“You get who you deserve!”




Ex-President Obama said this, about Trump,
“You get who you deserve!” No, it’s true…
as if to tell his own… you didn’t do enough
to support our nominee, our ‘5-dead-crew,’
this was supposed to be a slam against the
Trumpster but it backfired, now you know…
know what is being said by whom can also
loom in our faces as all can see the show
of such a gracious tolerance, true contempt
for: Office, Party and those acting so uptight.
Is this the same party… with love beads, the
ones singing ‘Kumbaya’ from the ‘gun plight?’
The Federal government controls/permits and
allows purchase of firearms, and runs a check…
if someone is then approved (sanctioned) or
seeks to do harm to any of us… what the heck.






Can this be understood, as being favorable, in light of how Obama really feels about religion… or about anything else?







“A loss of history in our presence”©



Dr. Roscoe C. Brown Jr. dies at age ninety four,
Dr. Brown flew as one of the Tuskegee Airman
during WW II, an advocate of racial equality and
education, his best foot forward and full life span,
68 combat missions and commanded the very
famous group of valiant heros, being a runner,
Dr. Brown completed the NY Marathon nine times
during his life, the Congressional Medal of Honor
recipient received The Distinguished Flying Cross…
and the Air Medal with eight Oak Leaf Clusters,
to defeat a stereotype that African-Americans didn’t
have the intelligence or ability to do it, myth busters
are the best… for he was one of the Pathfinders for
equality… his life speaks loudly and longly for truth,
so let it not be said,”There was none among us that
stood out… as a Leader back then,” here the proof.

T A back then

With a labored effort for all he believed in, Dr. Roscoe Brown Jr. leaves most of us in the dust. See a brief telling of his life here and please watch the video below for a little more.

T A in later years

“There was a time in American history when a group of men crossed lines to fight something bigger than racism, they fought fascism.”

“Excellence overcomes prejudice.”
Dr. Roscoe Brown

T A 'keeping it real'

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