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I could really use your help today, with a vote [at no cost to you] that could make a huge impact in what I’ll be allowed to do with my writing  [and everything else]. At this link… https://inkedvocabulary.see.me/exposure2014 I need your vote to gain the exposure for: my books, Art [photography], notice for ‘Inked Profundity,’ and to tell other creatives of the site and what it can gain them… EXPOSURE to enable one’s hopes and dreams. Please help me and know the vote will be free to do. Please say a little prayer for me… with a little God can make big things happen.

“The defeat came by surrender”©

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To laud over Martin Luthor King  Day,

in the US, leads to such irony…

ironic the thoughts of the man to

raise racial and civl rights to equality,

here in 2014… with a Black President

in place… no equality is given to choice,

choice to prefer ‘pro-life’ or abortion-

to force it on us is to lose our voice,

foisted in appearance of our freedom

to choose, lost… and one man can prevent

a single vote on sanctions for Iran…

a veto proof vote denied freedom’s vent,

Harry Reid will not allow this vote to

even be put forth… placed on agenda,

denied the fruits of democracy… we call

this tyranny, a Nevadan, Libertine splenda,

there is nothing so unsavory as freedom denied

to those whom speak so favorably about it…

just think, ‘the American Dream’ and the

‘I have a dream speech’ to smell… not fit.

The title comes from a tweet by Iranian President Rouhani; which alludes to the world surrendering to them [Iran]. When we [of the US] went to the last diplomatic encounter and: forfeit the ability to hold Iran to sanctions (by removing all in place), releasing nuclear scientists we held (as hostages) and did not get fair release of those held in Iran [one an American Pastor… Saeed Abedini] and giving them currency for compliance to human rights… in their view- we surrendered! I say if Iran truly intends to commute sentences for some in their prisons let them free the Americans they hold… and if they don’t… strengthen the sanctions we need and break the deal that was brokered without our capacity to have the legs we need to stand from strength.

As to recent events, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif mentioned the word “Clemency” in a briefing but is this a maneuver to postpone being censured by public officials in the US- a ploy using lip-service and furthering the persecution of one American’s belief. I say let them stand up to what has been said, and signed on to… with the UN and the UDHR- or the Islamic version of it.

For all we ever stood for... lost!?!

For all we ever stood for… lost!?!

“What ‘America the Beautiful’ is not… to be used for personal gain!”©

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Yes… Superbowl [this year a ‘super-yawn] brings with it the highly expensive commercials… ones that get etched into our ‘American conscience’ and are so memorable as to be greatly funny [and appealing] or so strikingly wrong they are remembered forever… distilled to be a part of who we are as a people. This year [for me] there were three such commercials that will be remembered for having the qualities worthy of such fond like and dislike they will not so soon be forgotten (at all). The first and second commercials I liked both had Tim Tebow featured in them… rather ironic that Tebow was the Quarterback Denver shipped off- especially since their game needed one in order to help the Broncos score points- which did not materialize until the second half. The third commercial, although it was shooting for the vision of inclusion [here is where the dislike comes in] actually turned into ‘a world-fest’ at the expense of a song we Americans value for being American [here it should be noted that ‘America the Beautiful‘ is not “The National Anthem” but is as highly regarded].

Here we go again, the controversy is swirling in the winds of the media and placed on the minds of those: incensed, overlooked, patriotic or unpatriotic… the melting pot of blind ambition or complacently blind banality. What controversy you might ask… the one which would alter the words (from english to the ones they [the Koch Brothers] used for their product) of the song,”America the beautiful,” to a: multicultural, world pleasing, globalist regarded, corporate greed over patriotic intentions (when anything American can be subjected to Corporate use)… placed on a song that rivals favor from the National Anthem itself.  If they wanted a new face for the,”I’d like to teach the world to sing (song),” why didn’t they do this with their own song? Why create the stir unless you have already planned on how to put the fire out? Although the emphasis to this Ad [at face value] does show some of what America is [by its diversity] but dilutes the ‘oneness’ of us by using PC styled methods to show ‘separate but equal’ as the basis for this being something we should honor.  See what they are saying in LA here… or in Time Entertainment. When it is found out that the Koch brothers are involved in controversies far worse than the Superbowl Ad… then people might take the stand I’m about to declare, I will no longer go out of my way to purchase Coke products for my home use or personal enjoyment. If you want to pay for their exploits by using their products… go right ahead!

P.S. I would like to note something here, there are Coke dispensers at work, and I’ll use them [in the employee dining area (for free)] but I will not spend one more red cent to aid the Koch brothers to treat anyone in the world as badly as they have. Look up the Coke-Pepsi controversy in India… then tell me what you REALLY THINK.

“”That was a ‘Super routing,’ not a Superbowl”©

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If there was going to be any clear sign… of how things were going to go in the Superbowl it had to be found in the first play of the game… where Manning and the Broncos failed to advance the ball but caused a safety. There was never any signs of recovery during the entire first half, Seahawks led 22- 0 going into half time.

It has been said,”The best defense is a good offense,” but I say,”The best defense is a solid defense [in football] and with a responsive defense one can capitalize on what any offense brings with it. Unfortunately, Manning was not able to bring the Broncos offense to counter being dominated by the best defense in football for the season climax. Final: Seahawks 43- Denver 8, and one for the record books. When Seattle beat my Niners… I saw the writing on the wall. When I heard more money was laid down on Denver, knowing the general public is usually wrong [I was a supervisor in the Race and Sports Book for two years], here is how I bet… and I’ll get to cash my ticket.

Sorry Denver!

Sorry Denver!

“It’s not just the Superbowl… it’s the first Super ‘pass the bowl’ hemp event of the century”

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Can one watch the Superbowl and not imagine these two teams as being the representatives of Cities which have legalized marijuana, and we are watching the first “Hemp Superbowl ever.” With Seattle and with Denver, the fact is true it might be a good thing the athletes will not be exposed to direct contact with what could cause ‘Munchie Mania.’ This is what the world will think about… as they watch this game, a game of what was just football not to long ago. What do you think?