“When is substandard to be the benchmark… in US schools?”©

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In Florida, the former Governor’s state…

Jeb Bush, the educational system is broken!

By broken… I mean they would rather teach

with faulty books than hear ‘foul’ spoken,

they’re using books which do not include

christianity or Judaism, just Islam, for use…

this is a slight to: this nation, our principles

and students, history itself… such abuse.

Did you know this Jeb, and if you did, when

would it be OK to disregard religion so?

This gives the unfair… unequal problem

of saying,’indoctrination is OK to know,’

and it sends a very clear message to the

American people, Jeb, you’d not see it equal

(Islam to Judaism to Christianity), not when

our own teachers aid this without sure recall.

Who approved this, can you look into this Jeb?

Who but Dr. Michael Blasewitz to soon blame,

does this man deserve our ire, was the book

just faulty or told to remove it to our shame?

There seems to be a ‘brokenness’ of: agenda promoted, religious indoctrination sanctioned and one religion taught over the exclusion of others- and all this is abetted with US taxpayer money. I think the biggest issue here (other than the obvious) is,”Who is responsible for ordering the books, and to delete information about Judaism and Christianity… to the seclusion of Islam being preferred? If the books were faulty… is this by design or request?

This has raised the hackles of many people and rightly so. There seems to be a disconnect with ‘fair play’ or equality as the “benchmark” to be used here. Since this is being facilitated by school district employees, and having a wide range of exceptional differing opinions, can this be nothing more than the servile means to see our youth be conscripts to Islam- the far reaching impact on our culture as the goal? I bet you never thought you’d see the day this has become in America- this is not the US you or I grew up in or how we did things back then!

To completely separate religion from world history would be inappropriate,” says Dr. Michael Blasewitz. What about separating and isolating one religion taught over the exclusion of all others?

“To know softness you must be strong yourself… to endure”©

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Hand me no vessels of tin

to quench a thirst of Gold…

not the desire to attain it

but Autumnal colors old,

bear no false cups of Kings

that mankind seeks to know,

lie me down in fields fallow of

sublimity, fertile, to see them grow,

volcanic ground once hardened

but now richly endowed to plant…

this is the gain I seek, the gold

of hard Earth that said,”I can’t,”

when reds and golds yield to

age… they too become the earth,

it is in the newness of life cycles

we’ve laid down in gentle mirth,

age me like finest wine… or like

a stringed instrument I’ll be…

it took the coldest of life’s winters for

the wood of a stradivarius we see.

If it takes the furnace of understanding what God is telling me to sink in… stoke the fire and allow me to come forth like pure gold. This is my heart felt prayer! Seasons come and go… cold to warm, warm to hot… and back through the days of our lives.

Let your soul sing of the troubles you've known... and be better for it!

Let your soul sing of the troubles you’ve known… and be better for it!

Image is from here.

“The sewing needle has no conscience”©

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The tool of the seamstress… the tailor,

has no conscience, no realization of: whom

it pricks, the duration or the depth of the wound.

No power drunk King or the dogs at his feet

linger over the occurrence… and consciousness

becomes no factor when issues so trivial are

brought into public play, the words disregarded.

Whom then is this individual, this collective group

to welcome the thankless ones to their land… and

see those seeking peace to ballyhoo and belly ache

about cultural traditions of their host… the Saxons?

What happened to breathing a sigh of relief, when

relief was offered, and the feelings of being grateful

for not having been killed by their own (radicalized)

people of peace- the ‘headlines’ now left smudged?

Books can be folded but the words, ideas, will never

be erased… never be squandered by latent ruthlessness

or spindled and mangled by openness expressed as

support and slighted by bias, tasting less of raisins.

The drain consumes what sympathy existed yesterday…

the sink will be scrubbed and cleaned to use tomorrow,

and life will go on when choice is fresh to the mind of care.

Must we remain blinded... captives of our own beliefs?

Must we remain blinded… captives of our own beliefs?

How rich are we to become… when the gift of life is given us by grace. Knowing we have had our debt to sin paid (something we could never do on our own) by The only one who could (God Himself… the Word made flesh and the perfect sacrifice) and we are to be ‘thankful.’ The riches of heaven (found by the faithful) are what value this life cannot steal or rob, and moth cannot destroy. Transmutation does happen in this life… just look to the Moth and the Butterfly for proof- one of the daylight and one of the night. Which do you favor… light or night- in the light of day growth occurs and the importance of life is made plain!

Perspective opposed to thankfulness!

Perspective opposed to thankfulness! This is not an Eid prayer.

Image is found here.

“Can we be this stupid!?!”©

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There is a difference between the teaching of a

religion and teaching the religion, don’t you think?

Still, this same thing is currently going on… and we

think this is helping us, to indoctrinate and sink

into the quagmire of ‘liberality… mediocrity and

stupidity,’ an insult to any Veteran is this by cause,

this goes way beyond the pail of water we need to

carry to the fire to put out, matches of it… our ruse,

and the students left without the resources to see

what is playing out is being spoon-fed by force…

liberalism kidnapped by socialists with an agenda-

and “We” are to blind to see it… truth,”of course!”

See the truth of our own actions here!

See the truth of our own actions here!

It is one thing for Muslims to teach their own, in the US, but yet quite another when regular US students are told in class to: kneel on the prayer rugs, recite the prayers (actual prayers) while on them, tenets of the religion… and then not to realize they are being forced into the Muslim faith (indoctrinated)- just like the Madrasa system. This literally brings us full circle, defined best as an Ouroboros. To see an enemy, to fight an enemy… and then to become the enemy! Hello Patty Hearst! See one more article of interest here.

This is not water for putting out the fire... it is the 'flame thrower' in our own hands!

This is not water for putting out the fire… it is the ‘flame thrower’ in our own hands!

We just gave our own people in the military a black eye… what an insult!

Images from here, and this can also be seen here.

“Do you really believe the official story of 9-11… still?

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I will ask you but one questionand make a statement (a quasiquestion) after, and not a statement about the question

[The question]

If chaos theory would be applicable to the event of 9-11… how does it also apply to the broken status of peace and how quickly we scrambled to a militant [reactionary] response (not thinking it could have been guided or directed)- and apply the same characteristics of ‘chaos theory‘ to crowd psychology… as brought forth by Gustave Le Bon,”The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.”

[The statement… this is also in the form of a question, although it is not intended to be one you might answer without thought and reason to be applied]

If we are to attribute the failure of the twin towers to stand, based on heat and stress… and not understand why the debris pile was still hot long after it should have been, “why did Building 7 fall without a plane hitting it?”

I will leave you this to: ponder, think about and reflect on… the official story just does not add up. How well do you remember 9-11? Here are some images for you to see… just look here and here.

[Please watch this video and see if you don’t find the anomalies out-and-out strange… stranger than you thought this whole thing could ever be]

P.S. If you think what is written above is puzzling, how do you feel about freeing up money for Iran… with the deal, knowing there are still Americans there (languishing in prison) and {thanks to US involvement) the money can be used to further the reach of terrorism? I thought we were sent to Iraq to promote democracy (what the Bush crew stated) and not to seek ‘blindly’ retribution. Peculiar to this is the fact that Iraq never attacked us on 9-11, those that were blamed were also (at one time) paid by the CIA and Dick Cheney took control of NORAD from a sitting President. Remember the George W. Bush speech (2001),”Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th- malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.” I did find a very strong timeline with links, produced by the BBC, and [oddly] it comes under the ‘Conspiracy Files.’ For what ever story you might hear, and there are far to many which abound, you might just catch some of the truth worth remembering on Sept. 11th, 2015.

What truth do you hold in your hands so willingly?

What truth do you hold in your hands so willingly?

“The mob is man descending to the nature of the beast.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Of media, politics and lies”©

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Say anything… paint the enemy as a

heartless soul, one willing to do it…

and the ‘it’ is not what you would do,

No, No- here the something doesn’t fit,

How could he… why would he, the suggestion

to become the reality, even though untrue,

don’t you just love the arena of modern politics…

where the combatants have not a clue

Read my lips“, I’ll get it done, two Bushes

later and still no wall built, porous our home,

so poor us… neither party willing to do it…

the wall comes down with Cuba of sea foam,

so sloppy and loud go head to head, Jeb is

but tailing away to fret in polls to his own fear,

all the while fear to increase to orange from

yellow, you know… red so close, so near,

symbolism, signs seem more important to

people than the truth, ISIS has slaves now

how did we shirk this reality and claim

victory from a flag lowered, now then- HOW?

Cheney points at Obama… Blackwater the

sharpened tool by choice, open purchase it was,

Halliburton… the little money grubbing dig to

shape the vacuum created, hate us it does!

UN claims the temple in Palmyra destroyed

by ISIS, CNN says ‘partial’… media uses toys…

the toys of molding, crafting and shaping

our expected thoughts of good girls and boys,

to rename MT. McKinley ‘Denali,’ Obama seeks

to show local Indians (natives) his concern,

this is before the environment is raped

a kiss-kiss for a ‘forget me not,’ and then burn.

How to work the stage!?!

How to work the stage!?!

All the news that’s fitting to print… and a little behind the scenes too.

Image from here.

“Who we listen to can have dire consequences”©

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The mind at sleep, on auto-pilot,

when beliefs become the net,

trapped in our minds given over

to a certain sticky little mindset,

left to trifle with the small things…

the things that can grind the mind

but I thought they were so truthful-

this not the expectation we’ll find!

Influence peddlers of all kinds beggar the senses of us all in the ‘Information Age’ we live in today. The assault is often broad in scope but can be as pin-point as a laser, the pointer used by some professors (not implying a teacher here or a university for higher learning) of the tripe they sell us as truth. Pan handling… gas lighters… gold diggers prevail in all shades to the version and viewpoints spewed out for: our benefit, conditioning and inculcation to the panoply of world talking points- condensed and distilled into one subset of subservient thought. I thought you might like to see where some of them come from, what organization could do it so, and ‘why’ is the question we will be left with- if we’d even consider or ponder longer than we should.

CFR Elite

CFR Elite

Some of the more vocal members... ones we might take at face value and even thought to be warm and fuzzy!

Some of the more vocal members… ones we might take at face value and even thought to be warm and fuzzy!

A proud trio... caring for more than 'Women's Health' here.

A proud trio… caring for more than ‘Women’s Health’ here.

In her glory, an old shot!

In her glory, an old shot!

Just like John to sell us out, remember the 'Winter Soldier' lie or 'The Albright Hearings?'

Just like John to sell us out, remember the ‘Winter Soldier’ lie or ‘The Albright Hearings?’

One source is the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations), and their membership roster (as of August 30th, 2015… a list with 4,900 members) is a virtual who’s-who list of prominence… all fields and tapestries to shroud us in thought for time immemorial- left behind for what is the broader question. See just some of the many images below… and find there are certain other connections to this web of lies they’d sell us- knowing they sound so sincere in their deceit! If you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole of control… take a look here, and see how the far reaching effects can affect us globally- as ‘The New World Order’ marches in [OPENLY]!

The James Warburg comment.

The James Warburg comment.

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! "We know where the WMD's are... North, East, South and West!"

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! “We know where the WMD’s are… North, East, South and West!”

Images come from here, and you can also access the University of Wisconsin’s Foreign Relations records of the US (the sum of 375 different transcripts available- between 1861 to 1960) here.

P.S. Since this all begins for me with ‘Poetry,’ I’d like to offer you my first eBook of poetry for free, just look here or here– either site will afford you the same eBook. I found another great resource, if you love or like poetry itself, with a plethora of ‘Free eBooks’ that are available to all of you- just click this link and take a look for yourself. The only thing I gain by giving you a free eBook is exposure, and ‘Thanks‘ is the only thing I want by sharing the latter link with you here.

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