The gift of greed has a shiny side and then you face this one!

What can the primary goal of an ‘environmentalist‘ really be…

is it preservation¹, occupation, to control all from sea to sea?

Is it to oversee programs and councils of government follow

the guidelines set by protocol and if not then to simply bellow?

Can it then be said, if a conspiracy [‘agree’ or to ‘plot’] is not

known by the populace, a country’s power can be bought?

Maurice Strong² made a fortune claiming he was environment

oriented³ but hid in China, after the CCX scandal’s resentment⁴,

this brings us to ‘the free trade agreements,’ or economic Blocs…

without a vote in a Democracy, to its authors I’d throw rocks

but on to ‘Councils of Government’ that would soon force you

to do as they request of you, do you still think it not so true…

have you ever heard of ICLEI⁵ or seen the website ‘Tree Hugger⁶’

both brought to you by the UN⁷, now the environmental mugger

as we build to ‘a one world view of government’ quite possible,

the question is for whom… by whom, imagine it inexcusable.

1… preservation; the action of preserving something, the state of being preserved to a specific degree. Often confused with conservation.

2… Maurice Strong (April 29, 1929- November 27, 2015); though claiming he was an environmentalist he also promoted economic growth (and gain) by connections with China.

3… Environment oriented; the new catch phrase is ‘sustainable,’ and this in turn applies to: environment, population and economics.

4… from the Canada Free Press, an article by Judi McLeod, entitled,”Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange- the rest of the story

5… ICLEI; International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

6… Tree Hugger; a website found through Discovery Communications, here.

7… UN [originally inspired or created by them, or someone there] advocacy literature, policy or agenda driven.

Even UN books speak plainly of a ‘global orientation’ and ‘one world policies’ to meet and attend to the dynamics involved to attain the goal. See also these articles I’ve written here…

“The UN, Maurice Strong and the coming changes to touch even you,” found here, or “‘It is not that,’ is heard,” found here, or on ‘the Georgia Guide Stones’… found here.

Image(s) from here.