanted a new face for the,”I’d like to teach the world to sing (song),” why didn’t they do this with their own song? Why create the stir unless you have already planned on how to put the fire out? Although the emphasis to this Ad [at face value] does show some of what America is [by its diversity] but dilutes the ‘oneness’ of us by using PC styled methods to show ‘separate but equal’ as the basis for this being something we should honor.  See what they are saying in LA here… or in Time Entertainment. When it is found out that the Koch brothers are involved in controversies far worse than the Superbowl Ad… then people might take the stand I’m about to declare, I will no longer go out of my way to purchase Coke products for my home use or personal enjoyment. If you want to pay for their exploits by using their products… go right ahead!

P.S. I would like to note something here, there are Coke dispensers at work, and I’ll use them [in the employee dining area (for free)] but I will not spend one more red cent to aid the Koch brothers to treat anyone in the world as badly as they have. Look up the Coke-Pepsi controversy in India… then tell me what you REALLY THINK.

“It’s not just the Superbowl… it’s the first Super ‘pass the bowl’ hemp event of the century”

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Can one watch the Superbowl and not imagine these two teams as being the representatives of Cities which have legalized marijuana, and we are watching the first “Hemp Superbowl ever.” With Seattle and with Denver, the fact is true it might be a good thing the athletes will not be exposed to direct contact with what could cause ‘Munchie Mania.’ This is what the world will think about… as they watch this game, a game of what was just football not to long ago. What do you think?

“How green is that label in the window?”©

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From the dusty wrinkled face of

time itself comes this new view

of ‘green’ to be seen on shelf…

and the promise is by buying a

product with this packaging to

save the world… all by my self,

imagine that, it is me they’re count-

ing on…  to buy their product

and save some trees, water and life…

despite all the industrial waste

simply tossed in the seas, with the

landfills full, wrappings of strife,

to count on me being so gullible

to think it would help, a ‘green’

little label… to not think at all

of the environmental impact after I

throw away the product, no matter

what it is… now you make the call…

if the goal was selling or protecting,

so hard to say… so hard to say it wasn’t

when profits count more than we do!

The nerve to believe they truly care

for the Earth and for living things…

this pushy correctness to even be true,

some even hail the vision of ‘green’

as if it were a vehicle to sell grandeur…

proclaim it the holy green dragon,

something used to guide and motivate

those who feel for the Earth… almost

a new religion to live for and hang on,

you can almost feel the drumming of

their march to the mind, the motions that

sway their opinion of staid surety…

and it is to be so mesmerizing, the

rhythms to dance to… to overtake the very

rationale and purpose for thoughts to dignity.


“To minimize the citizenry of the world”©

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When did the shift from human resources

to taxable carbons occur?

It seems as though carbons are expendable…

so quick as to leave a blur…

a blur in understanding why, in understanding


could it happen over and over…

to reoccur again?

No longer to be treated as what we

are… luxury not in place,

useless eaters all, consumers… not

producers in this space,

and all the while our government changed…

with nothing left recognizable,

unsustainable… to our disgrace,

behind us our glory days…

and ahead the world to face.

Funny how the notion of ‘Green’ came about by a push from Maurice Strong, an ex-Secretary General for the U.N., a man who got caught in a carbon tax scheme in Chicago… and is currently staying (hiding) in China. Odd that as a direct result of the ‘Earth Summit,’ the U.N. Agenda 21 came about in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, and Maurice Strong had a hand in this as well- appointed Secretary General for the event. Maurice also sat on the Board of the IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development), a group that operates,”Treehugger.com,” but one of the many information disseminating groups geared to promote “SUSTAINABLE philosophies,” and sustainable is the newer catch word for running with U.N. Agenda 21 policies. ICLEI is the next one to affect us all (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) and is gathering momentum as we read this… the U.N. trap to secure our freedom- what little we have left.

1) This is a download, w/ Jerry Pearce-The Radio Detective, with Michael Shaw, which aired July 28th, 2012- Genesis Communications Network The Transformation of America

2) This is a download, Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen host as Michael Shaw presents an interview that aired June 8th, 2012- AxXiom for Liberty, Logos Radio Network, and also June 14th, 2012, for Shaw’s Oklahoma City, OK speaking presentation Central Oklahoma Agenda 21 Advances Through Regionalism and I give you the link for as many downloads of the truth you might be able to handle (if you can handle the truth), look here… http://www.freedomadvocates.org/documents/radio_shows/

3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Strong

 4) http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,250789,00.html



6) http://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/illegitimate_government/iclei_primer:_your_town_and_freedom_threatened_20090804364/