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I fail to understand the narrow viewthe lens 

used by myBlack AmericanBrothers and Sisters

in the need to down play what Carson said, when

he compared Obamacare to slavery, the Misters

of media now decrybut not to long ago, MLK Jr.

referenced abortion to slavery of culture and heritage,

so where is the fulcrum to be placed hereto be

understood by one and all, are we still in a birdcage

of thought or should we find we can still sing at all?

Maya Angelou said she knew why the caged bird sings,

it seems we need to find out what she meant from her

heartfrom Martins heart, not just one of those things

one can hold on to forever and (yet) claim to be free,

Yesfreedom comes with a cost but not when ones

views are not listened tohow it looks/sounds to me.

Where is "the Dream" if life would be terminated... and parts placed on the market? Is this really about 'Women's Rights' or just a legal excuse? Is this what some would refer to as heritage?

Where is “the Dream” if life would be terminated… and parts placed on the market? Is this really about ‘Women’s Rights’ or just a legal excuse? Is this what some would refer to as heritage?

To think (currently… as some journalists would lead us to believe) there should be outrage over what Carson said, comparing ‘Obamacare’ and slavery together, and not think one thing about the origins of ‘Planned Parenthood’ and specific goals implied! I guess there is a vacuum to thought… to memory or to exposure of our history, some conveniently used and some left unspeakable- this does nothing but sweep it under the rug… white-washing it [for lack of a better term]. Even ‘Planned Parenthood‘ had at its own beginnings eugenics, to be used to cull the masses of those thought unworthy, and the proof is found here for the looking. You think Halloween is scary… I say believing half-truths and innuendo is far worse than Halloween itself. If you say you value heritage at all, I would recommend reading an article by Clenard Childress… before you set your heart and mind in stone. Since under ‘Obamacare’ we must be forced to support Planned Parenthood… I don’t think Carson is to far off base.

Can this be the history that hurts White America... as much as the heritage of Black America- what can grind the mind?

Can this be the history that hurts White America… as much as the heritage of Black America- what can grind the mind?

“Exciting news!”

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I can think of nothing more exciting, for me… as a writer, than to gain the advantage of another medium than simply being in print- or having your words in (strictly) a book format. As the Moody Blues called one of their albums, I’m on ‘The Threshold of a dream.’ God has given me a gift in having ‘a passion for writing.’ This gift will be coming (now) out in the form of an Audiobook, and is my book of political poetry, entitled,”Of eagles and ostriches.” This is being narrated by Michael Welte… to which is included on the new cover for this project. The original cover was created by a fellow named Scott Black- I met him on Red Bubble… long story! This cover was tweaked out by Vivian Gordon…  http://viviangordon.wix.com/justforyou so all are named and the stage is set.

This project should be ready early November, 2015, or mid-month. Take a peek!

On the threshold of a dream!

On the threshold of a dream!

I received this email today, Oct. 25th, 2015. Now the hard part… the waiting game begins anew!

Great news!

You have approved the audiobook production of Of eagles and ostriches.

What happens now

  • Your audiobook will pass through both ACX and Audible quality assurance (QA) checks.
  • Once it passes, we will let you know and begin distributing it on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The whole process usually takes up to 10-14 business days, as long as there are no problems.
  • If your audiobook does not pass QA for any reason, you and your producer will be contacted right away with instructions for how to remedy this.

“When is substandard to be the benchmark… in US schools?”©

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In Florida, the former Governor’s state…

Jeb Bush, the educational system is broken!

By broken… I mean they would rather teach

with faulty books than hear ‘foul’ spoken,

they’re using books which do not include

christianity or Judaism, just Islam, for use…

this is a slight to: this nation, our principles

and students, history itself… such abuse.

Did you know this Jeb, and if you did, when

would it be OK to disregard religion so?

This gives the unfair… unequal problem

of saying,’indoctrination is OK to know,’

and it sends a very clear message to the

American people, Jeb, you’d not see it equal

(Islam to Judaism to Christianity), not when

our own teachers aid this without sure recall.

Who approved this, can you look into this Jeb?

Who but Dr. Michael Blasewitz to soon blame,

does this man deserve our ire, was the book

just faulty or told to remove it to our shame?

There seems to be a ‘brokenness’ of: agenda promoted, religious indoctrination sanctioned and one religion taught over the exclusion of others- and all this is abetted with US taxpayer money. I think the biggest issue here (other than the obvious) is,”Who is responsible for ordering the books, and to delete information about Judaism and Christianity… to the seclusion of Islam being preferred? If the books were faulty… is this by design or request?

This has raised the hackles of many people and rightly so. There seems to be a disconnect with ‘fair play’ or equality as the “benchmark” to be used here. Since this is being facilitated by school district employees, and having a wide range of exceptional differing opinions, can this be nothing more than the servile means to see our youth be conscripts to Islam- the far reaching impact on our culture as the goal? I bet you never thought you’d see the day this has become in America- this is not the US you or I grew up in or how we did things back then!

To completely separate religion from world history would be inappropriate,” says Dr. Michael Blasewitz. What about separating and isolating one religion taught over the exclusion of all others?