Halloween has nothing on this… this is where: politics, policy and people collide! No… politics isn’t worth watching or to be concerned with- be careful what you’d think or even vote for… our lives depend on it!

Illuminati motto: Order out of chaos

Dear Jeb, when you said Trump was the chaos

candidate, were you thinking of your own Brother,

the one that gave us this line,”… it will take time 

to restore chaos,” as Rumsfeld & Cheney (the other

President) took control during 9-11, by telling NORAD

to stand down during the attacks, allowed to continue,

Trump… Trump says he would ‘temporarily ban Muslims

from entering the US,’ and then we see politics ensue

to show us ‘the Libertine Approach,’ to hell with how

the President feels about what is done, full steam ahead,

those same Rockefeller Plans Jeb and George signed

on to, Hillary too, both sides run this end game dead,

even Kerry has his place to stand and gloat at us all…

as citizens of a country without balance… no leadership…

it is and has been directed by the puppet masters of

the NWO (New World Order) and pushed on receivership,

which of our two presidential minds do we now listen

to, the old or the new, and which one is for America now?

Even to speak out on (priority one) SECURITY and our

protection of freedom included, I think we forgot HOW!

Classic Bush mentality… not Trump-like at all here Jeb!