“However… “




Don’t people remember some of our history under George W. Bush, with: ‘free speech zones’ making a comeback, torture being used under a Law Professor from Berkeley… John Yoo, or the 168 Democrats that signed on to H.R. 5122 against American values (then and now)? Even with people like: ex-Pres. George W. Bush (who some ’liberals’ are today lauding [amazingly] and seen below), Susan Nossel or Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her ‘Freudian slip,’ also seen below. I’ll bet they don’t remember Cindy Sheehan either! Journalism is better off when: it does not bend to advocacy journalism, incite a continuation of repeated stories fanning the flames of discontent (like they did in Missouri) or fail to tell all the facts… allowing for an intentional or misrepresentation of facts to a desired end- the train of thought stops here mentality. Either we have ‘free speech’ or we do not… the whole country is supposed to be a free speech zone, is it not? Stick to the facts!





When it comes to making claims Trump is wrong on what he is telling us… there is this… where the ‘However’ comes to rest, and quite telling of the bigger picture! Still think Obama is not trying to use his own method of deception or deceit on the American people at large? Guess again! It could be possible Obama might get arrested… see here but be warned [lots of inappropriate images accompany this last article]. Here is to a free press… and public opinion!


[As of March 7th, 2017, it was proven to be nothing more than a hoax… the warrant issued for ex-POTUS Obama’s arrest- much to the lament of this writer’s heart. I am under the opinion he did more against this country than anyone (ever) in the office can possibly imagine.]





Forgotten history!

“Are you UNaffected?”©


To see efforts of the U.N. to take

control of the internet is futile…

futile to think it is peaceable or

friendly, nothing short of hostile…

a hostile take over of a format used

by “a free world” now so volatile,

so volatile as to steal the meaning

of “United” or “Free”… so very servile

are we all if we don’t stand up and

say so… or just to damn infantile!

There is no backing down on the belief the U.N. is not friendly… when they would try to steal (in front of our eyes) the control of the system the world uses freely. To think highly of the U.N. here is as absurd as the reach to control what you’ll: say, do or express. There is no respect for your “Universal Human Rights” here and it renders what the U.N. has told us all (for years) as trash… paper left without meaning- worthy of only shredding. To Blog and not think it will affect you in one way, shape or form, is to not think about the effectual ramifications on Blogging itself… or the efforts one has taken to express oneself… or the dire effects and consequences this could have on us all. Let the right scream here… it leads to more of what they are so upset over in this country now- that which they helped to cause (remember ramming down our throats ‘the Patriot Act’ or ‘the Military Commisions Act’ [HR-6166] signed by then President, George W. Bush, Oct. 17th, 2006). Both parties are in bed with the U.N. here… are we not Americans here or just pablum puking righties and lefties.




(JUST LOOK FOR: un internet control)