Dems want UN troops on US soil… imagine that!

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I have always maintained the view the last US election came down to a globalist or a capitalist! When my own party (Democrat) showed me they would rather support what I’m against… is when I was forced to vote Trump. Actions taken by Obama and those in the circle of his influence, now that he is done and his administration is over, continue with more than a residual of resentment and still seek to circumvent the authority of the US Constitution- knowingly or not. In clinical terms it is known as ‘cognitive dissonance’, being unaware one is unaware.



On one hand, Democrats say they would ‘defend the Republic’ if POTUS Trump fires Robert Mueller. With the other… they deny actions taken by other Democrats (or themselves) were subversive: Comey (deciding to not hand over information obtained to the DOJ when it was called for… obstruction of justice), Hillary (to obscure ‘Classified’ material was openly used and disclosed through email, to aid an international political cause with the OIC and through the UN over support for her own country… her own people… her own ideology ’TOGETHER’) and Louis Marinelli (the California secessionist [that wanted Cal to be independent with a little help from the Kremlin] that threw in the towel to move to Russia). I’d point out both parties have ‘a Russian connection’ but for and through the faux-investigations on-going (with a profound bias in place against POTUS Trump) but recent revelations make it seem ‘We the people’ will continue to be shackled with the Overseer’s own complicity and efforts to obstruct justice.


When less than 20% of the workforce is women, what happens to ‘Women’s Rights’ then?


Add to that a (very) false sense of security if a woman was to claim they have found something better than here in the Middle East.  There are still those that might advocate this myth… the profoundness of it being true! This is not to say feminism has not found appeal in Arabic cultures, among women, and here is a list of ten most notable writers from the Middle East. This also points more to ‘changes needed’ than it points to realized gains over ideology. So… if the end goal is Women’s Rights, is this the future of feminism, see below?



At this point in time to make the claim they are peace loving Americans (Democrats) who care for others more than ’Trump supporters’ is a whole load of a very pungent material, wouldn’t you agree? Then comes ‘rumor’ Mueller might be fired so Eric Holder (not related) churns the ’tea cup’ to hold white caps by ‘jumping the gun’… while Cook County commissioner Richard Boykin would appeal to the UN for help ‘from gun violence’ in Illinois. Really! Shame is that POTUS Trump has offered to help (actually… threatened to go in if it wasn’t straightened out. It hasn’t straighten out but the numbers are down from last year) but was turned down. How long was Darfur allowed to continue without relief? How come the UN has been silent of actions to prevent Christian deaths and extremist (views) persecution? People kill people… guns can be used to protect life or used to threaten but is ‘all this worth losing our gun rights over’, I think not! Funny, this came about in a strongly ‘Democratic controlled’ area… as if it could have been the cause- the desired outcome sought to justify their own claim! Since it was by UN involved individuals, like Maurice (Maury) Strong (one of the first to give us the ‘green’ movement… another obvious hoax), and an ex-President, Obama, that we found Chicago involved corruption of the ‘cap-and-trade’ carbon reduction program. See but one article here, or another view with the ‘Russian Connection’ intact. Hey Chicago Democrats… still think the UN can offer you anything but more corruption, think again?


Rahm Emanuel’s Trump Free Zone- Chicago!

Chicago Climate Exchange was based on a money generating hoax!


Health Care or far worse?


P.S. We also have the ‘Cocaine‘ connection with, Obama, Hezbollah and Iran. Great… yet a another emphasis on ‘trusting’ in the wrong one again!



Tolerance; AKA Modernism’s ex post facto



If the US was to be looked at… to find a weakness, the weakness would be tolerance. This is our biggest weakness, especially these days, when a watered down viewpoint of its meaning is skewed: understanding from bias driven agendas, advocacy journalism as given (the punch of world influence including UN agendas being foisted on us) over a return to ‘actual’ news worthy information, and when pointlessness is made the point… pointing away from either claim or reason to why one believes as they do. Add to this: the rise of public opinion over innocent before guilty, hate crimes rising to include race and religious bigotry, gender now more important than life itself and ‘a mob rule (dog-eat-dog)’ mentality. If this is the soup of tolerance being peddled to us… it will be the swill to bring us down!


Coverage of POTUS Trump and ‘this Russian thing’ the media has hyped, and will not let go of, continues to wave the sheets of print (true or not) to make money and being less concerned for the average American. See what is implied below…




and compare it with the next three stories. You might be able to smell the roses of truth but there is so damn much fertilizer on the flowers themselves. If a conspiracy consists of three or more participants… the fertilizer removed from our sight will leave us to see the truth, won’t it? I wonder! Is it not so surprising we see more denial… more opinion over truth… more hype to anything but still cannot focus on issues of greater importance?








What I find most galling is during the timeframe of the subway incident (with a Facebook anti-Trump posting [LISTEN FOR A WEAKENING YEAH of SUPPORT])… CNN is doing another ‘hit-piece’ on the POTUS and HIS DIET. Let’s get real here people… and get your nose back to ‘real news’ that has a direct impact on us, as Americans, and the world around us.




Does CAIR really care… or what exactly do they care about?





This is not a case of AI but a little bit of intelligence can go a long way… to protect us all, don’t you think so?















‘Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7th, 2017’


Everyone remembers Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7th, right? Even people that watch the NFL remember Pearl Harbor… Dec. 7th, 2016 (see below).




Dec. 7th, 2016


Can parallels converge?

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As with Iraq, where the power vacuum was left void… after removing Saddam (making room for ISIS [thanks to Bush]), the divide provided us in the US under Obama has a very real and inconvenient truth to see (this time on race and tolerance… with favoritism practiced and condoned). The parallels, when looked at, are as striking as they are disturbing.


As if another more prominent scene (today) could be provided,”Oh look… another protest.” This time a protest about the outcome, the verdict, of the Kate Steinle murder trial- in front of the White House. What makes this ‘inconvenient’ is the protest itself. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?


It would seem reasonable, for all practical purposes, to think the alt-right more extreme than some might like. If this is the ‘Yin’ then the ‘Yang’ becomes ‘Antifa’ by proxy… now becoming ’the alt-left’ in the absence of description to actions condoned by the left and supported by a well known financial backer, i.e., George Soros. At this protest: the incorrectness of the verdict, a stronger look at building the wall (Southern Border fence), justice denied the victim. The other side, Antifa, is protesting: against racial profiling and against the extremism it sees?



When the incident of question, the death of Kate Steinle, happened in a sanctuary city… one given rise to by leftwing ideology, is to hear Antifa say: race over death, protection over liberty and support to any not our own. This is not a racial thing, primarily, it is an immigration thing… in a city (granting) willing to place it’s own (possibly) in harm’s way. If it isn’t about race then who benefits from it being called that… if support is paid to Antifa for showing up- none other than George Soros himself. George has also supports BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa, together, and does anyone vaguely remember Hillary’s slogan? Is this what was meant or implied?



The agreement recently made with the NFL and George Soros makes it a mockery of race itself, having been used by ‘the Man’ to accomplish an end to a means- with no regard for: country, race (nationality) or human rights! As for me… I have no involvement here if I do not watch another game, and I’ve never been concerned over race so much as to ever get informed or involved myself.


Who used who… and then used us?


‘It just went off… the gun’


Have you seen it before, a defense strategy in court, the gun just went off? Really, here we go again… this time in a ‘Sanctuary City’ and ‘a news worthy trifecta’- dead woman, gun used and immigration! Let’s thank the proud city of San Francisco, this time, where once more is heard,”… it just fired.” Below is an abstract from here… almost ‘another Twinkie defense’ being milked in San Francisco.


Zarate and his defense team maintained the argument that the suspect found the stolen weapon on the pier that day and it “just fired.”


How about another (more rational) explanation, other than the gun just going off by itself kind-of-theory, one by a gun expert from Morgan Hill, California.




Gun control or just creating victims?


Hey jurors!