Supreme Court
One hot desert day, when the sun went down
and it cooled off, I heard a Ginsburg ‘Howl
and what looked like ‘a political opinion‘ was
more than whispered… screamed of its growl
by its own bias raised without concerns of the
‘ethos’ of our own laws being scowled at by some…
and the some of those disregarding the laws in
place came from the same side of an aisle dumb
to the: liberties taken, rule of law subverted and
disregarded or even to influence being peddled,
theft of charitable funds or the corruption of favor
for hire… so how does the Judge seem settled
with herself to merit her questioning Trump’s tax
returns over Hillary’s flagrant disregard for ‘Law’
except to say she is [possibly] a ‘Neo-Lib’ and a
Clinton appointee? Move to New Zealand, redraw
the lines of support shown already… shown the
American people of ‘cronyism vs. legalism’, sworn
to uphold the ‘Law of The Land’ and throw caution
to the wind… bush-league is the approach worn,
the well worn state of indifference when a Judge
disregards ‘the code of judicial conduct’ to remark
by (personal) opinion against the GOP nominee
for President, amid reactions for her to disembark.




As it appears [to this layman] Judge Ginsburg, by stating publicly (and with the media) her private feelings, has (possibly) cast doubt on the very Judiciary she works for, the ‘Supreme Court of the US’ and its place, held Independent from (but impacting) the American people. There are four Canons to the ‘Model Code of Judicial Conduct’ and Canon four states,” … Shall Not Engage In Political Or Campaign Activity… .” You can see all four here, and Canon four here, courtesy of the ABA (American Bar Association). I share this with you for ‘your education [to see and learn from what is there]’ and as such information is known… it will empower you [by virtue of it revealing what is common knowledge for those familiar with it] to know ‘the scope of Judicial Conduct,’ Professional Responsibility and the established understanding coming from it.




Images are from here.

P.S. Please know one thing here… I’m a Democrat but one that will not think as I’m told to, Vote as they want me to or finding myself incapable of coming to my own conclusions without checking on facts over opinions- even those opinions coming from positions thought to be strong in and of themselves.