From the dusty wrinkled face of

time itself comes this new view

of ‘green’ to be seen on shelf…

and the promise is by buying a

product with this packaging to

save the world… all by my self,

imagine that, it is me they’re count-

ing on…  to buy their product

and save some trees, water and life…

despite all the industrial waste

simply tossed in the seas, with the

landfills full, wrappings of strife,

to count on me being so gullible

to think it would help, a ‘green’

little label… to not think at all

of the environmental impact after I

throw away the product, no matter

what it is… now you make the call…

if the goal was selling or protecting,

so hard to say… so hard to say it wasn’t

when profits count more than we do!

The nerve to believe they truly care

for the Earth and for living things…

this pushy correctness to even be true,

some even hail the vision of ‘green’

as if it were a vehicle to sell grandeur…

proclaim it the holy green dragon,

something used to guide and motivate

those who feel for the Earth… almost

a new religion to live for and hang on,

you can almost feel the drumming of

their march to the mind, the motions that

sway their opinion of staid surety…

and it is to be so mesmerizing, the

rhythms to dance to… to overtake the very

rationale and purpose for thoughts to dignity.