“Firsthand… corruption”©





Hillary comment!


Laughter clearly heard
coming from on the world stage…
injustice prevails.
I don’t think US Attorney General Loretta Lynch could tell corruption if she would see corruption face-to-face, much less… step in it.

[Below is an abstract from this article, the words of Attorney General, US Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, speaking in Rome, Italy, Thursday, 10-20-2016]

“I am proud to say that with the help of our domestic and international partners, we are working tirelessly to detect corruption and bring wrongdoers to justice – no matter how powerful the actors, no matter how complex the crimes, and no matter where the crimes take place.”



You couldn’t be any clearer Bill!

“With great regret… a break is required”


It is with deep regret and broken heart, but a sound mind and clarity of vision, I must inform you… I face a need to focus my attention on financial gain before indulging my passions- writing. I’m going to take a needed break from contributing to my Blog, actively, to focus my attention on learning another writing skill, one which will yield a much needed source of revenue. Poets don’t truly make much money… not much at all, and with only a part-time job I need to seek relief from this economic hardship, even if it means taking another job. This leaves me with less time for the moment. I’d like to thank all of you in support of my passion found here. I will return in full force as soon as I can. I’d remind you… there is plenty to read (4 years worth of material) and please get out to vote.


Twenty years of politics as usual... far from it!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!


Once Shariah came to Irvine, Texas, it was the use of this flag that set off a firestorm of controversy!


Is this the togetherness Hillary desires to share with us?




As for the election, it comes down to Trump (a capitalist) or Hillary (a globalist) and you must reduce it to what will be best (between the two) for the US… or the world closes in on our way of life. If you want more of the world (here) vote for Hillary and know ‘Shariah Law’ is already in place in Irvine, Texas. If you want US protection to exist at all then vote for Trump and we will hope he can undo most of the damage coming from the corruption of politicians prone to lie as much as they can. Look within or be left without a voice. Just my view to what is coming… coming ever closer to you and I?


Keep your ink well full,


Russell D. Holder




“Don’t light the cigar of victory yet Hillary!”©


What Hillary do you know…
the one we see,
the one for show?

Tell me no tales of woe…
tell me the truth,
not what we know!

Ask me no questions…
I’ll tell you no lies,
masks of great relations.


The second Presidential debate (in full) is seen below.



Is this what Hillary means by ‘Together?’ See below…



If this election comes down to what Trump said about women vs. what Hillary has enabled her husband to get away with (the same thing) and, yet, maintains a certain degree of innocence over being so corrupt- I, a Democrat, will be forced to vote for Trump. When Hillary promotes for Planned Parenthood, and President Obama declares,”God bless you Planned Parenthood,” the entire Democratic Party looks as though it would support ‘the abortion crazy’ and throw women and children under the bus, right? Can you say,”Taxation without representation (?),” I know you can!


As to what Hillary might do as President, just connect the dots and you’ll see what other surprises come with her, look here for how this President, Obama, has thrown us (Americans) under the bus again. Do we really need more of the same, and not realize some of the same also came from the Bush years- what was kept in place and acted on (globalist Agendas)? Can it then be said transmutation occurs when it is needed or is a violet a violet… is a violet?






Does the phrase ‘three ring… ‘ come to mind here?



If the military is prosecuted for mishandling ‘Classified Material’ then… why isn’t Hillary?


As if the last straw isn’t enough, then how about a little backward look… since it seems so popular to do these days (amid allegations and the media protecting one of the hopeful) to find any dirt… or a look at how women might be treated by worse.




merciful Sharia

Is this the mercy of Shariah?



Acid is not a form of punishment but abusive and is used to remove a woman’s desirability and identity.




Images above come from here… but be forewarned, these images are graphic.

“Tell me not I’m full when I’m on ‘running’ on empty”©

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Tell me… tell me do,
how we will do it together?
If you ‘lie’ right now…
it’s true, you offer me a tether!
So how true is your word
when you keep up the facade,
the veneer of a solid front…
nothing is behind it, charade!
Let’s extol your acclaim…
you’ve sought but by name;
which knows neither virtue
or honor, just vice and shame.




What is telling… about a: person, city, state, country or nation more than illegitimate or illegal practices condoned, sanctioned or left overlooked and (simply) ignored? I would think there would be sound reason to say,”The rule of law has left the land.” There would then be nothing more than a ‘state of lawlessness‘ being welcomed in… a time when Godlessness would be promoted over goodness, and hale without a voice is left hollow- nothing but a husk of what is thought to be goodness itself. Is this where the US is today, where we would accept one running for President despite the ‘skirting’ of credibility to the laws we have in place being (clearly) violated? Where we would strip US citizens of their right to bear arms (as they did in Australia) before enforcing the existing laws we (already) have on the books?








Twenty years of politics as usual... far from it!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!


Zachariah 8:16
16 These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts;


Oh… if only this was being done today, in the United States, but (sadly) it is not. God is more than the demands He would state for His own but He is loving toward those willing to follow His directives by choosing to… then led by their willingness of faith and task to His will- directed to go as He sees fitting for all of us. Are we not all fallen… from back in the beginning, and to learn that none of us is good in what we do without Him? We are not sinners because we sin but sin because we’re sinners… each and everyone of us!


As to how Israel viewed Judicial Law, where the US has derived at its own (and other Western cultures as well)… stemming from theirs, is a very brief abstract from this link below.


This was the form of Divine law which, under the dominion of God, as the Supreme Magistrate, directed the policy of the Jewish nation, and hence, was binding only on them, not on other peoples.




John 14:23
23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.

Cross check and notes of reference:
• 37 14:23 – S ver 15
• 38 14:23 – S Ro 8:10 ; 1Jn 2:24 ; Rev 3:20


Please remember two things, it was ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (and at President Obama’s request) that aided the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) to pass UN Resolution 16/18. Even though it comes with a warm-and-fuzzy title (Human Rights Council Resolution) it exceeds the mandate of ‘The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)’ to include: white washing of truth, omission of facts, altering evidence of (possible) wrong doing and evading detection of allegiance to the US… as she herself has already done. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it looks similar enough (so close) to say it (might not be?) is true… for her actions tell me a different message than the strength her own words might bear and yield. I give you the email scandal and FBI Director Comey (a complicit agent enabling her disregard for US Law) as the merest examples of this veracity to point to- Hillary’s get-out-of-jail-free-card and a means to be ‘freed from blame’… exculpatory actions.


The second, due to Bill Clinton’s connection (including The Clinton Foundation)… appointed UN Special Envoy to Haiti in 2009, there is and has been questions of global impact (in a negative way) to: aid offered (contaminated trailers are mentioned in this article… link above), money being used or taken (despite Haiti having a differing currency than ours; which means banking would be needed to convert large amounts of cash) and not listed in taxes paid by The Clinton Foundation, and aid offered through the UN (to date) has actually done more harm than good.


Healthcare or far worse?

Health Care or far worse? One example of aid gone wrong or wrong passed off as being right? Some togetherness people… is this what she really meant- going global!

P.S. The subject of ‘we, our and us‘ will be the next topic for discussion and indulged on at length- at my Christian blog here! Please go out and vote… and vote with due diligence- to actually have concern for ‘yourself and your fellow Americans.’


How important are these 'Basic Rights' to you?

Please keep in mind, with ‘Human Rights’ it is illegal to: kill, harm, maim, insult, assail, harass or put down another for what they believe or espouse. Under Shariah it is required!




“God help us”©

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[The title might as well read,”God help us… everyone!”©]
If you think we will have the choice… there are more of them (in the video below) than there are of you and what others like you believe- in other words… our fate (politically) is in their hands. What a thought! It is nice to know ‘the millennials’ have paid attention, the under ’25 years old’ class of voters. You can thank ‘extremist liberals’ for their infiltration to the educational system (where wide spread failure abounds) and their lack of teaching what should have been taught vs. what they allowed and were directed to teach the youth of today. W. E. B. Du Bois [1868-1963] was right,”Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.




This is what I call ‘the yardstick for truth.’


Go ahead and vote for Hillary, as you see it in Texas already… this is our fate.



This image in Texas started a firestorm of controversy!






“How snide (or smug) can she be… with us?”©

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[The Presidential debate, streamed live on Sept. 26th, 2016, with Lester Holt, from Hofstra University- seen below… ]



Let’s see: more of the Bush-Obama Agenda (we can’t afford ‘Blackwater [open market purchase]’ any more), support for ‘Planned Parenthood [forced abortion]’ without choice, borrowing from China to pay for the war effort, NAFTA [set up by Bush Sr. and signed in by Bill Clinton] came without a vote (sound familiar?), President Obama denigrates Christianity and would elevate Islam (in a speech at the UN and at the National Prayer Breakfast) as Hillary would defend him and her view becomes quite clear- they are the same, or they have the same advisors, or they believe the same… Muslim! Did you know Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same, look here for proof?



In all fairness, extended to the President here, his words were altered (I discovered) to appear as they do in the picture but look to the National Prayer Breakfast or the UN links above to see how he (really) feels about it!


As to the words placed on the picture, I found this on Snopes and will place it here with a link to provide clarity to: context, intent and meaning.




This is a kiss-of-betrayal… against the US!


Do you think she changed?


Not once did ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get called out on being a Muslim! Can you imagine that… even after it being discovered April 18th, 2014, along with the Rhodes Memo, the fabricated (concocted) statement Hillary issued on the evening of the ‘Benghazi attack (blaming inflammatory material posted on the internet)’ and the attack being started by protesters. See an article on it here. So this was worth the loss of American lives… all to cover up: no protestors were present before the attack (top military officials in Stuttgart, Germany [Africom headquarters] watched live feed from a Predator drone), Hillary denied connection with Muslim Brotherhood but is a part of it- see another article here. To bring up being stiffed… when Hillary (The President and the State Department) ‘stiff-armed’ the: Public, government and truth about Benghazi- denial does nothing to aid the omission of what really happened and her version of what happened conflicts with what was discovered. In trying to blame Trump in his advocating for the Libyan attack [1:14:09 into the Presidential debate], as if to say she was only doing as he would have wanted her to do, she tells us of her own involvement indirectly (and subconsciously). If she was merely telling it like it was… this would not require the need for a cover-up, would it? If she was: directly involved, supported the efforts of the attackers or had inside information… then there would be a clear need to distance herself from it. If she is not (now) considered a part of the effort there is no lucid reason to attempt to defend President Obama from the claim he is Muslim, is there? [Please Note: taxes were first disclosed under Nixon… the effort did not serve him well, to show he was transparent and squeaky cleanhe wasn’t!]





This is in the speech he gave at the UN Assembly.


You can listen (by choice) to the audio tapes that came out (exposed by The Washington Times) at the link here.

CNN also caught: altering, changing, spinning or distorting information passed off as news (or news worthy)… with a clear-eyed view to the bias main-stream media has to promote Hillary- imagine that!



Little wonder Brit Hume calls Hillary less than attractive, stated after the debate.



This is a move to save their hide but not their souls!

How about believing Louis Farrakhan would defend Donald Trump? See below for yourself…



or what is (NOW) in place in the smart State of Texas, Shariah Law and a Tribunal Council in Irvine, Texas. See below…



See what is being done (by some) in England, London buses now carry ‘glory to allah’ advertisements… and a dignified outrage by some citizens over the spread of ‘Shariah’ in Britain.





Now in London Christianity is all-back-of-the-bus!


To top it all off is the same reaction (one of dismay) by CNN News Journalist, specifically… one Brooke Baldwin, caught in the headlights of truth. This should be the same reaction coming from half the country- shock!




this does not speak to ethnocentrism, it speaks of a goal… a means to reach for supremacy.


Unfortunately, this is one of those things where you shouldn’t rely on an opinion of another to reach a conclusion for yourself!



“Let Hillary deny it… she is one!”©




In the wrong hands we’d wring our own…
thinking we helped them in their quest,
and the quest, it seems, is to put in place
their laws over ours… then seen as best,
this is, as they would consider it to be, ‘the
Kingdom of god’ now, this is not a test…
as this has been the goal all along.

In the right hands, still a man, is when we see
absolute power corrupts absolutely… so true,
and no matter how peaceful the effort is seen-
then the goal is realized… US to be through,
so then just how easy is this sooner done, to
be soon accomplished, turncoats tried and blue…
as this has been the goal all along.

Do you remember the DNC and a real flag…
there wasn’t one (or more) until sound outcry,
how about the Palestinian Flag, but a tempered
response to solid an outcome, Oh they’ll try
but the Bible tells us they will win (briefly) and
will be smashed for disobedience- decry and deny
as this has been the goal all along.


To alter the perception of what actually happened in the Benghazi attacks vs. what they told us had happened (and why) is part and parcel to why many in this country do not: like, trust or respond well to the likes of ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To compound the feelings of mistrust all one has to think of is email, ‘Classified Documents’ and how she overlooks her husbands behavior toward other women. If you could ask Cristy Zercher how she feels about what she went through, I’m sure you’d have a more poignant view. Just when you thought the (alleged) scandals weren’t enough… this story surfaces, and you wonder why Trump says it like he does.


If Hillary was running for President to be a champion for everyday Americans… why did she turn her back on our way of life and seek to promote ‘Shariah Law’ with her own choice of action. See what I mean in the videos below…

Hillary comment!



Hillary is upset about Trump not slamming a questioner about Pres. Obama being a Muslim. If President Obama is not a Muslim… why did he say what he did at the UN?








The American Thinker link on Shariah and another source to fully grasp (to comprehend) how Shariah will work– viewed as being above US Law.

Some images can be found here.




Is there more to the Hamas connection with the Muslim Brotherhood… or are they both the same thing? One article spells it out here!



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