[DISCLAIMER: The image used for this piece of writing is not intended to: represent a religion, draw attention to any one religion or cause anyone from a religion undue grief. It is just a picture of a frog I thought was appropriate for this work- nothing more and nothing less.]

“Find yourself… not so green”©

Before I croak
or believe another Bloke,
I think of Kermit and the
rainbow song…
but before I croak
I will shout or evoke
the truth God saves us
from all we do wrong,
to choke on the ordinary
(if we hear any more crock)…
what we might be, true, but
God says with Him we belong.

Let’s not just: go green (blindly… following the world, as it would have us become like them), become an animal (left with nothing but our emotions to guide us), pantheistic or pluralistic (thinking God is found in all the objects around us or humanities views also applied to God- being equal… as all gods are Godlike in their nature and are then, therefore, the same) or any other false belief (realizing nothing from the Hebrew God as the truth it [actually] is) come by way of deception, distraction or lie.
[This comes to us by the Hand of Hegelian Dialectics (below)- found here]

On this reading, Being is the positive moment or thesis, Nothing is the negative moment or antithesis, and Becoming is the moment of aufheben or synthesis—the concept that cancels and preserves, or unifies and combines, Being and Nothing.

Little wonder there are more and more people feeling an emptiness in their being, and the rage that comes from not being anchored in a ‘sound’ belief- where peace is ultimately the goal… without violence seen coming from their actions. When secular shows like Dr. Phil cover victims of ‘religious violence’, here race is not a factor, I see this as an ‘ongoing’ victimization of those suffering from their loss: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This happens when ‘Moral Relativity’ is pushed on the masses… at a time when there still exists extremists bent on forcing their ‘radicalized views’ on us all.

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