“Ode to the line-dawg musical”©


When as tender as your stomach feels…

and work is fowler than the mood to play,

sleep was broken more than the eggs 

you’d serve and we call it another day,

the stress alone can leave you restless…

so damn moody that milk would soon sour,

the minute hands on the clock seem to stop…

up to your ass slamming plates to the last hour.

It’s just another line-dog musical…

the kind to make most men howl,

when steak and eggs a minuet…

where the dinner rush a suite of sweat,

the kind thats leads cooks to scowl,

the symphony plays on despite the

tired state, the sonata of spinach and wine,

and each dance is paid for with cash

or by card, the syncopated melody…

when it goes smoothly is fine,

the breather of space between tables…

a break in the rhythmic parade,

the looming smile of the maître d’

in a ‘D’ Minor staccato detached,

a career most chefs won’t trade,

to strive to compete and complete each

task with the mastery of haste…

when elbows and plates are moving

smoothly the legato flows unmatched,

for there’s no time to waste,


in the course of another day,

It’s been just another line-dog musical,

when the marcato to taste leaves no time to 

waste when you finally reach quitting time…

you realize it is ‘Oh so typical,’

When as tender as your stomach feels…

and work is fowler than the mood to play,

sleep was broken more than the eggs 

you’d serve and we call it just another day,

the stress alone can leave you restless…

so damn moody that milk would soon sour,

the minute hands on the clock seem to stop…

up to your ass slamming plates to the last hour.


This work comes from inspiration obtained from the line,”A line dog musical.” A friend of mine said this, his name is Bob… a Wheelman (Head cook) in the Cafe, where I work in the Casino. The only line he gave me for this work was this but I worked as a cook myself for seventeen years– also my Major in College… Food Service Management. 

“Football star turns away from life to exact a pound of flesh”©

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Marysville- Pilchuck High School…

scene of Washington States recent

shootings, by a student, a Native

American, as though he was absent

from what he was doing, there was a

disconnectedness seen… him reloading

without concern, just matter-of-factly…

targeting bullies of racial intimidating

remarks(?), a Football star turns toward

such hopelessness to resolve plight…

loss of concern for life… so fragile, a

mind determined to seek out twilight.

There is such a fixation on death, even to suicide… being an obvious conclusion to a life without purpose. If there is nothing about God: known, felt, experienced or understood… life will feel like a drudgery, and there would appear to be no outcome to fulfillment known from this life. We will see more of these types of event… the young don’t care if there is anything beyond this life- the world tells them there isn’t. The students have a secular school system to rely on… teaching secular thoughts to impressionable minds. This is the outcome we see- the impact of what was taught them comes from us! When a ‘good person’ turns bad.

[Please Note: the first reports came out thinking it was slurs that caused this. I think there is more to the story than that!] 

[First link]


[Follow up]



“Touching Coup”©

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I have a little game to tell you about,

it is an old one… this is quite true,

it is a game designed to create a

stealthy person, one called,”Touching Coup,”

it seems it was played without bases…

no ball, and not even like ‘hide and seek,’

there was no correct time to play this

or wrong time, a game everyone could peek,

it comes by way of a friend of mine,

that lives in Oklahoma, an Indian game,

it was played by Native Americans [first]

and it is theirs and their right to claim,

the nature of the game is this, to ‘Touch

Coup’ one has to sneak up on another…

to reach out and touch them, where they

know they’ve been touched, Oh Brother,

it is a simple little game every child played…

to learn meant one found how not to fake

out someone but that they could then sneak

up on them without being seen, to take,

this helped young men to become hunters…

really good hunters can sneak up on prey,

it meant a lot to brag about… to lay down the

claim, the reason you’re eating is me today,

‘Touching Coup’ is a harmless game, and

we all know the nature of man goes astray,

when someone reaches out to harm another

is when we all rue the day turned so grey,

to blend in with those amongst us is where

ISIL now sits, in the open… and in our sight,

will we also let them ‘Touch Coup’ on us all…

or sit back and do nothing… thinking it right?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Reach out for your dreams... when equality leads to supremacy!

Reach out for your dreams… when equality leads to supremacy!

 Other than ‘Touching Coup’ is ‘Striking Coup’… there were also other forms of Coup: killing an enemy, wounding him, scalping him and stealing his horse or gun. As to ‘Striking Coup,’ hitting an enemy with your bare hand was considered the highest form of bravery. See more on this at this link provided here.

Does this go way beyond, “Tag… your it”? When society as a whole does not see a price on the tag they’re looking at, or does not see it as a price tag, is when the cost that comes to bear (for the drink we’ve been given) will catch people off guard- blindside them! This is ‘Blind Faith’ when we assume people meant what they’ve said about peacefulness… say what they mean when they tell you something and that we have understood what we have heard. People… test the spirit of what is said or told you against the fruit it offers you or holds in its hands- don’t just “ASSUME” you know what was expressed to you is true. To assume truth is not to know truthor we swallow the drink we’ve been given… thinking we know the difference between right and wrong ourselves.

Does this tag come with no description to the cost we'll pay?

Does this tag come with no description to the cost we’ll pay?

“A visitation to change your mind… submit”©

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A Mother says sorry for things

done as they were done,

this comes as no surprise…

honest feelings of heart one,

“Can you ever explain something

like this?,” she asked the country,

“We are sorry.” The last word…

to tell all of her own fealty,

two attacks in three days by

converts, drawn in by hate,

rejecting love for our fellow

man… rejecting life his fate.

With the run of recent conversions to Islam… and the run of ‘radicalized-home-town-terrorists’ coinciding with each other, is this not the time to lay claim to the apparent truth we see? The strongest emotions, love… and it polar opposite… hate, have been misunderstood since time immemorial. To turn our head and deny either of these two emotions can create extremism… is to deny the capability of mankind to be loving or truly cruel. Please know love would have you submit willingly… and would allow you to go your own way if you do not.

The link is found here, on what one Mother said (about what happened in Ottawa, Oct. 22nd, 2014), and the respect given for heroism to Kevin Vickers, sergeant-at-arms, quite honorable indeed.


“What have you to say?”©

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Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

what have you to say?

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

missed you the other day!

The first meeting held

with all hands on deck

but where’s the Czar himself…

Oh well, what the heck?

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

what have you to say?

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

missed you the other day!

First patient in Dallas

with, now, two nurses sick,

from one to gain two…

the rabbit’s hat trick!

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

what have you to say?

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

missed you the other day!

Nasa’s there in Houston…

population in Dallas town,

pocket full of posies…

and we all fall down.

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

what have you to say?

Ebola Czar, Ebola Czar…

missed you the other day!

This piece is about the newly appointed ‘Ebola Czar,’ Ebola and what happened as a result of him missing the “First Meeting.” I called this one,”What have you to say?” but it could have been titled,”What does this tell us!?!” The first official meeting held, with all the right people there… but the Presidentially appointed one to head the task force- what does this tell you?


The White House had this to say…


“An interesting picture”©

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People can make the claim something might be interesting… but can they follow through with it as often as you heard it before? The proof is in the pudding, they say… so here’s a spoon!

Lady in a box

This is not one of those every day situations or sights in these parts… maybe not even New York City? Is this not peculiar enough to be presumed interesting? Let’s look closer…

As the story was told me, by someone on the scene, the box and it’s occupant was part of a movie being produced by a Japanese film crew. I asked if it would be OK to take a picture and received a nod of approval. An interesting event on a rather common Friday afternoon in Kingman, Arizona.

“The life of the wave is found inside it”©

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The energy expended of
a wave…
the surge, the pushing
swells of power
come from within, the life of
the wave has direction…
and it’s purpose is
driven by the currents
that feed it…
there can be no wandering…
the fluidity conforms to itself,
ebb and flow come from where
the wave comes to rest,
even to the shoreline of

Some here have thought hate was a motivator for me [this posted at LinkedIn]… but this is farther from the truth I care to represent- and a miscarriage of understanding. As proof to what I claim [OPENLY] Look at this web-site of mine (ON THE LEFT SIDE)… and see where Christian support is promoted for: Moslems¹, Christians² and Jews³ alike… there is nothing to hate but disregard, ignorance or unbelief.


1… Samaritan’s Purse… currently reaching out to refugee camps in Syria and Jordan, to help displaced Moslems.
2… Compassion International… supporting the descendants of Ninevah- Iraqi Christians.
3… International Fellowship of Christians and Jews… To show support for Jewish immigrants to Israel, those in need of food and other necessities.

Open your eyes to the truth… all humanity should help each other- for we have more in common as humans! What tends to divide us is: what we choose to believe, perceive from that lens (biased or not) or what we think we see (subjectively) when it seems to be imposed on. I think we all need a reality check… to look within and see if love is where we are coming from ourselves? Love should be all inclusive or it cannot be called love… I can accept you from a loving perspective but don’t ask me to accept your behavior if it is wrong. The daily news shows us where hate will take us to… an extreme distance from love- where love is: not found, looked for or even considered worthy of the same value you or I might give it. Is a wave of this type then powerless?

1 Corinthians 14:11 KJV

Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me.