North 4
Rep. Cynthia Lummis, (R) Wyoming…
grilling Director Comey, FBI, asked
about ‘intent to store Classified
information privately,’ again axed
the notion of Title 18, US Code 1924…
“intent to retain said documents at
an unauthorized location… ,” is illegal
to do so,”We don’t need [what]…
the Code number (of the violation).
It’s more than that, and prove criminal
intent.” The Director stumbles and
‘We the people’ get ourselves a clinical
and surgical abortion to the injustice
we see being done to us: the very nerve,
the hubris… and deceit, the openly bare
and naked details inimical to liberty serve
to proclaim (loudly) the disdain for freedom
over self-serving interests, home or abroad,
a ‘Libertine’ among us… the vote is either
for a Capitalist or a globalist– who’ll we laud.

Weather Craft 1960

Dear Director Comey, If it is a crime to ‘retain the Classified documents’ at an unauthorized location… then doing so makes it an illegal act, and to alter the state of these documents (to then send the information) goes beyond the pail. The American people were offended when the news told us about about a US spy plane being shot down… after the government told us something else. Now, the rule of American Law takes a backseat to the will of ‘Globalist interests.’ Read American cover-up and exposure from the link provided.

Leave it to the Media to determine 'vulgar'


After hearing more of the Hearing on Capital Hill, I’m convinced the FBI couldn’t find a whore in the whorehouse with a fist full of hundred dollar bills. If the law says it is illegal to do something… it is illegal to do something, with or without intent or not.To lie during Senatorial or Congressional Hearing, if that is illegal (as well) then the intention was (clearly) to deceive, mislead and misdirect intentions of awareness possessed when the deception occurred. Evidence was then handled by lawyers, shredded and the attempt was made (intentionally) to destroy any information of ‘Classified information’ being: mishandled, exposed to eyes unattended, and cover-up belies intention of criminal activity (actions taken). There is an obvious difference between cognitive dissonance and cognitive consonance but a lawyer should know better here, being aware of the letter of the law, and ignorance (or contempt) to the law is simply not a viable excuse to violate the law.

Furthermore, as to the increase of incidents with localized Police Departments and Black fatalities… something beyond the control of the FBI (initially)- there are gaps in our system that need to be brought to the table.

When it comes right down to it… this increase has happened under President Obama’s watch. While at the head of this country, and by following through with policy originated by the last President, many Police Departments have hired Veterans coming back from the war. As a Veteran… and very aware of PTSD’s, there needs to be a point of ‘crossing the thin blue line (allowing one officer to come forward without fear of reprisal)’ if another officer has shown signs of: racism, hate filled conduct, is abusive, suffers from emotional or psychological trauma (based on experiences from home, work or service related) and should therefore be removed from active duty to a desk (a position not placing him/her in line of fire) or where they (themselves) are not a harm or danger to the general public.

“The color of America is American”
Russell D. Holder

nemo est supra leges… nobody is above the laws

in absentia luci, tenebrae vincunt… in absence of light, darkness prevails

ignorantia juris non excusat… ignorance of the law is no excuse


As of 11:42 AM, July 8th, 2016, I turn on the news to hear of a veteran, from service in Afghanistan, unleashes his fury/frustration/anger/hate against ‘white officers’ in Dallas, Texas last night. The burden of such actions of fellow officers (for the police) or family and friends (of ‘shooters’ from within our communities) is a cry from the depth of all our souls to see an end to this ‘cycle of violence.’ With the rise in use of ‘social media’ to capture anything wrongly done… an opposite is true, if there is something that is said that perpetuates: hate, racism, abusive thoughts (stated) to be acted on… say something- stand up and speak out! When PTSD’s are entered into the mix… there is something that will be seen or known by SOMEONE. This is the time for due diligence and not harmful and mindless reaction, and the time has come for more than ‘a sit-in’ performed by the legislators. The time has come to take: corrective measures, enact legislation to prevent this from happening (at least), exclude someone’s right to obtain arms if they are: on the watch list, have psychological issues that are documented (hate oriented, racist tendencies, are a risk to themselves or others) and preserve the right for honorable people (law abiding citizens) to keep and bear arms. We cannot afford to lose another human life… let alone another ‘American life- needlessly.’

“The color of America is American”


P.S. Unfortunately, when Black lives matter was upstaged by the Paris attacks… they gave us this and lost ground- when race was more important than the motivations that triggered hate over culture and society as a whole- religiously motivated. At the last time I looked at what ‘Human Rights‘ entails, race holds equal footing with faith by choice. To complicate it even more is when we would rather attempt to gain ‘a voice to race‘ over ‘injustice from gender.’