I said good-bye to an old friend this morning,
she looked back at me and knew…
the end of the trail, dear friend,
this is my end and I’m through,
her name was Nellie, an old paint,
we rescued her now ‘little more than a year,
I couldn’t help but feel such loss…
I shook, convulsed and shed many a tear,
she knew the end had come…
a friend to both my wife and I,
the kind man came with his gooseneck
and we could do little more than cry.

This is written in kind tribute… for the memory of a horse that touched the lives and hearts of my wife and I. We will remember you fondly Nellie… our horse had to be put down this morning [Jan. 24th, 2014]. I never knew a nicker more sweeter than hers… and she’ll be missed so.