“To ‘Honor’ and what it means”© or “Anti-love walks by the dim light it produces”©

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It is a ruse we do receive

if we start to believe

man wants to stop hate…

to be deceived by this fate

and think our laws are so kind…

could we be that damn blind

to count hate in man’s heart

should stop… to end by a start

to see the resultant fix,

a devilish turn… darkness to mix

up right from wrong, to mend

the tails of deception by end

and seal the closure to truth

regardless of our lacking such proof-

this is but simple to means…

to affect not wrinkled but greens,

the ones to falsely believe, hope

in what is started as truth, to cope,

ideally to draw in youthful ideals-

the young turned out strongly feels

by their need for assurance, desire…

to see them as I won’t… listening to a liar.

Who did you say you'd represent anyway?

Who did you say you’d represent anyway?

If we allow people to dictate by the standards they use (or follow) to go against what we say we understand about: ourselves, our personal beliefs or manner in which we would choose to do the things we do… liberty ceases to be liberty. If another would go against what you have said, for ‘honorable reasons,’ then is when what another feels is just a reaction to all you value. The emotive based response suspends rationale when Hegelian dialectics are used: thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis (a dog-eat-dog mentality) is the residual left us for what we know in the past. If ‘rationale’ comes from (Latin- rationalisendowed with reason‘),’ and ‘honorable’ means,’Following the accepted rules of moral conduct,’ then why would someone think immorality (selling of aborted baby body parts), bare naked greed (haggling for an expected price), and corruption exposed should be equated with honor?

Honor I

Let's read on 'Honor.'

Let’s read on ‘Honor.’

I say,”Let the wind be at your back and the bugs be real thin.” Any Biker worth his weight would not go against his own Family members- I inherited this jacket from a fallen Brother and in his memory (and as a Vet myself) I will not openly (or otherwise) support dishonorable conduct when I see it. The worst thing we can do in this life is lose sight of those that follow us (the next generation), and we must pick the fights or things we stand for… or we’ll stand for nothing ourselves.

Say nothing... be nothing, nothing worth following!

Say nothing… be nothing, nothing worth following!

Duck Dynasty Support Pose!

Duck Dynasty Support Pose!

Images come from me and many from here, and you can see this writing here.

“Butchered baby body parts”©

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Hey… you there, in the shade of the Chapel

of your own making, don’t accept it without

taking advantage of these: unused, unneeded,

un-abused… fresh new body parts on discount…

we obtained them without knowledge of the

donor, harvested and they should soon workout

the finances for the deal in the office, tout the

hands to work out the method, labor of the stout.

Some difference here... between 'third world' and our own.

Some difference here… between ‘third world’ and our own.

Can you believe the crassness of the people caught on tape, actually discussing the details of selling stolen baby body parts, and know the people that did this are being supported by US taxpayer Dollars- Planned Parenthood (on a good day). See the link to be aware of just what your tax money actually helps to support… people that would take great care to harvest the ‘baby body parts’ of your doing. All this is being done with the warmest of regards from our President, and his blessing upon it. In 2015 there is a push [Joint Resolution] calling for: Investigation, Defunding (Tax payer dollars) and now (with the alleged [highly probable] discussions for intentions planned for) to stop [ban] the sale of ‘Baby Body Parts’ by those from inside the Planned Parenthood Organization. Pick the video you’d want to see more (choice of two… or both) should you prefer a choice.

In the state of New York… and New York City alone, where there is an unordinary high amount of African American abortions performed. This comes from the ‘Summary of Vital Statistics (2012)’ where we would find this information below…

In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Where is "the Dream" if life would be terminated... and parts placed on the market?

Where is “the Dream” if life would be terminated… and parts placed on the market?

So I ask you… is it fair to say,”The Most Dangerous Place for an African-American is in the Womb.” This is a direct quote from Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr., and you can see the article here it comes with- about the beginning of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s connection with ‘Eugenics.’

Is there a difference to view here or are they both the same?

Is there a difference to view here or are they both the same?

With respect to choice [literally] and free will to decide our future… God grants us this freedom. What many fail to understand is this one aspect to the choice- God already knows who will decide [willingly] to accept Him as their God. Care for life, the life He grants you, and show you can make your own mind up (in the face of His omniscience) and not forsake Him through idolatry or idol worship. Protect your own as God has shown He will, making a stand for those He cares for- love is more than a feeling… it is a willing choice and those that value life will protect it at all costs. [This is an abstract from this article here.]

Such a casual lunch or dinner topic!?!

Such a casual lunch or dinner topic!?!

[This added July 29th, 2015, compliments of a Veteran named David… who thinks this might be ‘GOSSIP’] This was then (Mar 22, 2012) with a boycott against Planned Parenthood… and this is an article (July 24th, 2015) to raise the consciousness of any that would say they might ‘care for the living (and life itself).’

I think this cartoon nails the coffin shut. Planned Parenthood Tissue Mass harvested for "HUMAN" Parts!

I think this cartoon nails the coffin shut. Planned Parenthood Tissue Mass harvested for “HUMAN” Parts!

[This was added August 1st, 2015, compliments of lifenews.coman article with confirmation of corporations (with clout) leaving en mass.] Coke, Ford and Xerox want nothing to do with Planned Parenthood- even to insist they will be removed from Planned Parenthood’s website as listed donors. See the article here and know it is dated July 23rd, 2015. There were 41 listed donors on Planned Parenthood’s website… there are now 38- see the list of corporations that do support them… and watch for it to continue shrinking!

Put it all together (here) people... and see things clearly!

Put it all together (here) people… and see things clearly!

Newsweek and The Washington Post both caught altering (spinning) the information seen in the original videos (a politically correct whitewash)… see the article here.

Images from here and you can see this also posted here… with the full video in place (and know you have a choice of two now).

P.S. By the way, the title came from listening to the ACLJ speak about,”Butchered Baby Body Parts,” and I was not the first to use this analogy but I did recognize it for the truth it stated plainly!

No they wouldn't... read my lips!

No they wouldn’t… read my lips!

Images from here

“We don’t need a Hillary… we need an American voice like Tomi Lahren!”©

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What nerve… what verve, someone with a spine…

someone pointing to the truth to help us all define

the enemy of our enemy (if truth is as ‘she’ so said)

is our friend, not shot in the foot and left for dead,

I like the spunk of this young woman… tell us all

of the truth you feel (and from your heart) to call

American reality, this the time to wake the hell up…

don’t go to Starbucks unless you intend to drink the cup

of hot liquid wake-the-dummy-up-stuff you’ll find,

no need to just sit there and talk about the grind,

this is the time to tell it like it is, truth becomes the action…

and then let us react, the equal and opposite reaction,

no more platitudes about Cordoba, Spain, now ISIL

looks like the evil one, we should turn against this devil.

If there has ever been a more truthful ‘Last Word (Op-Ed)’ in recent memory… concerning what this Country is facing more-and-more in the days to come- THIS ONE DEFINES IT, LIKE A HEAT SEEKING MISSILE AIMED AT A HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM EATING BEAN BURRITOS. See the video that has gone viral for yourself below…

We need more Americans strong enough not to cow-tow to ‘Political Correctness’ over ‘Human Rights’ when these same rights are not even being shown an Ounce-of-concern unless it is for one of their own.

If the enemy¹ of the enemy² is our friend... what happens when enemy #1 is the truth- we'd befriend a lie and declare it to be the truth and a friend!

If the enemy¹ of the enemy² is our friend… what happens when enemy #1 is the truth- we’d befriend a lie and declare it to be the truth and a friend!


“What defines a hero… being a shining example for his own?”

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When a ‘Hero’ does nothing for his own (Veterans) and brags about it,”Is he still a hero?” I live in Arizona and feel like the vacuum of concern is as if I was living in a POW Camp- one where there is no one with the boldness to show what it means to: live as you would be thought of, shown the compassion needed for having served and not slighted by a ‘less than dishonorable approach.’ Trump that!

Truth is accomplished by heroes.

Truth is accomplished by heroes.

Let’s see, having: at least five crashes (destruction of government property… you and I paid for), Graduating at the bottom of the class (fifth from the bottom), avoidance to truth in details available to former POW’s and War Secrets, and a little history lesson on some that would squeeze the word ‘hero’ for their personal gain… and not yield the same qualities admired to those that also served. Voting on anything to do with Veteran’s benefits is less than any Vet I know could ever expect from one of their own ‘Brothers(?),’ and even the Communists chime in against him, see this article against him and his practices of voting against Veterans. Which version of ‘water boarding’ is the real John McCain’s view… pro or con? When POW’s disagree with some of the ‘facts’ we say we know… there is more left to doubt than security. The saddest truth here, for John McCain, is… if there was anyone one that ever had an increased chance to be shot down in the ‘Theater of Operation’ it was him.

Sometimes they have both,"Remember Pat Tillman?" A real Arizona hero!

Sometimes they have both,”Remember Pat Tillman?” A real Arizona hero!

What we are left with is a very striking and odd comparison… one where this is just as bad as what Jane Fonda did to our POW’s in Hanoi- turning her back to their: condition, national status as Americans, aiding and abetting the enemy (when she gave the list of people there [supplied by the POW’s] back to the enemy… ensuring physical and mental abuse [retaliation]) and flagrant disregard to their [Human Rights] well being. The enemy of Veterans having returned is: neglect, complacency to concerns and disrespect to conditions in which they live- sound familiar? Birds of a feather… as the saying goes! Still say you know what a hero is… I wonder? Remember the day Jane Fonda was honored, Hollywood’s glamor girl, June 6th, 2014. This is not ‘Support your local gunfighter’ here… it is supporting someone that sold us out- those of “Us” most vulnerable (captives).

Let's remember what a hero looks like... in Arizona!

Let’s remember what a hero looks like… in Arizona!

I’d call Pat Tillman an Arizona Hero… how about you? Do you know the difference between one who has suffered from events they (willingly) participated in and one whom we played ‘Taps’ for?

Russell D. Holder

A US Navy Vietnam Era Veteran

Image(s) from here and here (for Pat Tillman images).

“All this over a damn flag”©

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A flag is more than just a symbol…

and it might mean, for some, something

more than it started out to be.

A flag could be for a: country,

location (a region), historic moment

(Iwo Jima comes to mind) so free,

a signaling device, an image to be

recognized by and coming from its view,

views or viewpoint, personal to me,

ideology or theocracy, land hoped for

a nation to be or to mean hate,

even to be hated if one were to see,

think about how the Nazi flag is

thought of today, now don’t think

about Fascism or nationalism brie…

something that tastes good enough

today, a blend of Corporations and

government, like “Big Mamie”,

supported at Baseball games with

influence peddling, advertisement

and money… new national mime,

the impression of fascism but not,

and this is not worth hating… like

tea with Mussolini, now up a tree,

this need to purge anything we are

against, even our own historical roots

and thrust it right past our own unity.

"The Pledge of Allegiance"

“The Pledge of Allegiance”

This is 'NOT' our pledge!

This is ‘NOT’ our pledge!

In these United States we have a ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ we (still) say, a verbalizing of the understanding and meaning of what this symbol really stands for… One nation (warts and all)… One people, American (hated or not)… at One with ourselves (except Uncle Charlie over there).

As long as this is still in the 'Pledge' we ought to care for those of us, even those that don't care for us, with as much respect- knowing who and what they are.

As long as this is still in the ‘Pledge’ we ought to care for those of us, even those that don’t care for us, with as much respect- knowing who and what they are.

Flag etiquette is found to be a (very) real concern for Veterans… those who might truly feel something from the flag they fought for- understanding what it stands for and symbolizes. By the way, we can thank Michele Obama for the title of this work, and a kind telling (during a 9-11 event) by video seen here. Remember the flag flap, over the Palestinian flag (as they are not a nationally recognized country), at the Olympics of 2012, in London– yes, all over a flag! This was the same Olympics, which is supposed to stand for a coming together of those (countries… today but City-states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece- then) representing recognized states (known as nations) with a cessation of hostilities (political or otherwise)- known as Olympic peace or Truce. Then the IOC refused to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. So did the White House, and next was the BBC- see it here. This is not the case today, in our modern times (?) and politicized climate we live in. It is not just flags we insult today (openly) but people, countries and ideology- let alone trying to undo the feelings of past events in history.

Can you show me where Palestine is on the map?

Can you show me where Palestine is on the map?

These are not the politics you're looking for... with a truce to hostilities at the Olympics! So much for customs or traditions of the past.

These are not the politics you’re looking for… with a truce to hostilities at the Olympics! So much for customs or traditions of the past.

We are coming to grips with Nietzshean Dogma... there is no God!

We are coming to grips with Nietzshean Dogma… there is no God!

Is this what is coming?

Is this what is coming?

Images found here for the US flag and the Pledge of Allegiance, also, what it is not! All others found here and here.

At last... no flag debate!

At last… no flag debate!

“One step forward and two back, to waltz with mediocrity and politics”©

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[Disclaimer: This post will be added to as I can, do to the: informational quality and quantity offered us, topic covered and the sheer volume of people currently interested in seeing how this goes. In other words… this post is very much a live and active post and will continue to change moment to moment- without bias and fair to issue… no matter the outcome.]

I do understand the perception of some to think

by a flag’s removal… progress is really being made

but the truth of the bigger picture would increase the

scale of view beyond what lies in our own shade…

history is replete with incidents perceived as being

something they are not and what they are not said,

it is found in the meat of the matter, here on a flag¹,

not used for what it was² but associated with the dead,

the flag did not kill anyone here… and Lynyrd Skynyrd

is still Southern by the grace of God, Southern Rock led.

it is being used, even down right abused by some pin-

heads… and racist tripe they believe, so spoon fed,

My point in saying this is to find slavery offensive, if

this is the benchmark, then make sure it is truly over…

there is still slavery alive and well in this world, today,

and it seems so trivial to laud over a flag over and over,

if a Veteran can be arrested for turning a flag upside down,

to symbolize an emergency or wrong, then it’s not known

as being what it is… even what it was intended to be used

for, it supplants the importance of dislike over what’s shown,

and it would come down to how we perceive it to be, if we

are against those whom might use a thing wrongly, so true,

to bullyrag something or someone we might soon dispute…

where will this end, my friend, the finish line of ‘We’re through?’

Is this not the same discrimination in reverse but this time

it seeks the pleasure of limelight, gainsay as though you oppose

the colors some might wear, or have worn, or even the very

nature of what they are- seen in attire of their own clothes.

1] … here on a flag, Confederate flag history.

2] … not used for what it was, disclaimer against ‘hate groups’ and its misuse, the misuse by ‘hate groups’ of the Confederate flag, 1989.

A newspaper statement of what happened at Fort Pillow.

A newspaper statement of what happened at Fort Pillow.

We cannot undo our own history, or have a version of this history coming from our own likes and dislikes- to cherry-pick what we’ll keep and what we won’t. Unfortunately, throughout the world today… there are bigger issues on humanity’s plate: sex trade (white slavery by name), forced compliance to one religion over another (Coptic Christians are being forced [this too is slavery] to become Muslims- by legality[?]) and we can become enslaved by our own minds (thoughts and opinions which might differ from one to another). Since slavery still exists… I see this as ‘a weak kneed victory’, a victory unworthy of the valiant battle cry,”Remember Fort Pillow!” Here is a brief recounting of some of the official records, this one about Fort Pillow, and there are many other links found here as well.

Let this not be forgotten!

Let this not be forgotten!

I remember hearing,”You can win a battle but lose the war,” and I think the backlash on this might prove me rightwherebyI hope I’m wrong! Remember the movie ‘Colors’ (the last few lines of this writing are addressing that movie), and all we had to go on then was red and blue. Even back then, April 25th, 1988, there was the expectation for violence throughout the country… from this movie, and the only City it happened (where I lived at the time) was Stockton, California. See a quick squib from the LA Times here.

Fort Pillow Civil War reenactment picture.

Fort Pillow Civil War reenactment picture.

Latin phrases that could come to play here

1) a bene placito… from one well pleased, or ‘at will’, or ‘at one’s pleasure’.

2) a contrario… from the opposite, or ‘on the contrary’, or ‘au contraire’.

3) ab abusu ad sum non valet consequentia… an inference from an abuse to a use is not valid, or rights abused are still rights.

4) abusus non toilit usum… misuse does not remove use, or just because something is misused doesn’t mean it can’t be used correctly.

5) Inveniet quod quisque velit… Each shall find what he desires.

6) latius est impunitum relinqui facinus nocentis (quam innocentem damnari)… it is better to let the crime of guilt go unpunished (than to condemn the innocent)

7) malo periculosam libertatem quam quietem servitium… I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.

8) belium se ipsum alet… war feeds itself.

9) castigat ridendo mores… one corrects customs by laughing at them.

10) damnatio memoriae… damnation of memory; which in turn meant, Rome had a custom in which disgraced Romans (particularly Emperors) were pretended to have never existed.

Images from this site and link or from here.

I’ve decided to add updates here [the backlash is beginning], below, to allow for direct links. I will also post the date the links were created themselves, a chronological record of the events for all to see! I would also like to offer you a link, through YouTube, from a Civil War Reenactment perspectivefound here.

If, historically, the war was fought against slavery, exclusively... I could see why many would want it removed.

If, historically, the war was fought against slavery, exclusively… I could see why many would want it removed.

To see just how popular Civil War Historical Reenactment is, there is: a calendar of events (with numerous links) for 2015, Civil War Travel/ on the road (a month by month informational), one City… Gettysburg and planned events, Civil War Talk (A group of people involved in historic recreations in living history) and the Civil War Trust… celebrating the 150th Anniversary (see more at their LinkedIn site here, with 1,496 members).

1] A ‘Christian Science Monitor article’, posted on July 2nd, 2015 and seen here, asks,”Is Confederate flag racist? Majority of Americans say no.” According to the article, 57 percent of Americans see the flag as a symbol of Southern pride rather than as a representation of racism (results come from the CNN/ORC poll found here).

2] How FBI failure (SNAFU) contributed to the killing of nine people, seen here (posted 7-11-15).

3] Flag supporters in Florida seen here (this article posted 7-12-15).

4] With the flag down… what did we really gain? Symbolic, substantive or both? One article raises some doubts to what was really gained, and has two different views (one from a Professor at Vanderbilt and the other a Professor at Voorhees) see it here (posted 7-12-15).

5] The attention and spotlight are now on Mississippi, with the Confederate flag incorporated into the State Flag, see the article from ‘the Christian Science Monitor’, seen here (posted 7-13-15).

6] Do we hide the ugly truth, by removing the Confederate flag? See what one article says, quite telling of Georgia history (see it here, and it was posted 7-14-15).

[After seeing and reading the post above, it made me think about, today, with our refusal to compare thoughts against Israel in the same light: denied to fly their own flag during Olympic games, subjected to the bare naked hatred of what and who they are (as a people) and facing the rising (overt) actions to do harm, maim or kill every last one in the country. Christian persecution is also on the rise (all nationalities of humanity are affected).]

7] A Confederate flag to greet the President in Oklahoma… how about that? See the article here, posted 7-15-15.

It would appear, for all practical purposes, people that do harbor (favor): racism, hatred or cultural phobias (like xenophobia) will go to the extreme… use any symbol, means or method to create the impression things are as they would see it to be. I say,”It will only become the way they say it is if we believe: them to be right, agree with them and/or accept their truth as our own. If we are not fooled by their propaganda (or actions), we should refuse to conduct ourselves as they would have us to do but continue on with living our lives constructively- change what needs to be changed, accept what cannot be changed and thank God for knowing the difference between the two!”

“To defy authority, radicalism and the American happening”©

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Try telling someone against anything…

everything, historic or not,

beliefs are a net therein caught!

To those in the Carolinas, with the

shark attacks in the news,

we go to fins over young shoes.

To those advocating against guns…

to see them all abolished,

The Caliphate wants them polished.

There are more humans killed by insects

and drunk drivers today…

than difference to ideas we’d say!

It is now OK to be married… and Gay,

sodomy Laws out-dated,

Grateful Dead is Soldier Field fated.

Nixon vendetta against Jerry Rubin,

push did come to shove…

they smoke in Colorado woods above.

Is there this inner need to succeed,

on and on we would try…

constructive or not, authority defy.

Change... what is it good for?

Change… what is it good for?

A great man once said...

A great man once said…

Jerry Rubin yet lives… in the ‘American Spirit’, unbridled, unbroken- We are everywhere. Watch the movie ‘V’ this weekend (if your home), fly a flag for yourself, enjoy the fireworks (thinking about the Veterans who gave it all for you to enjoy your Holiday). Pig on some ribs, have a hot dog or two and maybe a ‘Moonpie’ and an RC.

From: guerilla theater, Yippies to Yuppies, self confrontational advocacy and amotivational syndrome… these were the days of living through it- today, it remains easier for married Gays than NORML [National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws] Americans who desire freedom themselves from irrational laws and a war (the Drug War) we lost. Sounds like Vietnam… a ‘War’ that wasn’t called one, the one that called those coming back “Baby-killers” (memories live on even after eradication John Kerry] is currently in negotiations with Iran, over nuclear weapons building plans… and uranium enrichment programs, and insects and parasites really do kill more humans than guns ever will.

Did the Fulbright Hearings give us clarity or clear one American over another? Does this avid interest in Marxist philosophy… communism aid you- a warm fuzzy moment this Fourth of July, 2015? If you are still confused over what anti-war time revolutionaries (or revolutionary thoughts) have done, look at this little list and see what you think then?

Jane Fonda

Winter Soldier Investigation

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)

Abbie Hoffman

War on drugs

Weather Underground

Che Guevara

Allen Ginsberg

This is to be considered, by this Veteran… a Vietnam Era Vet, a ding to your social awareness- have another Latte and scone but remember one thing- someone paid for the freedoms you will enjoy this Fourth of July.

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things... as we want to see things!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!

P.S. Check out this posting… from almost a year ago- Happy Fourth of July, 2015.

P.S.S. Here is one American’s view of another… agree or not!?!