“Human Rights violations, UN involved”©


Is this where we are headed?

Is this what is coming?

North 6


What happens when the UN sets about to violate
it’s own policies, with regard to interpretation and fate,
What redress does one have left… check and mate…
Shariah Law cares only for its own.

When blasphemy is in blood and ink, tile and stone,
the Caliphate will grow word by word, bone by bone,
accepting only their belief… not one head with a cone…
Shariah Law cares only for its own.

The UN gave us ‘Human Rights’ but uses a distinction,
and the situation we face comes with cruel new mention
influenced by political means, a tenuous interpretation…
Shariah Law cares only for its own.


UN Resolution 16/18, supported by Hillary and [obviously] the Democrats [White House also], was intended to put a stop to: intolerance, bias… even blasphemy [why would it aid and abet based solely on distinction of difference] but clearly stated inside the Dome of the Rock are these words- seen below.


O People of the Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning God save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His Word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers, and say not ‘Three’ – Cease! (it is) better for you! – God is only One God. Far be it removed from His transcendent majesty that He should have a son. … Whoso disbelieveth the revelations of God (will find that) lo! God is swift at reckoning! 

For a Christian the words above are blasphemy, and found in these words is the ‘intention’ to exploit tensions and target individuals on the basis of their religion and/or belief. The intention is profoundly stated within ‘The Dome of the Rock’, and in plain sight of followers of one religion against, and opposed to, any other [but pointedly against Christians]. Furthermore, on the outside of ‘The Dome of the Rock’ are two more sayings (and they could be declared ‘blasphemy’ as well).

There are two inscriptions on the outside entrances at ‘the Dome of the Rock.’ One says,”The unity of God and the prophecy of Muhammad are true.” The other one says,”The Sonship of Jesus and the Trinity are false.”

You can read this for yourself, through a free e-book… offered by BAS [Biblical Archaeological Society], found here. You can also read about the Dome of the Rock at a site [here] maintained by the US Islam org., to aid you in your own conclusions.


The words below are also in this same category…


Surah 29:46 “And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, but say,”We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one;


[Below found at an Islamic site… a quote from a source (what looks to me like ISIS propaganda) undisclosed]


“We are living in the time of global Jihad, when the war now is not about countries fighting each other for land, but for dominance of ideas (our battle is to make the Truth superior over falsehood).”

Here is where UN Resolution 16/18 becomes (unclear… open to interpretational differences) a means to an end.


“… without distinction as to, inter alia, religion or belief,” and “Concerned about actions that wilfully exploit tensions or target individuals on the basis of their religion or belief… ”


How important are these 'Basic Rights' to you?

The poignant changes to “The UDHR”(Universal Declaration of Human Rights), made with distinction, render the initial efforts (once noble) to be abandoned- either from political impetus or lack of (true) concern for what we were given in the first place!


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), download a PDF of it for yourself here.


Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.


Article 5.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


Article 18.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


Is this a 'common' perception?

This is where a Christian and an Atheist agree… illogical but true.


[This is being added Sept. 9th, 2016, this link here… and the comment found below. To my amazement there are still people willing to vote for this ‘Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) in a skirt.’ So I ask Americans all… will we support those we fight against- losing: lives, money and even our way of life?]
A comment on Facebook… my own!
If you say you are voting for Hillary, an avowed globalist, you had better ‘hip yourself up’ to what UN Resolution 16/18 is all about. Hillary was instrumental, while working(?) for the US State Department(?), in arguably assisting: an outside organization, put forth efforts to promote an Agenda counter to American values (being based on a Judeo-Christian standard), to aid and abet ‘distinction based on bias’; which could be used to further erode US ‘free speech’ on US soil. UN Resolution 16/18 comes with two flaws… it fails to address violations coming from, and by, the ones it aids, and does not see itself having a bias but assumes to gain a stronger foothold, to clear the way, in seeking supremacy itself.








The images seen above are from here.




“That sounds like a threat!”©

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Yes,”Words have consequences¹,”
but Hillary,”Actions do too²,” and
those that have spoken against
you³ don’t end up being so grand,
consider this just misfortune… go
let the blind lead the blind in tow,
leave this for the ‘simpletons’ that
think your hand will help them grow.

1… Hillary recently reminded Trump about this, after a rally was held where he [Trump] spoke about Second Amendment people… whereby Hillary called it,”his casual inciting of violence.Here is how one news station in Israel saw it.

2… with the recent slight of the American flag, if Hillary controlled what the stage was to look like… then actions speak louder than words. See what the flap was over here (how it looks in Israel) and below.



Where is the flag of the US?

The shape we are in

This is the real shape we’re in… the state of the nation: with racial tension, slighting our allies of the past, ignorance and apathy (apparent) and loss of our own flag at a convention- that of the DNC. Can we afford more of this?



3… with the three recent deaths, each coming after the DNC Convention, of: DNC staffer Seth Rich (July 10), Shawn Lucas (August 2), who served the DNC with a complaint and summons, and John Ashe (June 22nd), former President of the United Nations General Assembly, who was going to begin pretrial meetings (and would testify) about ‘further Clinton cronyism.’

If you would like to know (actually understand) a little bit of truth about corruption, the Clinton legacy (in Arkansas) and not the innuendo the media (today) is feeding us on the TV… just look here. This comes from Sam Smith, Publisher of the Progressive Review, a journalist and activist [and gay], and you can look at an interview [not a video], conducted by Adam Engel, Counterpunch, Nov. 13th, 2003, with him here. Facts are facts… and facts have no feelings toward who provides them. You can have your own opinions but not your own facts!



Please keep in mind, I’m a Democrat too… but I cannot vote for Hillary (the UN puppet) as a veteran.   #thecolorofamericaisamerican




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We are in an election cycle… but
the distractions keep us all divided,
one from another… this side vs. that,
white against black, we’re not united
and introspective views of an irreducible
minimum for us include being American…
Yes, ‘Blacks Lives Matter’ but we do not
exist in a segregated society, ‘We’ can
come from any part of the globe and
be a part of the whole, warts and all…
our history need not be forgotten but
remembered, to ensure as if by call
this chapter of history is never repeated…
for it should be apparent race is not
the wedge that will keep us divided,
unless we allow it to… then it is a net,
a trap of the mind to think one of us
(as Americans) is better than another…
‘We’ are better served when we can look
at each other and see a Sister/ Brother.



Is what we see in America, today, with the divisiveness… the reason President Obama aligned with Lincoln [with thoughts of being an Emancipator]? Is this not just call to cause doubt over trust… the cup of bitterness and hatred [seen in Dallas], or the length of time it took to address people in Ferguson, or to [suggest] hint there are still problems to be faced- more violence to come.


MLK quote I


If there is an ‘irreducible minimum’ here… it is we are all Americans first and anything that does not bring us together is seeking to divide us- anything or anyone. Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem… and there is no middle ground!


MLK quote II




MLK quote III


P.S. In just one article on ‘race relations’ the President is linked to two diversely different views (or viewpoints), i.e. ‘deep divisions‘ and ‘we are not as divided as we seem‘- his words ‘do matter’ when innocent American lives are on the line… citizens and police alike. There might be (could be) an agenda [if this is more than angst but merited concern] and everyone is then subject to the outcome: covered by design, exploited by the media and it is left at our feet as a Trojan horse- reason to declare ‘Martial Law’ and it being done for our safety. Nothing else explains the lack of promptness required by our leaders or the bland (and less than contrite) support being offered up as true concern for our nation, legal system or justice ensured.


Communist Means of Control

integration not segregation

Images of MLK Jr. and his words are found at Yahoo (under MLK quotes on fear) and of Ferguson here.



“The ‘nexus’ of Hillary… more Obama”©

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With all the accusations, some factual and others alleged, of mishandling: Classified material, cronyism (just look to the ‘Clinton Foundation‘… support and favors done by either Bill or Hillary), flagrant disregard for the American people and we don’t see anything wrong with this declassification?

The infamous page 405... from 'David Rockefeller Memoirs'

The infamous page 405, from the ‘David Rockefeller Memoirs’ and his (strong) CFR connection overlooked. Is not the term ‘Internationalists’ the same as ‘elitism or libertine’ by nature?



If we were to simply take the experience of being a Sec. of State as a ‘springboard’ for gaining the US Presidency… then speech (choice of words) and private servers (less secure than official channels) need to be a thing of the past- past the conceits being less transparent than the offerings themselves. As a bad example (choice of words) see what Diplomatic experience serves up to our plate [the US quilt of many colors] by S.O.S. John Kerry. A friendly reminder to the Islamic woes of

inequality… or a Freudian slip!

The kiss of betrayal

Is this a kiss of betrayal… for the US?

[Image for the Kerry kiss are from here]

The same position Hillary took... by those that would be above us!

I’m beginning to do more than suspect humanity can only be called humane when they decide not to do this, also seen here.

Double rainbow and a desert morning

A double rainbow on a desert morning… in the US.

Just one American’s view… enjoy your ‘Fourth of July, 2016,’ in North America [the UN catchword for ‘the North American Union’] with your feet on the ground.

“To stand or fall”©

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Once upon a time…

there was hate, and it thrived,

there was good times and bad…

as we lived, breathed and survived,

granted… surviving is not living

(to the fullest) but living is not dying,

and in order to live we must be born…

each life important, love learned in being,

and there is more to be said for this

chance we all have been God given…

here we must come to life and grow,

meaning in spirit to ripen and deepen,

can we then come to understand what

to stand or fall” means, as by an apter,

Langston Hughes lived in Harlem in the

1920’s… memory to a happily ever after.

[Now that it is after ‘Super Tuesday,’ let’s do some careful analyzing of: truth, mythos and lies… being told the black community (and the rest of us) in America- using news of the day, historical facts and the many varied bias’s being past around for truth.]

There is more being told us, in the media today, about ‘the Klan‘ links of the past… directed against Trump. The same might be said of Hillary too (if Planned Parenthood was openly discussed at length)in her open and professed support for this organization. I give you a quote by Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood… in the US, and you can see it below [Margaret Sanger, The Pivot of Civilization, p.80 & 1922].

“Birth Control which has been criticized as negative and destructive, is really the greatest and most truly eugenic method, and its adoption as part of the program of Eugenics will immediately give a concrete and realistic power to that science. In fact, birth control has already been accepted by the most lucid and clear-sighted among eugenicists themselves, as the most constructive and necessary of the means to racial health.”

Still think Hillary can be trusted, if she has not spoken up well enough to be (transparent) truthful about her email, then was she told to take the blame… or is she covering up for the President himself?

As to President Obama and his connection to ‘Planned Parenthood,’ from this same lens I give you a very detailed site on his Science Czar, John Holdren. Here is one of his quotes, look below…

“Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not; … “

I gift the black community (and us all) with two links, one from ‘Black Genocide‘ and the other by ‘Priests For Life: African-American Outreach.’

I’m also listing some works by Langston Hughes, through the Poetry Foundation, seen at the link here.

Here are a couple of my other writings: on close to this, on this or views that might influence American voters. #emailacigar

1… what phylum species or kingdom is a human being if not human itself

2… the point of pointlessness

3… hillary in the news

4… once upon a time

5… lift every voice (y’all) and sing

“Once upon a time… !”©


We once had leaders that led from the front…

their backs were covered by us that followed,

and there was due cause to rally from… the

broader causes of freedom and peace hallowed,

if there is to be such a peaceful pursuit against

the “JV team” doing what they did in Paris,

to do (so) little in ‘a time of war,’ to jimmy the

locks of the mind open to see a WWII paresis

has shown up… not wanting to do more than

one can or will… and to be truly ‘clear eyed’

is to see as Jimmy Doolittle did, his team’s

effort never forgotten, closed borders not tried

to prevent ‘a handful of people who don’t mind

dying’ for a cause greater than valued peace…

allied forces were never thought as occupiers,

back then, but those to grant tyranny’s release.

If the evils of war are named and stated… then ‘clear eyed‘ and ‘clear minded’ people must rally support to fight and crush those with the sword wielded. If we do not, there is no ‘setback’ to freedom but its sacking and plundering- and we would have allowed it. If we allow it then we have nothing of worth and value to add in our defense- for there is no defense for timidity or cowardice. Even worse is to be thought complicit to freedoms loss… sadly, this is how most Americans see the President- the emperor has no clothes. No Winston Churchill do we have today, No Sir! As found in a Israeli article, has he doomed the plight of refugees?

[This paragraph, the second one listed, has been added as of Nov. 18th, 2015, along with a link (in the third paragraph) to MLK, Jr., amid its misuse by ‘Planned Parenthood’, the Margaret Sanger Award and a statement by Dr. Alveda C. King- Martin’s niece.]

When President Obama focussed on Abraham Lincoln, using emphasis and similarity on his Presidency for his own, it would seem he forgot (or did not choose to remember) Lincoln: preserved the Union, strategically abolished slavery, aided in strengthening the Federal Government and innovated the economy. President Obama has: shown a disregard to the roots of America, increased taxation without representation, and refuses to acknowledge ‘any failure’ to the measures taken (or not taken) conducted against ISIL. If liberty is to be protected, as a birthright for every human being, then he would not exhibit: indignation toward christians and Jews, a preference of equal treatment (seen as a weakness and bias) for Muslims or deny what ‘emancipation‘ truly meant for Lincoln-“malice toward none; with charity for all.”

I say to the President, if he would show as much compassion for: the christians (worldwide) being persecuted and killed, understanding Israel at all, or how his actions against life (forcing us to pay for Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill) and thanking God for them… then he might be looked at more favorably. Even this goes squarely against the history and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his memory!

How can we say we support our own legacy… our own history if ‘that’s not who we are?”

“Before the petri dish overflows” or “The biggest bait and switch in world history”©


Test subjects… a lesson for the

world to see, measures to seek

nirvana, freedoms to be achieved

and realized as removal of true

nationalities are extracted and

replaced by another… one where

sheer desire is the impetus of

and for “The New World” mentality,

the order and structure a building

block… a mental and psychological

step to providing the pathway to

belief of and for the ease of

transferring national identity…

to see if people will be malleable

to such ideas and precepts… the

precursor to loss of the very

same values offered up, this is

the Petri dish of experimentation…

the soil to show substitution of

values and learned ideals can be

replaced with others… in the hopes

and pretense of improving the quality

of life… living, breathing subjects that

will, in due course, be guided and formed

to impose the will of the world, the

amalgam of people now with an identity

separate from the rest of the people,

raised to think, even with their new

found individuality, they are some how

above the world’s limitations… and not

susceptible to the world’s pressure to

bear on such determination, within a

couple of generations… how quickly two

hundred years flies, even when infiltrated

by the very same people that helped

to prop her up on unsteady feet,

attempting to be a beacon on a hill…

a vision and a model to be enamored,

emulated and fawned over, this was

the lofty and noble ideal to be achieved,

the sad truth is this would actually

make it easier to lead the people,

under this grand misconception,

to be used with out their cognitive

awareness even bothered… no red

flags of concern, no warning bells

and definitely no regard, of any

regular variety, to worry or awaken

the general populace, as a whole, to

the extreme situation they are

currently in, even worse… the mass

programs underfoot guided by old

eugenics plans in new hands, the

group of those with no platitudes

to offer… only graven desires to

secure and the means to accomplish

the end time measures to be doled

out and laughed over… truly trying

the souls of time and men caught

in the grip of “ad nauseam,” the moment

suspended precariously before the

body releases the soul or the soul

leaves the body… having given up on

the bodies ability to sustain this life…

any longer, the goals to fruition

could never be understood by the

people culled from the score

left… trained to be free, allowing

freeness the escape… so damn free

that they forgot to care if they

lost the idea and its meaning…

complacent to their descent and

the men driving them from fair

minded functions to thrive on dog-

eat-dog visions before putting

them down… fullness of the “NEW

WORLD for the ORDER left,” those

with the right to hold it… the ungodly.

Is this what Sir Francis Bacon meant by “The new Atlantis… the new world?” Below is a direct quotation (an excerpt or abstract) from his book,”The New Atlantis.”

 “The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible.

Another of his quotes…

It is a strange desire which men have, to seek power and lose liberty.”

This is found below in abstract, taken from Biblical Philosophy (found here… http://biblicalphilosophy.org/Faith_Reason_Truth/Bacon_Reid.asp )

In the late 16th century Francis Bacon held that one (sic) unity of the sciences was the result of our organization of discovered material facts in the form of a pyramid with different levels of generalities; these would be classified in turn according to disciplines linked to human faculties.”

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