“Race… let’s talk race”©

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What is worse to the racial situation

we see in the U.S. of modern day…

to have an incident force fed by the

media with a focus on what they say

or our President forcing planned

parenthood [abortion] on all the people?

One deals with one life [no less important]

taken away but the problem’s cute nipple,

how many thousands of lives not given the

chance to live, from all nationalities here,

where loss to life is celebrated as the

freedom to continue on doing what’s clear.

Are we respecting life in the house [as God sees it]… or are we supplanting,”It could have been me,” with false concern for topical attention (Sanger would be proud)? “God bless you Planned Parenthood,” President Obama said at the convention [recently] in Washington, D.C.!

http://www.lifenews.com/2013/04/26/obama-parenthood-abortion-biz-god-bless-you/        or


Hebrews 3:1 Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus;

Hebrews 3:6 But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.

“Please take a look”©


I would like to share with you a little secret… God has been good to me. Here is an opportunity gift wrapped to share with you here [what has been going on recently]. Please take a look here. This explains the site and their story.


“When half (1/2) the law is severed”©

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The employer mandate for health care

[watch] will be waived for one full year,

and at the same time the other half of

it, the individual, will be forced a tear,

when the requirements are less than

equal, the practical application fails,

the enforceability questions its own

legality [by scenario]… no wind-no sails,

without one half working… the Supreme

Court will have to judge if its all legal,

you can’t slight one half and molly-

coddle the other, left so damn uncivil,

unenforceable by this slight of hand so

slow a President would try such a delay,

give us health care- YES, without abortion

paid by us all [forced on us] we’ll pray.

“Off with his head”©

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The incident in Woolwich left one man

beheaded [in England] for what cause?

This localized event sets the stage for

anyone to then point fingers at our flaws,

and the biggest flaw not talked about is

the net of diverse cultural difference…

the same net used the world over, the one

forsaking need… cause and inference,

in the U.S. we say,”E pluribus unum,” from

many one, meaning we are [now] American,

and if not accepting of our ways… we

are left pockets of ethnicity by plan,

assimilation is the key but if another

would force fashions of whence they came,

disregard for where they are now is the

nature of its design, thus it’s a new game,

cat and mouse… the dodgy art of subtle

deception masks the rule laws hold and claim,

replaced “The Magna Carta” with Sharia Law-

as if it would assume it better by it’s aim,

did not “The Great Writ” provide protection

from tyranny, established christian values?

Instead, now we see destabilized regard

for one man [and many more], new venues,

so to truth… that which is undone has then

turned to blame, forsaken truth to report,

and it stands to reason for this insurgence

grand cause and flood increase to deport,

to turn one’s nose away from the truth is

found to invite the Master’s house to ruin,

we left the door open… the thief came

in and helped himself, the thief accruin’,

to rise and replace all values held dear…

stolen in plain sight of human rights denied,

to no avail found we, the footholds now

removed, to keep the designs of all we tried,

we did not [were not allowed] to use soundness

of the decisions of our leaders, foot-to-fire,

in the grand scheme beyond our grasp… told

it was the best [whose truth], heard we the liar.

“Acting for one as one?”©

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There is no such thing as “a super

patriot… to make one blush,”

this notion of the U.N. being

it [remember Dafur]… go flush

the asinine belief… so secure,

known if there was anything so

respectful it would then endure,

it would not wait ten years or

more, like in Dafur, to then act

but just sit back and do nothing…

not even to cause to react,

and this is being “super patriotic,”

how idiotic a thought is that?

It is not like,”We see a need,

let’s go on it and pass the hat,”

next they’ll go and get control of

the internet [and not fail] this time…

to want all that control [or offer to

help build a temple] to aid the crime.

Do you remember… how just recently, the U.N. attempted to gain control of the internet and was found out, voted down and kept at bay. This type of desire will aid and abet the theocracies that desire control of us all. All one has to do is look at the impact of Shariah Law around the world and how it is causing whole legal systems to cower or be rendered null and void in its path. Look to England and cases in the U.S. that date back to 1978… to see the veracity of this happening- then question the need for such wanton cause… the bread crumbs to ruin.

“‘It is not that,’ is heard”©

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Knowledge to counter the word that is

spoken in churches is savored with glee…

how is it that they do not understand

love, as I do, or you would listen to me?

They would rather listen to the directions

of false prophets with stubbornness of heart,

to worship the idols of transgression, an

ear to strange lips… no sea to soon part,

Thy heart, dear Lord, is the way… the path

to enlightenment, they listen not to Your word,

will they not walk in the way of love, they

hold no regard for truth,”It is not that,” is heard!

When it is the lessons of the flesh to please

Thee, to make a joyful noise to reach Your ear,

I find myself being less than blameless but

seek Your continence, Your judgement I fear.

On this Fourth of July, 2013… I will ponder the deeper meaning to: the best car in North America [is that us?], recommended human population to sustain life with depleted natural habitat left or the reasons for massive apartment complexes, the green movement and being forced to pay for abortion related issues [eugenics].

“A voiced opinion is not an exercise of hatred or racism… nor an un-exercised freedom denied “©

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The arena was full, sold out, with standing

room only… the anticipation at a fever pitch,

the iron chains started to raise the metal

gates, crowds hushed… nerves to suddenly twitch,

the combatants made their entry, the dust

lifted from their heels to where they’d fight,

the blood lust of the crowd was now building to

a peak… that peak to be satisfied this very night,

the weapons of choice were already chosen-

in place… in the hands of those that were selected,

the Captain of the Guard motioned for the warriors

to bow and pay homage… even if it was their last,

the last time on this earth to do such a thing

as respect for a political position, split second past,

now… as the two faced off, the crowd started to

chant,”to the death… to the death,” almost to plead,

before a blow of weapon was even given

there was, within the crowd, a growing need…

the only problem with this scenario is its

real… it’s today, the arena represents the world,

all of the same people watching each person

of the United States, with U.N. flags unfurled,

International Law would be the weapons held

by the combatants, sharpened, ready to use,

and we are in the arena, being watched, as

the Globalists stand ready to then recuse

the individual… the ones believing in our

freedoms and rights are holding the U.N. tools,

and if we use them against ourselves; which

is the plan, we will be seen worldwide as fools,

anyone that will not conform to the new norms,

as we see them growing, will be a terrorist:

the christian, the patriot, the freedom lovers

and individualists… this approach we must resist,

if liberty is to freedom and a lack thereof is to

tyranny… then face-to-face we have a choice,

be it for belief in God or country… this is truly

the time and day to personally exercise our voice,

if man must make his last stand for something…

it would be better to stand and die for what is right,

even the Native Americans had their day and thought…

“today is a good day to die,” so choose your fight.

I do not believe it right to: assume the worst… cast stones at people caught in scandal, or something taken out of context being used as the motivation for ridicule or harm. Text without context is pretext. ‘We’ are to the point of complacency where there are now people engaging in activities to see your own freedoms [and choices] removed. As an American born [in the United States of America], there will be people celebrating on the fourth for no other reason than ‘it’s the time to party.’ True regard for the reason we celebrate this day has waned… and we now see people willing to use their freedoms to limit yours [What is wrong with this picture?]. Party as if there will be no more… you might as well! ‘We’ have forgotten the values this nation was founded on. Dark will be the clouds that roll in where ‘We’ realize what has been done to us for the last twenty years and by both parties- just as complicit… that which ‘We’ have allowed. Mediocrity grows to engulf us and it is just as some might like to see us [all].