“Let’s teach our children better than this”©

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Disregard the nationality of the man…

should this be so overt by one’s plan,

and see it as a ‘human rights’ issue,

the man imprisoned in Iran for belief…

should we not implore and cause relief?

If we don’t try is to grab another tissue.

Hands up we gain an American wife tears,

left alone for years and unresolved fears…

and our children see their fate we’d ensue.

When we leave one behind… we can be left behind ourselves. Is this the lesson we are trying to tell our children, to ensure this generation leaves not one shred of concern… ensuring our children do this same thing to us when it is their time?

There is a push for more signatures to ‘free an imprisoned Father’ in an Iranian prison for what he believes. You can go to…

SaveSaeed.org    and sign this to help, more than a half MILLION AMERICANS have already done this. The slogan right now is,”Reach three” (more), and we could really use your help… won’t you help free an American Father [also an American Pastor] and his Family from this nightmare?

See what the UDHR [Universal Declaration of Human Rights] says on this and ask yourself two questions, did Iran vote in favor of this and does it act as if it cares to honor what it has agreed to?

“When we are forced to respond to a reaction” ©

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If you were to ask any American what freedom means to them… many and varied would be the answers you might receive. I agree with this definition:

The  power  or  right  to  act,  speak,  or  think  as  one

wants  without  hinderance  or  restraint

When it comes to freedom and liberty is synonymous, to make an attempt to stifle or limit/restrict (even to force removal of something NOT HARMFUL) the use of anything [especially something recognized as an ‘American phrase’], one accepted by time and historical by nature [having been implemented by an act of Congress] is then to be seen as an un-American effort.

We must look at a timeline to truly understand this a little better. Please look below…


First Immigration: This is truly where America started before it was to be called America.

This is where and how we come to know the people here as “First Nation people.” Next…


Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts (although some would say Provincetown, later settling at Plymouth Rock). The year is 1621, MARCH 22nd, and they came seeking Religious Freedom from England… from the State run theology and form of persecution inhibiting their freedom to belief and act as they were accustomed to.


Our country is established in 1776, July 4th, and we are given our freedoms based on “inalienable rights [nonnegotiable; unable to be taken away or given away],” therefore, it is important to understand the moral vision and governance the Founding Fathers implied and conveyed to us as an inheritance- a heritage. It is placed in our original documents,”We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


I’m going to explain what bigotry is here…

Intolerance  to  those  who  hold  different  opinions  from  oneself

or for understanding being bigoted…

Strongly  convinced  of  the  superiority  or  correctness of  one’s  own  opinions  and  prejudiced  against  those who  hold  different  opinions; reactionaries

now back to the timeline…


George Washington had a belief toward Religious persecution, where he believed no one should have to suffer from it in this country. In 1790 he wrote a specific letter, directed to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island.


In 1814, Francis Scott Key writes,”The Star Spangled Banner,” and it is adopted as our National Anthem.


In 1864 the words,”In God We Trust,” shows up on a two cent coin.


In 1909 it is included on other coins.


On July 11th, 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Public Law 140… making it mandatory that all coinage and paper currency display the Motto,”In God We Trust.”


So there you have it… a brief synopsis and timeline of “How” and “Why” we have on our currency,”In God We Trust.” By now I’m sure you are wondering why I wrote this [so far] as I have… and I’m going to get to the reason and motivation for all this. First let me say this, when we are forced to direct our attention (by means of a lawsuit) to remove,”In God We Trust,” from our currency, it does draw our attention. This is an actual event or lawsuit ongoing [currently] by a group called,”Freedom From Religion Foundation.”


At this time I would like to define “Hate crime,” and some of its many understandings around the world [currently on the books] and their meanings…

The FBI defines a hate crime (a.k.a. bias crime) to be:

“a criminal offense committed against a person, property or society which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin.” [It should be noted they left out gender and gender identity

Hate Crimes Statistics Act (1990): “… crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, including where appropriate the crimes of murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation, arson, and destruction, damage or vandalism of property.” (Public Law 101-275).²

Bureau of Justice Administration (BJA; 1997): “Hate crimes–or bias-motivated crimes–are defined as offenses motivated by hatred against a victim based on his or her race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or national origin.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL): A hate crime is “any crime committed because of the victim’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender [male or female] or sexual orientation.”³

“Hate crime” generally refers to criminal acts that are seen to have been motivated by bias against one or more of the types above, or of their derivatives. Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail)⁴

Although beset by definitional problems, “hate crime” can be broadly defined as crime wholly or partly motivated by, grounded in, or aggravated by, bias or prejudice towards particular groups of people.⁵ [It should be added here… in Australia it is now illegal to commit a hate crime against a Pedophile]

“This ‘Hate Crimes Bill’? would make it illegal to not only commit a hate crime against someone but also ’cause’ a hate crime through your speech. It protects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual (LGBT) people along with pedophiles and 30 other sexual orientations from being spoken against in public.”


Now that I’ve added these definitions, let me pose a question. Isn’t the United States being harassed and bullied here… for showing their concern for religion is a higher priority for all citizens, being something indicating morality [which in turn lends itself to the very reason for laws in the first place] is a value we should all have concern for? The website for the FFRF even shows emphasis to regard for the separation of church and state. Since this is not in the laws of the land [only assumed to be] it is a false premise or basis for this claim. Furthermore, to state they have an irrational or adverse reaction to handling money which has on it,”In God We Trust,” is this not a reaction based [in fact] on their hatred of anything that has to do with God [religion] and truly represents a “hate crime” by commission of attempting to sue the U.S. Treasury- a frivolous lawsuit and a waste of taxpayer money?


Below is an abstract taken from another piece I wrote on the separation of church and state…

No where is there listed a separation should exist between church and state in the First Amendment but when it comes to reference to it… most Americans would swear it to be found there (NOT TRUE… A FALSEHOOD). When Jefferson wrote (to the Danbury Baptist Association, Jan. 1, 1802) and said,“I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” The comment was possibly intended to affirm no one sect of christianity would gain power over the other and would allay suspicion to these thoughts of another church gaining such favor. Nothing more and nothing less. Please note the thought conveyed says church NOT RELIGION and speaks more to denomination of christianity than it does not.

One last thought, of the many oxymorons I’ve ever heard… two that stand out the most are ‘Christian Scientists’ or ‘American Atheists.’ In truth, science does more to explain [prove] and coincide with Biblical teaching [Archaeology proves this] but Atheism cannot say the same thing about its relationship with American origins.


References used:

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“I’m mad as hell… I’m not going to take it anymore”©

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This one is for “the Las Vegas 98,”

I’d call them ‘the crazy 98’s’ of late,

to have the gumption to stand up for

their rights and secure their fate,

to send a message of strength in

numbers more than weakness to be…

Paulina Corona said,”This is a union,

and everybody is in it together,” we see,

for to many have walked away from

their support for what looked easy…

to lose backing of your voice [of your

rights] is to then feel so darn queasy,

the union is the condom between you

and the company you work for, to true,

and without any damn protection here

is to learn you just might be through.

Has this country gone that soft… that superficial… that they would give up their chance to improve: working conditions, reasonable pay for work [labor] done, humane treatment over “we’ll treat you any damn way we want to” or concern for the future for a  I want it now mentality? Sad when you think of it this way so when I see people sticking together I have to say,”Hats off to you… for standing up and not caving in.”

Labor is such a black AND white issue that effects us all. Without standing together we all lose.

Labor is such a black AND white issue that effects us all. Without standing together we all lose.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 2013″©

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There was a leprechaun

from County Cork,

who said with a grin…

as he wiped off his chin,

“Tis what happens eating

stew with a fork.”

There was once a

leprechaun from Cork,

danced he a jig…

while eating a fig,

said he,”No corned beef…

I like me pork.”


Does this impel or repel… the truth?©

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The wife of a U.S. citizen, one sentenced and convicted under Shariah law… then thrown in an Iranian prison, goes before a Congressional hearing [friday… 3-15-2013] to rally the voice of the Executive branch of our government and gain attention. Her cause is for her husband and family. Our interest is paramount to due diligence of all our citizens. If we do not show our support or have an interest in the affairs of Americans abroad is to be aware NOTHING will change this obvious lack of concern for ONE OF OUR OWN. By the way, the young woman’s name is Nagmeh Abedini [a U.S. citizen] and her husband a Pastor, Saeed Abedini, and he was sentenced after trying to establish an orphanage for children. His crime: being a christian.

It would be nice to have half-a-million signatures on this petition, please help!Image

“Liberty’s current”©

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People cannot say, in the lands called ‘America,’ men did not die for her without thought to the hope freedom brings for her, and those that are from her. The freedom to choose one’s own fate and say by outcry,”What gives you the right to do as you have?” Is this not the same reason it was thought there was a higher law to be found than the natural laws, where ‘right and wrong’ exist,’ and it is this which enables us all to stand and criticize the laws of men- when they are wrong for the General Public? To diminish our own abilities and strengthen the hand of the enemy we were told about… men and women both fell in Iraq… and other stolen funds but whispered about still [yet we pay to Egypt to support the Moslem Brotherhood/against our ally Israel]. Without the chance to say it [so afraid it would offend someone] the chance goes by to end as a history read of an untimely worn mediocrity. Self evident truths can be found in braille for the seeing but unread… for lack of knowledge, and unfound for lack of need. It is not until one has lost something valued one can appreciate what one had… let it not be found the case in America itself, where complacency and ignorance to what ‘freedom means” will grow to be but a bygone memory. The phrase ‘E Pluibus Unum [from many one]’ cannot be understood if when one is affected no one cares. Forced to support something without redress or the willingness to provide for such support is where the difference between liberty and tyranny are best seen for what they are.ImageWhich picture do you like best?Image

“We’ve past this way before… have we naught?”©

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When man attempts to chase the 

tail he never had,

to relive the past… live to his plenty,

as was found in Gad,

the days as understood in modern

terms, learned and fought,

to seek out honor, nobility and valor-

the high brow ever sought

but to sink back down in mire to the

low brow man does go,

nothing learned but his descent of

past twas come to know,

debauchery and lasciviousness the sparks

in the wind of fire…

mankind winds toward his own delights…

chasing his desire,

the look behind the revolving door keeps 

coming back anew…

the lessons taught when naught learned

until man’s days are through.