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Prince Rodgers Nelson (June 7, 1958- April 21, 2016)

I was dreaming of people past…
those that had already gone on,
and I found I could talk to them as
if they were more near than yon,
to talk to peers, friends both old and
dear, no dream… a bridge in time,
much more than going up on the
roof… good times shared no crime,
the times shared more important in
retrospect to us all, we’re left behind,
my friends, welcome back my friends…
the night has fallen, Morpheus calls,
and I am again among you all, to talk
and cherish the days we had recalls
the fondness… the tender moments,
the days we lived and breathed again,
so let no sadness linger on you or to
cause you any pain… in the purple rain.

Here is a link to the lyrics for ‘Purple Rain,’ by Prince, and with this writing to his memory. An article (found here) on Prince by Billboard.com and where the story first broke with TMZ… their article here.

We lose another musical genius. R.I.P!

Image from here.

[A comment I had to add to this to be fully understood]
On CNN yesterday, April 22nd, 2016, friends of Prince were being interview after the release of his body to the family. One was asked about his dreams and stated (I’m paraphrasing),”He spoke of his dreams being very lucid… and his ability to speak to people that had already died.” This is why the tribute piece I’ve written [the memorial] contains what it does. It makes me wonder if (in fact) he knew his own demise was soon!

“Of Sandy Hook, a Governor and Goldman Sachs”©

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Do we really want Hillary this badly?

The gun just went off…

it was in someone’s hand

but it just went off,

and if you believe it…

ever more will you stand

but you’re full of it,

and you’d claim it a foul

no less contrived or planned

by the manufacturer…

and disregard the goal

to point against one’s brand

to elevate one of your own.

Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut calls Senator Sanders ‘dead wrong‘ on his stand for protecting gun manufacturers. He supports Hillary too… and (it appears) money from Goldman Sachs as well. So what has either party done to: prevent guns from falling into the hands of (problem) people… already thought to be harmful to themselves, create legislation to endorse guns for protection are used (only) by sane people, enforce the denial of gun rights (with mandatory aid from Medical or Psychological fields) to people exhibiting: hate speech, harmful desires or fantasies, and clear (diagnosed) signs of PTSD’s. Funny, how even Gov. Malloy has a Goldman Sachs connection… first an article in the Hartford Courant and then two perspectives, here and here–  and the dirt found at the bottom of this paragraph. Why was a crime scene tossed by ineffective and unqualified people, some memory? Don’t understand how ‘Big Money‘ is favored by politicians- really? As if that wasn’t bad enough… allegations to far worse appear- here, here and here (with a Planned Parenthood connection too!). Lastly, I hope what they paid Hillary for her speeches was worth taking- as American trust and decency went right down the toilet. Speaking of American decency, here is how they see it in Australia.

There is ‘nothing’ in this organization God would bless. Hillary supports them too!

I support gun control… and believe it means hitting what you are aiming at! Guns do not kill people… people do! Would you sue the company that makes the mayonnaise… when the egg salad was left out to long at the picnic on the fourth of July- NO! Same thing here… and guns (used properly) do help sane people defend their homes and families. The police will not always be there when you (might) need them… and we need to take steps to deprive people willing to use them for purposes other than they have been intended for. Defense first and last and not to be (offensively) used at all for a means of ‘exacting any form of vigilante justice (or any injustice) at all.’

On top of the issues of resentment, by Erica Smegielski, over protection mentioned for gun manufacturers by Sen. Sanders, and fraudulent claims by some (seen within the Sandy Hook families themselves)… this in no way does anything to lessen the importance and diminish (or disparage) the very real pain of hurting families- caused by someone misusing firearms.

[Below are found two videos on Sandy Hook or from the event of Sandy Hook… and gauge them for yourself.]

P.S. Thank you for your (informed) vote New York… in favor of ‘Big Money’ over actual concern- such is politics in America.    #theNewYorkVote    #BigMoney

“Shadow banking, from Hillary’s own lips- the small problem in the room”©


There’s a hole to this problem, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

There’s a hole to this problem, dear Hillary, a hole.

Then mend it, dear American, dear American,

then mend it, dear American, mend it.

With what shall we mend it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

with what shall we mend it, dear Hillary, with what?

We can close up the loop-hole, dear American, dear American,

we can close up the loop-hole, dear American, close up the hole.

Your hand is still in it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

but your hand is still in it, dear Hillary, your hand.

What ever do you mean, dear American, dear American,

what ever do you mean, dear American, what do you mean?

There is this corruption, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

there is this corruption, dear Hillary, this corruption.

I’m here to fix it, dear American, dear American,

I’m here to fix it, dear American… just vote for me!

How can someone involved as deeply with ‘shadow banking’ as Hillary looks to be… be the solution to fix what is said to be wrong with the banking system itself? If Hillary does as she has claimed to do… but we see what she has also done (behind our back [Kremlin connection, Panama Papers and Foundation Doubts]) and even in front of us, i.e. Goldman Sachs, Foundation Ethics in Question and (International and National) Donors to the Clinton Foundation. If we intend on fixing what is wrong with the banking system… we should not be sleeping in the same bed with them- right?

Can we not understand ‘Bankers’ benefited from “The Civil War” in the US and do benefit from any war- both sides need arms. So by banking do we support terrorism… No but those who seek to profit from us might!

“Iran has been the country that has been in many ways a kind of central banker for terrorism in important regions like Lebanon through Hezbollah in the Middle East, in the Palestinian Territories, and we have deep concerns about what Iran is doing in the south of Iraq.”

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

[This piece of writing patterned after,”There’s a Hole in the Bucket,” and found at this link… if you are not familiar with the song.]

To look in the biggest cover up [Rabbit Hole] of corruption to come down the pipe (intended for ours) is through the UN and it’s believers… or identifying the signs of the times.

It seems what Hillary says she’ll do and what she has (already) done are two very different things indeed!

“Let’s get away from mediocrity’s drivel”©

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There are very serious issues on hand for us all

so we need to wade past: what someone ate,

the shoes we want or,”I like pastels better tan 

or gray,” to issues of worthworth time to debate,

we have lost sight of the horizon of quality

roadworthy, something fitting to the time we live,

if there is such a thing as truly being entitled

then reach out for something of substance to give,

we have been subjected to the: moronic, immoral,

platonic platitudes of complacencyso lukewarm,

where we would say we are against violence but

say nothing is wrong against someone to harm

when we dont like them ourselves, to say nothing

is (essentially) to: condone/agree with the behavior,

and yet in a failure to be truthful, to not desire to hurt 

someones feelings, wed forfeit truth for its inferior.

This should be our ‘National bird,’ comfortable and complacent.

We need to get away from: the thin skinned reactions, perceptions used in a less than circumspect manner (to hunt elephants with a telescope… and from the wrong end), knee jerk reactions (jumping to conclusions without the benefit of reason) and knowing something different than the next vs. not caring what someone else thinks (confidence vs. arrogance). We don’t need to sit back and allow something wrong to continue but we need to: stand up, speak out and let the cards fall where they may. Of course, this does need to be done from the perspective of love to be understood, even with the risk it will not be received with the same effort felt from when it is reacted to. Reaction coming from a biased opinion can add further confusion to: what was expressed, the intention strived for and the motive or purpose to the action taken.

“Disarm or to dominant and conquer?”©

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Do you still say you believe in fate…

not just love, not just hate?

Not simply another bombing we’re arming

if we’d destroy just to proliferate!

So how is that working out with peace…

none is seen, a trigger’s release!

Can we not see this killing as wrong?

Learning peace will see hate to cease!

You point at the soldier causing you pain

but you do the same thing, moisture by rain,

and yet we all get wetter by the day… on

into the night… calm gone and you’re fain

with the delivery of hurt… of harm,

there is no snake there to sooth or charm

by actions repeated and steady for blood…

for vengeance, to dominant or disarm.

Then we have politics and duplicity too…

to walk the tight rope, the media view,

to show us the smiley face and openly lie…

to say she’ll represent the many not true,

and we need to then look at her support…

those easily deceived, her life to abort

and yet these damn parlor games are the

rage, to run from the truth of her consort,

and the bomb blew off in the hand as held…

the sneaky soon caught, tree fallen as felled

and the cedars of Lebanon now just a myth,

like the unity of Hillary… same Tirado of old.

There comes the likelihood… Hillary’s campaign might blow up- right in front of us all. Is there no ‘illusion’ big enough to cover what the American people might see? See an article on Hillary from an interview, with the Des Moines Register, Aug. 8th, 2015, and see if it spells,”D-I-S-A-R-M,” to you? What is disarming is to find out the image used on this piece [originally placed at LinkedIn… and stating,”I will get the NRA shut down for good if I become president. If we can ban handguns we will do it.”] is ‘a fabrication [not true]’ but the story with the link (in the body of the poem) is true. Since Hillary supports the UN… it is hard to say,”What is truth?” An abstract from it is found below… which has already been cleansed.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently is supporting the UN resolution 16/18 introduced by OIC and plans to hold meetings on how it can be implemented:

JEDDAH, Ramadan 1/Aug 1 (IINA)- During the next few months, Washington plans to host a coordination meeting to discuss with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) how to implement resolution no. 16/18 on combating defamation of religions, and how to prevent stereotypes depicting religions and their followers; as well as disseminating religious tolerance, which has been endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council last March, in agreement with Western countries. The resolution was adopted after lengthy discussions held between the OIC and countries in which the phenomenon of Islamophobia is in the rise.”

P.S. I’ve really run into many obstacles as I’ve tried to up-grade this article and expand the depth of its meaning and integrity. It is possible to see more at the other posting. [This is the other posting].

P.S.S. One (very) interesting fact here is the UN resolution was aimed against Christians… and spoke about ‘image’ being more important than the substantive evidence [for Christians it is historical and not mythological] for one’s faith. I fail to see when ‘perception’ of a faith (any faith) is to be more highly prized than the demonstrative actions of people within a faith- as this seems what Jesus [Himself] was against. Are we then to be more concerned with the image of a religion than the tenets and faith of a religion… one that would sooner exterminate [commit genocide] any of another faith for disagreeing?

Unlike: deceit, deception, hate or dishonorable!

“God’s will or man’s desire?”©

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Is it due to Obama support you might vote for her?

“When you whisper against the mountain and hear the echo… realize this is not the fate of man but the providence of God, for the fulness of this realization (of life itself) comes not by allowing injustice to prevail but to take the high ground and: speaking the truth, standing against it and maintaining the courage to see it through to fruition.”

When was destiny ever advanced by

ill-conceived motives… throughout time

it has been prevailing, cultures and man’s

history is clearly proof, legal or by crime?

From Stalin to Marx, Clinton to Bush, there

has been ‘political correctness’ or the gulag…

the ‘free speech zones’ or the ‘Blackwater

prisons,’ and torture used by a scalawag,

what we find a shade apart from red to ‘Red’

or from ‘the chalk on the cleats‘ of despots,

there has never been a time more crucial

than today… moral decay shows us it rots.

When there are more questions than answers to be seen, for one candidate… Hillary, for: mishandling classified information (the email-gate), the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens (one of our own left behind), the open and overt lies (proven by her denial), support for Planned Parenthood (no consideration for human life), connections with the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) and the UN (United Nations) and now… high finance and ‘white slavery’ and gun running concerns coupled with UN long range plans (goals) for the US. So, with the growing list of people discounted: Veterans, child bearing Women, freedom loving Americans, truth seekers, anyone that values ‘free choice’ and Christians… as well as open support for her by President Obama,”Do you still want Hillary as much as you thought you did?”

A recent statement by President Obama, see below, made with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg

“Multilateralism regulates [American] hubris.”

Is this a vaulted UN perspective?

Here are a couple more articles by The Atlantic on ‘hubris’ and the President explained, at this link or this one– your choice respectively. I’ll offer you one of my own to be seen at this link here.

It is a [very] fine line between what some might call ‘slander’ vs. ‘blasphemy’ and you do not see death come by slander. The image here (at LinkedIn) comes with this quote,

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Barack Hussein Obama

Image from here

[Please Note: The quote on the image used (at LinkedIn) for this article is accurate, and you can see it in the transcript provided by the White House,”Remarks by the President to the UN General Assembly,” made Sept. 29th, 2012. To be fair… the statement was embellished upon but taken out of context and left to stand on its own is where the questions very surely arise. In context, this sentence doesn’t fit with the rest of the information provided, and it would appear as if it was a thought to be (intentionally) separate and apart [distinctly different] from the body of the paragraph. It is due to things like this I find it hard to believe President Obama is as he makes claim to be, in this speech, that he is Christian! As to the quote itself… even snopes is in on this one, see it here.]

“No lucid paltry thoughts for me… Passover comes”©

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If mankind would assail philosophy, philosophies of the mind,

with as much alacrity as has been shown throughout this cycle

of the US election process (without a valance), measures to gain

geo-political guidelines [New World Order], a change so fickle,

and even the common man and woman to think it ineffectual…

it would not resemble ‘The descent of man,’ by Charles Darwin,

the title is deceptive to topic and the influence of man without

recognizing God as ‘Being God’ is due to the influence of sin,

from back in the ‘Edwardian and Victorian Eras’ come expanded

thoughts embellished beyond to include a term,”The Noble Lie,”

started with Plato to include the likes of: Gustave Le Bon, Immanuel

Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Georg Hegel, Leo Strauss… on we try

as to have undue influence and impact on how we (today) see

societies, culture and ways to manipulate a country’s politics,

to use those involved as if they were the very stepping stones to

be used and ‘walked on’… they see themselves as keys, not locks,

and the masses to be just tools… the tools to gain their own goal

of ambition… and control… and power from this modest subterfuge,

as an end to a means (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) and not to be

looked at or recognized before eyes of humanity see the pilferage

to be the detractor and sad loss of years spent to gain nothing but

false promises from ‘The Noble Lie’ and those brash enough to take…

and humanity faced the ‘Age of Enlightenment,’ the Renaissance of

the philosophies of man distilled down to the unholy punch we drank,

philosophers strived to engage ‘Reason,’ kings and church denied,

as their promises told us by their smiling faces, unhinged from God,

but time hinges on one event in human history… hinges on ‘The Cross

and divides history… no noumenon here, look above or face the sod.

Humanity and the ages of man have given us great minds [one being Leo Strauss] but they’d leave out or disregard the very ‘Being of God Himself.’ To not understand Jesus as doing the will of ‘The Father’ for the benefit of human kind… the sacrifice made through His blood (as the substituted Paschal lamb) at the cross– done willingly and obediently to fulfill scripture. This meant God would die for us to spare us from an eternity (completely conscious and aware) away from Him.

[Below is found at this link]

Revelation combines the Old Testament picture of the wicked drinking the cup of God’s wrath (e.g., Psalm 75:7-8; Jer 25:15-29) with hell-fire to depict the perpetual, conscious torment of the wicked (Rev 14:10-11).

Mark Lilla summarizes Strauss this way…

Philosophy must always be aware of the dangers of tyranny, as a threat to both political decency and the philosophical life. It must understand enough about politics to defend its own autonomy, without falling into the error of thinking that philosophy can shape the political world according to its own lights.

… and yet,

A quote by Leo Strauss… on Machiavelli, below, and a thought. Leo Strauss (1958) whose view of Machiavelli is quite different in many ways, agreed about Machiavelli’s influence on republicanism [with J.G.A. Popcock (1975)] and argued that even though Machiavelli was a teacher of evil he had a nobility of spirit that led him to advocate ignoble actions. Does this not seem like a contradiction in terms, evil and nobility?

Machiavelli is the only political thinker whose name has come into common use for designating a kind of politics, which exists and will continue to exist independently of his influence, a politics guided exclusively by considerations of expediency, which uses all means, fair or foul, iron or poison, for achieving its ends—its end being the aggrandizement of one’s country or fatherland—but also using the fatherland in the service of the self-aggrandizement of the politician or statesman or one’s party.

Along with the list of philosophers (above) one should also look at the other people he read (as it is true Strauss did) and often wrote about it. Find Strauss’s writing here, from Chicago’s own… The Leo Strauss Center, The University Of Chicago.

Then came Hegelian Dialectics (used by the Neo-cons), a method to turn a society into the very opposite of what it once started as- (thesis, antithesis, synthesis… or Problem, Reaction, Solution).

“… Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

Hermann Goering

Free ebooks by ‘Project Gutenburg,’ for:

Gustave Le Bon; The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind which was read by Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Immanuel Kant: The Critique of Pure Reason

Charles Darwin: The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex and On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection

Friedrich Nietzsche: The Antichrist or ‘Anti-Christian’ by his own meaning also

Georg Hegel: Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind

Ecclesiastes 12:12-13 And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. 13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Nihilism: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless. Little wonder suicides are increasing!

As to ‘Humanism‘… oddly, this is the same beliefCharles Manson had.

John Locke said that if there were no God and no divine law, the result would be moral anarchy: every individual “could have no law but his own will, no end but himself. He would be a god to himself, and the satisfaction of his own will the sole measure and end of all his actions”.

1 Corinthians 1:18 KJV


18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

them that perish–rather, “them that are perishing,” namely, by preferring human “wisdom of words” to the doctrine of the “cross of Christ.” It is not the final state that is referred to; but, “them that are in the way of perishing.” So also in 2 Corinthians 2:152 Corinthians 2:16.

Who’s truth do you hold in your hands?

How about freeaccess to an online Bible (many variations to choose from)found here. Happy Passover 2016! Yep, this comes just from another brainless christian… as the world would view christians themselves- all from a leap of blind faith. I find it much easier to believe in Jesus… for there seems to be more effort needed to deny Him as ‘Being God Himself.’

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