“BLM Papers and the Harry Reid connection”© or “Unplug the neon eel app”©

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When the BLM can say one man owes ‘the

American people’ money and takes his cattle…

by whose authority… no court case mentioned

as reference… legality now as if it is chattel?

What looks like a win by the Fed is it’s loss…

Harry Reid calls supporters ‘domestic terrorists’

but what about harboring family, Rory Reid, and

the Laughlin-China land deal, He and lobbyists

don’t owe the American people an explanation…

land in Laughlin sold for seven (not nine) figures

as it was estimated for this land grab, fixation…

so deliberately discharged for Agenda 21 and

all against our native soil, people and its laws,

found if duplicity is less concerned for by gain

than to abandon American tradition or its flaws,

one action seems like the abrogation of our own

laws, American… right or wrong but American,

and the other action seems like it is a personally

arrogated and misused (the sale) land deal, He can?

The cattle roundup would be called something else

if it was one of the public doing this dirty deed…

and to hide behind this one Rancher’s woes in

the light of land to China, who’s the bad seed?

When a government agency, the BLM, is the tool used as a scalpel (surgically) to extract an ounce of blood for what is stated to be owed… don’t we then also owe it to the American people to look into the (possible) dirty land deal(ings) of a man with more than the sweat of honest deals on his brow? It is not one of those ‘Pay-no-attention-to-who-holds-the-wallet-behind-the-curtain’ deals… is it? Who is the eagle here and who is the ostrich?

See what students of LSU are saying here.

I’ve already written this one about the old eel before anyway, so you might have to ask yourself ‘if he is still as slippery?’


April 24th, 2014…

This is being added here as a disclosure to the ‘what next file,’ and please know it does not change what was done initially by either the rancher or the politician. I still stand by my claims in the poetry… which one of these two is worse, one turning into something we didn’t see coming or one having turned into something we did know about- a libertine of a politician… out for his own selfish gains?

“My revolutionary thoughts”© or “Just another day in North America”©

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“My revolutionary thoughts”© or

“Just another day in North America”©

(Written by Russell D. Holder)

Ever notice when you look for giants

you find ants… molehills turn into

mountains and wizards of the obvious

are everywhere.

Ashes of a loved one are now cremains,

the Death Row in Texas has a fast lane…

and Buckle Bunnies are all Bull riders

think about.

The slowest drivers are always ahead of

you, fast food restaurants are where old

and young compete… to work, and red lights

last to damn long.

No one has patience any more, cool is found

in a cup with ice and brain farts are more

common than a brain freeze.

It’s a lovely day though, I still have ammo… ain’t

seen one deer but plenty of idiots and my

lawyer is on ‘speed dial.’

I’d have a mohawk if I wasn’t bald, bills keep

rolling in and the the gas tank is still sucking


Swap meets keep the junk queens rolling, cattle

still roams the range and I don’t see one speck of

mud on these silly Hummers.

There seems to be more Cubans in Florida than

Cuba, their cigars are still sought after… and it’s

harder to tell where Mexico stops and Texas


I see more winter folk from Canada… more shrimp

from Thailand than the gulf, and I think tree huggers

put the tea in Boston Harbor… way back then.