“To defy authority, radicalism and the American happening”©

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Try telling someone against anything…

everything, historic or not,

beliefs are a net therein caught!

To those in the Carolinas, with the

shark attacks in the news,

we go to fins over young shoes.

To those advocating against guns…

to see them all abolished,

The Caliphate wants them polished.

There are more humans killed by insects

and drunk drivers today…

than difference to ideas we’d say!

It is now OK to be married… and Gay,

sodomy Laws out-dated,

Grateful Dead is Soldier Field fated.

Nixon vendetta against Jerry Rubin,

push did come to shove…

they smoke in Colorado woods above.

Is there this inner need to succeed,

on and on we would try…

constructive or not, authority defy.

A great man once said...

A great man once said…

Jerry Rubin yet lives… in the ‘American Spirit’, unbridled, unbroken- We are everywhere. Watch the movie ‘V’ this weekend (if your home), fly a flag for yourself, enjoy the fireworks (thinking about the Veterans who gave it all for you to enjoy your Holiday). Pig on some ribs, have a hot dog or two and maybe a ‘Moonpie’ and an RC.

From: guerilla theater, Yippies to Yuppies, self confrontational advocacy and amotivational syndrome… these were the days of living through it- today, it remains easier for married Gays than NORML [National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws] Americans who desire freedom themselves from irrational laws and a war (the Drug War) we lost. Sounds like Vietnam… a ‘War’ that wasn’t called one, the one that called those coming back “Baby-killers” (memories live on even after eradication John Kerry] is currently in negotiations with Iran, over nuclear weapons building plans… and uranium enrichment programs, and insects and parasites really do kill more humans than guns ever will.

Did the Fulbright Hearings give us clarity or clear one American over another? Does this avid interest in Marxist philosophy… communism aid you- a warm fuzzy moment this Fourth of July, 2015? If you are still confused over what anti-war time revolutionaries (or revolutionary thoughts) have done, look at this little list and see what you think then?

Jane Fonda

Winter Soldier Investigation

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)

Abbie Hoffman

War on drugs

Weather Underground

Che Guevara

Allen Ginsberg

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things... as we want to see things!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!

This is to be considered, by this Veteran… a Vietnam Era Vet, a ding to your social awareness- have another Latte and scone but remember one thing- someone paid for the freedoms you will enjoy this Fourth of July.

P.S. Check out this posting… from almost a year ago- Happy Fourth of July, 2015.

P.S.S. Here is one American’s view of another… agree or not!?!

“Reach to yourself and fail us all”©

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With the disappearance of an Arizona tourist,

Denise Thiem, missing in Spain… with the FBI

involved, along with Senator McCain, and ABC’s

Good Morning America- all this will we so try

but turn our collective heads, as a Nation, to

our own people left to languish in their captivity…

and we would forge ahead with a deal with their

captors, Iran, to think this is right, such naiveté!

When one American is left in peril… we are all left in perilous times. I do understand the need to search for Denise but see the hypocrisy of this country’s efforts- especially when we have passed one thousand days of imprisonment for Saeed Abedini… and we know where he is and who has him. If we spent as much or cared as much for one of us… then we should exert the same efforts for any other or the facade of our concern for anyone calling themselves American will leave us with a tasteless conceit.

“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

Thomas Paine, Dissertation on First Principles of Government, December 23, 1791

This is 'American Common Sense.'

This is ‘American Common Sense.’

“The UN, Maurice Strong and the coming changes to touch even YOU”©

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Learn to understand. If you can't understand... blame flourine (flouride)!

Learn to understand. If you can’t understand… blame flourine (flouride)!

Let me be one of the first to play devil’s advocate here, with a jog down memory lane, and to an unpleasant reality for some. The green movement, started by one Maurice Strong… and certain other environmentalists(?), was (simply put) a means to generate a ‘false concern for the environment’ while appearing to care for something and foist this with a detrimental goal- and you can read this article on his exploits. Sadly, today, Maurice is still in hiding in China… after the scandal he placed himself squarely in the middle of. Read of him at Wikipedia… considered an Eco-guru by some (still) despite the global cabal and push for a one world government. If anything is to be learned here it is just how much influence peddling can consume the self serving- to line their own pockets at the expense of others, and their beliefs, in something taken to an extreme or to heart.

How 'green' is this dragon that would consume us all?

How ‘green’ is this dragon that would consume us all?

Here is another view of some that would reach in your pocket to help you out of your money, look here. The ‘Green Movement’ appears to be more than a vehicle… a construct for Capitalists, also an itinerary to mask globalist’s true intentions (distraction), to take advantage of those concerned in environmental issues and: guide their thoughts, fleece the flock and strip mine anyone they possibly can.

The ideology of ecological concerns lies in wait until all the building blocks are in place- before consuming us.

The ideology of ecological concerns lies in wait until all the building blocks are in place- before consuming us.

 I cite the UN with their own motivational schedule of books, including: water, energy, Human Settlements, Sustainable Development and many others… find them here. The catch phrase for the time we live in is “Sustainable Development” or any choice use of words with ‘sustainable’ linked with it. This came from out of ‘The Agenda 21′ plans, divulged at the Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, 1992, and Maurice Strong was clearly involved. Here is the Wikipedia version of this, the UN papers on it… and the things even ‘TreeHugger’ Magazine will not tell you- the plans within the plans… to depopulate the Earth by eighty percent [80%]. This went to the Arizona Senate in 2013 (the whole Agenda 21 thing), see more here and gauge it for yourself. ICLEI is a group of supporters around the country in favor of ‘Agenda 21,’ and the signatories cover the entire country (of the US), and if you have not heard of them take a peek here. Eisenhower warned us of ‘the Councils of Government’ before he left office… and this is proving to be more true than any of us ever imagined it could be.

So warm and fuzzy... literally!

So warm and fuzzy… literally!

Here is an openly declared site, written in stone, and there is nothing hidden here at all- as to what the actual goal involves. If you would be so kind as to take a glance… an article I wrote on ‘The Georgia Guide Stones.’ You can have your own beliefs but not your own facts! I find what is written there more in line with what the UN is espousing than with any other group or organization… how about you? If this doesn’t worry you then see what the Science Czar says from his own words and deeds in motion… when actions become the motivator of what we value.

Give 'em hell Harry!

Give ’em hell Harry!

Some difference here!

Some difference here!



Health Care or far worse?

Health Care or far worse?

P.S. If any of this is even slightly true, does this not place the importance on: what you believe, who you believe in and why? It is my prayer you will think about what this life holds, the things you say you value (if you value love at all) and know… free will exists for but one purpose- to choose Jesus while you have the time and chance to! Man or God… the choice is yours!

Twenty years of politics as usual... far from it!

Twenty years of politics as usual… far from it!

I offer you a free PDF, a pamphlet… by Freedom Advocates, one concerning ‘Agenda 21′ and your understanding of Sustainable Development- click here. I’ll also include a link to a show by Julian Charles (a Podcast), of ‘The Mind Renewed Radio,’ UK., and an interview with Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates.

Images used come from these sites, first and second.

“If United… act like it!”©

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Water… it is something most take

for granted, when they have it,

worth its weight in gold.

water… when you don’t have it, you

need to: clean, cook, wash and

bathe- within your fold.

Water… saved in rain barrels,

taken as dew… precious to

life itself, moisture sold.

Water… needed by us all but

isn’t it time to bring resources

to the world or remain cold?

Water… without it all life stops,

to much and we gain mildew…

mildew left us to mold,

water… clamor for those without,

care for it to be throughout the

world, United and bold.

There comes a time when some would say protect it (water) but who are we protecting when not everyone has equal and open access to this precious life giving resource? Thus, our method(s) of preserving water aids to further alienation from something we all deserve… clean drinking water. If the United Nations is ‘United’… let them act like they are, and pave the way to actions becoming of such common basic needs such as “Clean water for every human being.” Play politics with what you will but deny not one human being basic Rights to: clean water, believe as one sees fit (for themselves… without hurting another) and act ‘United’ for a common need as it should have been all along.

Are we as 'United' as we think we are? I think not... when 'United' there are actions taken to benefit all involved- we are talking 'the world' here and about something as basic to life as water!

Are we as ‘United’ as we think we are? I think not… when ‘United’ there are actions taken to benefit all involved- we are talking ‘the world’ here and about something as basic to life as water!

“If you say you are ‘Eco-oriented’… please help!”

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I find many people that claim to be Eco-minded, saying they care for the environment. Well, what about caring for those animals coming from the environment… or those currently discarded by people; which were under a false belief they really cared. I have some really good people I know (personally) and they care for birds that are: no longer wanted, needed or abandoned. The Haven Rescue and Sanctuary of Kingman, Inc. is just such a place that could (truly) use your help: getting the word out, adoption of a bird they have [if you are up to it] or by financial means, i.e. donations, Bird feed or pure interest and direct involvement. Even helping to share this post will translate into more recognition for the folks running this ‘Not for Profit’ business and exposure to a cause worth considering. All the information you need for contacting them is available below. I really do hope the video will touch your heart… and pull on your heart strings.

A Haven for unwanted birds... Large ones and small

A Haven for unwanted birds… Large ones and small

Here are a few of the many great birds, see below…

Bird I

another feathered friend...

another feathered friend…

Whose your buddy... whose your friend?

Whose your buddy… whose your friend?

Open declaration of mission and heart... for our feathered friends!

Open declaration of mission and heart… for our feathered friends!

Here is another of those birds at the sanctuary, see below…

This is Gurty, Blue and Gold Macaw.  She has been with us a few months now.  Starting to grow back feathers slowly.  She is 19 Years old, Just a young pup in the bird world. Posted by Bird Haven Rescue and Sanctuary of Kingman, Inc. on Sunday, May 25, 2014. While you’re there on Facebook… click ‘Like’ and help us spread the word along. There is also more to read and be informed on through their Yola site, seen above and available here, at ( http://www.birdrescue.yolasite.com/ ).

This will afford the Haven a great many improvements- like completion of the outside cages (see below).

Here is the impetus of aid (financial) and donations put to work.

Here is the impetus of aid (financial) and donations put to work.

Any financial help would be greatly appreciated… and you have no idea just how many there are- some will break your heart. Won’t you help someone that could really use it… someone standing in the gap and doing what others are unwilling to do?

“Thoughts from Steven’s Snow Man”©

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What is known of kindness from

the perspective of man?

Should we say,”Winter is patient,”

or even,”It is Springtime’s plan?”

In the absence of kindness man

can still exist but not live,

to exist is to survival what life

is to living… through meaning we give

to humanity such thoughts, notions

and ideas we’d ponder on- so silly,

as for ‘the mind of winter’ taken

so seriously as to be soon chilly,

ever heard of a benevolent

carnivore? This is Machiavelli…

the dog-eat-dog mentality of our own,

no longer more Stevens or Shelley

but we’d miss out on Stevens meaning…

his excellence of wit and thought,

‘nothing that is not there and the nothing

that is,’ no human misery found or sought.

Stevens, in his work “The Snow Man,” regarded winter for its tranquility… for having the absence of hum-drum activity of man and nature itself. Lines like,”… not to think of any misery in the sound of the wind,” and,”the sound of the land,” then shifting from sound to sight near the end with,”For the listener, who listens in the snow… beholds,” would direct us to thoughts of an absence from misery itself seen in nature’s wonderland. To think on the mind of winter… in this work, simply meant we need to slow down to seek the stillness nature offers us (at times) and marvel in it.

This one poem has been interpreted by many, since it was written, and appears to have drawn as many to critical points of: philosophy, morality, Biblical thought, ontological and epistemological musings. The best representation I’ve read, and seen on the net, with its many variations is found here. The one I agree with most is Beverly Meader- under Section two (#2).

If by argument in favor of Pound’s Modernist teaching… giving way to Imagism and a ‘less is more’ viewpoint, we should attempt to view Steven’s ‘Snow Man’ with a more valued view to ‘the transcendental qualities’ Wallace offers us in this work. Ezra could be brittle in his own condemnation received, seen in,”Cat-piss and porcupines!!,” and an abstract from the sourced link below…

When Ezra Pound first published his ‘Homage to Sextus Propertius’ a Professor of Latin was moved by lines like this—’Nor is it equipped with a frigidaire patent’—to write complaining of Pound’s competence. The reply, beginning ‘Cat-piss and porcupines!!’, seems mild in the circumstances.(10) I promise to respond in like vein to critics who manage to notice all by themselves that there were no tanks in Powys in the 850s.

but leaning more toward Fascism than not (evidenced by his moving to Italy [1924] and was captured/arrested [1945] on charges of treason). It can be stated Pound himself would opt for ‘the thoughtful man’ to understand his writing(s) and might well despise further criticism than need be placed on it for one’s personal reasons. Odd, where he did not find favor with the critics until the fifties, under New Criticism, implying there should be a separation between the Author and the work rather than concern for external or social considerations.*

This picture of Ezra Pound was taken at the Army Disciplinary Training Center after his arrest. Source was http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Pound

This picture of Ezra Pound was taken at the Army Disciplinary Training Center after his arrest. Source was http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Pound

You can read Wallace Stevens work,”The Snow Man,” here and even hear it (through poetryfoundation.org)… and form your own conclusions. Since Ezra Pound had a strong influence on Wallace Stevens, also with: T. S. Eliot, Robert Frost, James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway… it must be a foregone conclusion to say,”They might have had a brush against Pound’s own political views once or twice.” Is it also fair to say… they knew Ezra’s mind more than most.

You can also find the image used below at this location.

Which way do you lean... on understanding Wallace Steven's "The Snow Man?"

Which way do you lean… on understanding Wallace Steven’s “The Snow Man?”

*P.S. I also find the use of New Criticism not used to rally in favor of works by LeRoi Jones, Amiri Baraka, especially the work that caused him to lose his Poet Laureate of New Jersey “status” before he died [Oct. 7, 1934- Jan. 9, 2014], with his work entitled,”Somebody Blew Up America.” The minds of critics and the general public can be fickle in their own bias presented… and time causes views to change. In the Fifties we had McCarthyism… at a time when, I would expect, this (New Criticism) became a mechanism to be able to appreciate one poet over another or engage in criticism- without reprisal to association with the Author’s leaning or political bias. A way for Fascism to thrive in the face of freedom; which was masked by intellectualism. I think if a work can stand the test of time itself… by whatever Author, criticism (however valued or not) will continue, and it (the writing) can gain an intrinsic transcendental quality on its own merit.

P.S.S. Little wonder we can see the signs of Fascism thriving today, at: Sporting events (with Corporate Sponsorship), the rise of a growing intolerance for anything Christian (where ‘free will’ and thinking on what we’ve been taught to learn from extends to ‘the Great Commission’)… as Fascism is a growing cooperation between government and Corporations to an unholy status.

“When silence is deafening”©

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Where is the sense of outrage

to the oppression of Israel,

for the persecuted church or

for their images so visceral,

to the Moslems in the path

of destruction… sure included

and slighted by those silent

and belligerent, so occluded,

if one stands against the action

it would not matter by who…

unless it is to show true signs

of approval until its through.

For someone to take the position that it is not OK for God to do what man is now (openly) doing- this is not nor will it ever be neutrality by nature but an openly clear sign of endorsement. There is nothing to be more naked in appearance than hate for the rest of humanity one would so strongly oppose.

Job 8:13 KJV


13 So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite’s hope shall perish:

"The Jewish misfortune cookie." If we should slight the lesson given us then injustice is that which will rise to choke us all.

“The Jewish misfortune cookie.” If we should slight the lesson given us then injustice is that which will rise to choke us all. Just click on the image itself to get a better view!

If I had to call the image anything at all… it would be,”The Jewish misfortune cookie.” Yes, misfortune befell the Jewish people, and sometimes it was self aggravated, i.e. from a result of pride, rebellion to God’s desires over their own, actions they took as a people, not listening to what God told them to do (often for their own benefit)- slighting the importance of the moment or the gravity of the situation in which they were positioning themselves. Sometimes, it had nothing to do with what they did… and it came down to who they were.

The biggest misfortune we face today, placing the irreverent views now firmly on the rest of us, is to disregard the suffering of God’s own people of Israel (a vital part of human history) and not thinking it is important enough to: speak out when injustice is seen, take a stand for the values one says they have or believe in. To remain silent in our complacency is to  assuredly welcome this event as inevitable to scar the memory of humankind by seeing it happen again- spawned by our own arrogance and ignorance to consequences of our inaction or actions favoring it as a sound determination.

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