“Media, your best friend or worst nightmare”©

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CNN’s Clarissa Ward, Senior International Correspondent,

expressed herself quite well… well enough to point to her

ignorance to what Trump said vs. what was stated Trump

said (in the media) about Islam, No, Muslims did not cheer…

when what Trump really said was: distorted, altered and

twisted to say what they fancied him to be heard as saying,

hounded by the ‘fickle media fleas,’ any dog (female or not)

can be ridden to the direction of choice, wind so swaying…

the flip side of the coin is the story that will not soon quit

when you’d like it just to dry up and blow away, now, today,

and ‘whitewater’ is over but look… it’s back again, and for

her the media is just scratching an old sore, sky so grey

and the ‘fifty plus shades of grey’ will be the old people in

this election that can remember all the Bull and not the pen,

Clinton used the pen to sign in NAFTA but it was Bush, Sr.

that set us all up for that fall, Oh yeah, done way back when.

Which one of the two do you see?

If the ‘media’ would be a watchdog… it would only watch for the steak thrown over the fence by those seeking to rob you blind- and tell you nothing by not barking… free meal. Trump can mess things up on his own well enough (prime example was Bush W.) and Hillary can’t get out of her own way (Women’ Health, Planned Parenthood and here).Welcome to where ‘advocacy Journalism’ reigns and rules. This is the reason to point this image out without religious bias being a concern. Look to the first image for clarity.

“He claimed no interest in ‘one world governance’ but said ‘global’ a lot”©

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The gift of greed has a shiny side and then you face this one!

What can the primary goal of an ‘environmentalist‘ really be…

is it preservation¹, occupation, to control all from sea to sea?

Is it to oversee programs and councils of government follow

the guidelines set by protocol and if not then to simply bellow?

Can it then be said, if a conspiracy [‘agree’ or to ‘plot’] is not

known by the populace, a country’s power can be bought?

Maurice Strong² made a fortune claiming he was environment

oriented³ but hid in China, after the CCX scandal’s resentment⁴,

this brings us to ‘the free trade agreements,’ or economic Blocs…

without a vote in a Democracy, to its authors I’d throw rocks

but on to ‘Councils of Government’ that would soon force you

to do as they request of you, do you still think it not so true…

have you ever heard of ICLEI⁵ or seen the website ‘Tree Hugger⁶’

both brought to you by the UN⁷, now the environmental mugger

as we build to ‘a one world view of government’ quite possible,

the question is for whom… by whom, imagine it inexcusable.

1… preservation; the action of preserving something, the state of being preserved to a specific degree. Often confused with conservation.

2… Maurice Strong (April 29, 1929- November 27, 2015); though claiming he was an environmentalist he also promoted economic growth (and gain) by connections with China.

3… Environment oriented; the new catch phrase is ‘sustainable,’ and this in turn applies to: environment, population and economics.

4… from the Canada Free Press, an article by Judi McLeod, entitled,”Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange- the rest of the story

5… ICLEI; International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

6… Tree Hugger; a website found through Discovery Communications, here.

7… UN [originally inspired or created by them, or someone there] advocacy literature, policy or agenda driven.

Even UN books speak plainly of a ‘global orientation’ and ‘one world policies’ to meet and attend to the dynamics involved to attain the goal. See also these articles I’ve written here…

“The UN, Maurice Strong and the coming changes to touch even you,” found here, or “‘It is not that,’ is heard,” found here, or on ‘the Georgia Guide Stones’… found here.

Image(s) from here.

“Isn’t your Mom the most important consumer in the world?”©

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What does this image say about ‘health and wellness?’

[Below is a comment, one found deleted (twice now) by Professor Towson, on this article.]

Pew Research on the Chinese economy,10/10/2014, below¹, indicate all is not as rosy as most would think it is- the largest factor influencing world opinion is found in the sheer numbers of people living there and their choices made by purchasing power.

Health concerns due to air pollution² have been rising in Beijing (just look to the bottom reference for PM2.5 [fine particulate matter that is 2.5 microns or less] being more than 110) but, in contrast, the PM2.5 reading was 9.8 in New York and 10.8 in Phoenix. Add to this China’s Human Rights Record³ and you now have a volatile mix beyond concerns of corruption and Communist mandates- the snap back to reality.

If there is a reality-check for anyone finding value from being a woman in China, without referring to the gender disparities in wages⁴ or the gender ratio of men to women⁵ , paint us a good picture and don’t use the crayons provided by the CFR or the United Nations.

1… http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/10/10/chinas-government-may-be-communist-but-its-people-embrace-capitalism/

2… http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/10/22/as-china-coughs-and-chokes-public-concern-about-air-pollution-rises/

3… http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/10/22/tough-questions-ahead-for-china-on-its-treatment-of-citizens/

4… http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/—asia/—ro-bangkok/documents/publication/wcms_371375.pdf

5… http://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/gender-01222015125826.html

[P.S. This was never intended to be viewed as ‘a hit piece’ comment (what is provided here is not to be taken personally but it is the ‘flip side of the coin’ concerning topics within the article) Professor Towson, as I bear no malice toward you. The notion(s) expressed in the information, especially regarding health and wellness seem askew… more in line with a desired perception than the reality of everything faced by the women of China. I, for one, do not see Chinese moms as ‘more focused’ on health and wellness… than who?]

P.S.S. I also disagree with the ‘title’ for this piece of writing,”Why Chinese Moms Are the World’s Most Important Consumers.” As a statement (alone… slighting Mothers from every other country) it could be misleading, as corporations scramble to find their open hands below the numerical preponderance of Chinese pockets they’d have access to, but as surely as the rising sun is revered in Japan… as world economies decline further into the abyss Chinese growth will be affected. If the US was to default on their debt with China (or decline to pay) this would start the marching to the other side of the continent mentioned in Biblical prophecy; ergo, the title seems a bit contrived and ephemeral.

Image(s) from here.

“WriterBeat or Beat a writer for a differing opinion?”©

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Sadly, I cannot post a comment on another’s work, this one, with a comment or from my own work (found here) on (about) the same type of topic. So… let’s see where the cards will fall. Is this not related to ‘antagonist vs. protagonist‘ and truly ‘moral relativism‘ at its worst? If a writer cannot deal with another writer’s opinion on what they’ve written, how can we take them serious on what they write?

I wonder if ‘Whitewater‘ rings a bell or the ‘Shaheen Report’ that was never released?

Images from here.

P.S. I’m a Democrat… one that refuses to vote for Hillary. I cannot trust a ‘Benedict Arnold’ in a skirt. See a shocker here, this writer’s primary reason for my own feelings on her- the secondary reason is the lack of concern for ‘Classified Information’… something I worked with in the US Navy firsthand.

“What I’m singing about up here”©

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Prince Rodgers Nelson (June 7, 1958- April 21, 2016)

I was dreaming of people past…
those that had already gone on,
and I found I could talk to them as
if they were more near than yon,
to talk to peers, friends both old and
dear, no dream… a bridge in time,
much more than going up on the
roof… good times shared no crime,
the times shared more important in
retrospect to us all, we’re left behind,
my friends, welcome back my friends…
the night has fallen, Morpheus calls,
and I am again among you all, to talk
and cherish the days we had recalls
the fondness… the tender moments,
the days we lived and breathed again,
so let no sadness linger on you or to
cause you any pain… in the purple rain.

Here is a link to the lyrics for ‘Purple Rain,’ by Prince, and with this writing to his memory. An article (found here) on Prince by Billboard.com and where the story first broke with TMZ… their article here.

We lose another musical genius. R.I.P!

Image from here.

[A comment I had to add to this to be fully understood]
On CNN yesterday, April 22nd, 2016, friends of Prince were being interview after the release of his body to the family. One was asked about his dreams and stated (I’m paraphrasing),”He spoke of his dreams being very lucid… and his ability to speak to people that had already died.” This is why the tribute piece I’ve written [the memorial] contains what it does. It makes me wonder if (in fact) he knew his own demise was soon!

“Of Sandy Hook, a Governor and Goldman Sachs”©

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Do we really want Hillary this badly?

The gun just went off…

it was in someone’s hand

but it just went off,

and if you believe it…

ever more will you stand

but you’re full of it,

and you’d claim it a foul

no less contrived or planned

by the manufacturer…

and disregard the goal

to point against one’s brand

to elevate one of your own.

Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut calls Senator Sanders ‘dead wrong‘ on his stand for protecting gun manufacturers. He supports Hillary too… and (it appears) money from Goldman Sachs as well. So what has either party done to: prevent guns from falling into the hands of (problem) people… already thought to be harmful to themselves, create legislation to endorse guns for protection are used (only) by sane people, enforce the denial of gun rights (with mandatory aid from Medical or Psychological fields) to people exhibiting: hate speech, harmful desires or fantasies, and clear (diagnosed) signs of PTSD’s. Funny, how even Gov. Malloy has a Goldman Sachs connection… first an article in the Hartford Courant and then two perspectives, here and here–  and the dirt found at the bottom of this paragraph. Why was a crime scene tossed by ineffective and unqualified people, some memory? Don’t understand how ‘Big Money‘ is favored by politicians- really? As if that wasn’t bad enough… allegations to far worse appear- here, here and here (with a Planned Parenthood connection too!). Lastly, I hope what they paid Hillary for her speeches was worth taking- as American trust and decency went right down the toilet. Speaking of American decency, here is how they see it in Australia.

There is ‘nothing’ in this organization God would bless. Hillary supports them too!

I support gun control… and believe it means hitting what you are aiming at! Guns do not kill people… people do! Would you sue the company that makes the mayonnaise… when the egg salad was left out to long at the picnic on the fourth of July- NO! Same thing here… and guns (used properly) do help sane people defend their homes and families. The police will not always be there when you (might) need them… and we need to take steps to deprive people willing to use them for purposes other than they have been intended for. Defense first and last and not to be (offensively) used at all for a means of ‘exacting any form of vigilante justice (or any injustice) at all.’

On top of the issues of resentment, by Erica Smegielski, over protection mentioned for gun manufacturers by Sen. Sanders, and fraudulent claims by some (seen within the Sandy Hook families themselves)… this in no way does anything to lessen the importance and diminish (or disparage) the very real pain of hurting families- caused by someone misusing firearms.

[Below are found two videos on Sandy Hook or from the event of Sandy Hook… and gauge them for yourself.]

P.S. Thank you for your (informed) vote New York… in favor of ‘Big Money’ over actual concern- such is politics in America.    #theNewYorkVote    #BigMoney

“Shadow banking, from Hillary’s own lips- the small problem in the room”©


There’s a hole to this problem, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

There’s a hole to this problem, dear Hillary, a hole.

Then mend it, dear American, dear American,

then mend it, dear American, mend it.

With what shall we mend it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

with what shall we mend it, dear Hillary, with what?

We can close up the loop-hole, dear American, dear American,

we can close up the loop-hole, dear American, close up the hole.

Your hand is still in it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

but your hand is still in it, dear Hillary, your hand.

What ever do you mean, dear American, dear American,

what ever do you mean, dear American, what do you mean?

There is this corruption, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,

there is this corruption, dear Hillary, this corruption.

I’m here to fix it, dear American, dear American,

I’m here to fix it, dear American… just vote for me!

How can someone involved as deeply with ‘shadow banking’ as Hillary looks to be… be the solution to fix what is said to be wrong with the banking system itself? If Hillary does as she has claimed to do… but we see what she has also done (behind our back [Kremlin connection, Panama Papers and Foundation Doubts]) and even in front of us, i.e. Goldman Sachs, Foundation Ethics in Question and (International and National) Donors to the Clinton Foundation. If we intend on fixing what is wrong with the banking system… we should not be sleeping in the same bed with them- right?

Can we not understand ‘Bankers’ benefited from “The Civil War” in the US and do benefit from any war- both sides need arms. So by banking do we support terrorism… No but those who seek to profit from us might!

“Iran has been the country that has been in many ways a kind of central banker for terrorism in important regions like Lebanon through Hezbollah in the Middle East, in the Palestinian Territories, and we have deep concerns about what Iran is doing in the south of Iraq.”

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

[This piece of writing patterned after,”There’s a Hole in the Bucket,” and found at this link… if you are not familiar with the song.]

To look in the biggest cover up [Rabbit Hole] of corruption to come down the pipe (intended for ours) is through the UN and it’s believers… or identifying the signs of the times.

It seems what Hillary says she’ll do and what she has (already) done are two very different things indeed!

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